In one of the previous post I wrote about services that facilitated users with iPhone to watch live cricket on their iPhones. With ICC World Cup in full flow, a lot of people did want to watch the match live, even when they were on the move.

Then, one common complaint that started pouring in was that some users were unable to use the service. Ofcourse, the users who were pointing it out, mostly were from India, did not realize that the services offered to watch live cricket on iPhone was exclusively for American residents. It is very disappointing and frustrating, but till we have a lot more users on with iOS / Android phones in India, we cannot expect such services in India. And moreover, you are never short of a neighbor who is as excited as ever to update you about the score, no matter where you are – in the train or bus !

When Indians have such strong network, why should Indians even bother watching it on their iPhones? All they have to do is, pick a random shop, stop by to catch a quick glimpse of ‘what’s the score’ or just ask someone – ‘Bhai, Score kya hua’ ? 🙂


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