“Unfriend” By Somebody on Facebook – Get Notified By Using Unfriender

Yes with the help of Unfriend, you can know if any of your friend or contact has removed you from their friends list on Facebook now.

“A and B are now friends”, is a common sentence that we often see on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user, you might be quite familiar with it. The moment any of the friends present within your Facebook contacts list makes a new friend, you get a notification into your news feed in the form of the message above when you login to your Facebook account.

With the help of this message you are able to keep a note of every new friend that gets added to your Facebook social networking circle. However, have you ever thought of how to keep track if any of the friends happen to eliminate you from their friends list? Does Facebook send you any notification about this?

No, Facebook does not inform or notify you if any friend of yours has removed you from his/her contact list. Yet, if you wish to keep track or detect who has removed you from his/her friends list or who has “unfriend” you, “Unfriender”, a useful Facebook application can help you do so.

This helpful application alerts you anytime your friend does not wish to remain your friend anymore. Unfriender notifies you via SMS or email every time you are “unfriend by somebody”. This is quite an interesting application that all Facebook users definitely need to try out.

[ Allow Unfriend App to be installed to your Facebook profile ]

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