Hooked to forums, can’t stay away from them for a single day ? If you are, then it’s pretty much possible that you have tons for friends there and to keep privately in touch with them, you’ll use the forums Private Messaging feature.

Recently one of the regular users mailed me asking if he could increase his Private Messages limit on a forum he was regular at. The forum where he was regular used vBulletin software.I explained to him, how it is not possible for a regular user to increase the private message limit (quite a costly exercise on Databases, and needs ample space too), and why it was only the admin’s or a moderators right to increase the private messages limit.

I thought about putting up a post for all those folks, who visit various other forums, which are built on other free software like phpbb, yabbforum, smf, vanilla forums

and inform them that it’s the same procedure for all the forums. You cannot increase your Private Messages limit all by yourself. You’ll need to seek help of an administrator or a moderator to do so.



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