If you are a webmaster, blogger or a website owner, then you’ll be curious to see how many visitors are currently online on your website / blog.

There are a lot of Stats – related websites that give you live updates on the current traffic activity on your website, but none of them match the service provided by Whos Amung Us .

Can I See How Many Visitors Are Currently Online On My Blog / Website ?

There is no need for an account or any sort of registration.

1> Just go to http://whos.amung.us

2> Get the code, which can be either in Javascript format or Non Javascript format

3> Optionally customize

4> Upload the code on your website where you’d want to display the number of live users and you are done !

There is no match to the simplicity this website offers, and of course the specific details it puts out is very helpful for a webmaster or a blogger to see what the readers are viewing currently and the all this comes absolutely FREE !

Highly recommended if you haven’t got one for your blog / website ! Btw, you can see it in action on my website too – scroll all the way down to the footer πŸ™‚


  1. nice blog.. but my blog is a new one.. even the number of hits per day doesnt cross 30.so i will wait till I get 100 hits per day and then start using this counter.thanks..

  2. This works very nice except it doesn’t reduce the number when someone leaves the web site, it just keeps adding.
    I would like it to show the current visitors and not the cumulative visitors.


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