Can I Create My Own Blog Even If I Do Not Know Coding ?

There are a lot of successful bloggers, who nothing about coding, so how did they manage to put up a website ? The answer is very simple – there are a lot of free website software / providers these days that you need to know nothing about coding to have a website up and running.

There are two models and you can choose the best which suits you:
1> You can have a blog on a third party server and your blog will be on a sub-domain (will explain about it in more detail later on)
2> You can host a blog on your own hosting space (you’ll need to buy hosting space and domain).

OK, then lets get into more details here.

In the first model (using third party service), you can choose a third party service and have a blog on their subdomain. The best services in market are : and and your blogs will look something like <your-chosen-blog-name> and <your-chosen-blog-name> respectively.

Disadvantages with this is, you are limited to the options what the host (blogger / wordpress) gives you. Cannot implement and make changes as per your requirement. And the advantages are that you’ll pay nothing, and you’ll have the blog up and running in less than a few minutes !

In the second model (self-hosted), you’ll have to buy a domain name from a ICANN registered registrar and you also will have to buy Hosting space and the total cost comes up to around $25 / year.

The advantage of this model is that you have total control on what goes in and how you want to present your site. There is no restriction what so ever and you can edit, modify and make changes to your site as and when you want. Most hosting companies provide you with CPanel these days which gives you power scripts like Fantastico that lets you set up scripts with a few clicks. This is recommeneded for those who had a bit of computing knowledge and do not mind spending a few $$ to have their identity carved in the internet.



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