VMware has released the VMware Fusion for Mac OS X, which is a virtual machine software that provides a desktop virtualization environment allowing users to run over 60 different types of x86-based operating systems on their Macs. As a result, you can run Windows, Linux, Netware, UNIX, Solaris, etc on any Apple Macintosh powered by an Intel Processor. Moreover, VMware Fusion also lets you run multiple OS simultaneously.

This amazing utility lets you run even the most intensive Mac and Windows applications side-by-side without having to reboot. This is enabled by the Unity feature in Fusion, which lets you can run Windows applications as if they were native Mac OS X applications. However, Unity is designed only for Windows XP and Vista programs.

Fusion is the only desktop virtualization environment for the Mac that works exclusively for the 64-bit Operating system. Allowing up to 8GB of allocated memory per virtual machine, it provides full multi-core/multi-processor support. VMware Fusion also supports swift and easy data transfer between its multiple operating systems and the Mac OS X base.

Now that the VMware Fusion 3 is out, you can expect even more fantastic features from this superb virtual environment software. It also supports Windows 7 in the latest version, which is just one out of 50 new enhancements, according to the official release. These include a virtual machine library, user interface refinements, network improvements, and startup device selection, just to name a few.

VMware Fusion comes with a price tag of $79.99. You can find out more about the features of the latest from here.


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