Get your mobile contacts and calendar synced with Google sync

As we all can evidently see the growth of mobile phone users around the world, Google has now come up with new idea of making it more convenient for the mobile users, they have come  out with a sweet product called Google sync.

Previously if you have to sync the Gmail event calendar or contacts with your phone set, then you have to do that manually. Now with the help of Google sync your phone information will be synced with your Gmail or vice versa automatically.

The basic features of Google sync is quite similar with Microsoft’s My Phone, but to make it different, Google provides some more additional features in order to compete with Microsoft. With the obvious feature like synchronizing contacts and calendars, it is also providing some free memory space where all your mobile videos, phones can be stored and shared with your friends and family.

Some of the pros of Google Sync are listed below:

  • Update your Gmail and mobile phones contacts with Contact Synchronization.
  • You will be notified on every event so update your calendar of your mobile phone with calendar synchronization.
  • It is a two way sync, which assures more security. You will always have a backup of your contacts.

See Google Sync in action here:



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