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  1. If i have recently changed my password to my facebook account on my mates phone, and it says i cannot access the account for 24 hours for security reasons, would i still be logged in on my device?

  2. can two people be logged in to same account in messanger with different mobiles ? if so what will b d problems pls help

  3. I was on Facebook writing message to a friend and suddenly the message completed itself with something that looked like it was copy and pasted. I think someone was in my account at same time as myself as I didn’t write this msg. There’s also other strange things happened on fb like this. I no longer have fb due to this. My point is yea 2 people can be on same account at same time .

  4. If two people log into the same facebook account using the same login ID and password from two different computers, does the other person get a warning of some kind?

  5. someone used my computer to access their facebook account. They did not log out.
    Later I found strange activities on my computer when i tried to use it. basically seemed like someone was hacking into my computer via a bluetooth application, and had managed to turn off my antivirus and firewall! I also had trouble disabling the bluetooth accessibility.
    Then when i found the facebook account still open (ie logged in) I noticed a number ‘2’ suggesting another user… so I logged out.
    Please comment.

  6. uploading pictures? shared accounts ( lots of older people share an account with their spouse)? bands? logged in on computer, phone and tablet at same time?

  7. @Luigi
    anyone who knows ur password o who got ur password accidently can log in ur account wen u r already logged in ur account…..

  8. The reason they allow it could be, and I emphasize COULD BE because many people (like me) are sometimes logged in simultaneously via computer, iPad, and iPhone, or any other tab/phone brands of course 🙂
    My computer is pretty much always on, and sometimes I leave the house while logged in to Facebook, then I start using Facebook with my phone once outside.
    Frankly, I don’t really see what’s the big deal if you can be logged in with different devices at the same time. Tell me one good reason why this is not cool. Seriously!

  9. It is necessary for two of us to access our TVPHC page & edit it. How is this done? It is ridiculous that if one computer is tied up that another cannot access the account we share.

  10. I logged into my facebook account and my wife’s account came up…..this should NOT happen!!!! A window appeared that said oops we made a mistake….how could that be a mistake?????

  11. My daughter had deactivated her facebook account and I tried to reactivate it using the password she used before. For some unknown reason my girlfriend can access my daughters reactivated facebook from my daughters computer in her room but if I try to log on from another computer at work or elsewhere it tells me that the password is incorrect. Can someone please help me with this? Is this possible? or could my girlfriend have changed the password and didnt tell me cause she keeps telling me that shes logging on with the password that we both know.

  12. it’s a great idea that two people can be logged on at the same time, as that gives an opportunity to stop an attack from another person (who gets hold of your password). It also gives better opportunities for technichal support.

  13. @Mahesh
    In relation to Keith’s query is it possible for these chats to not appear on another device logged into the account at same time, as he has indicated? This is similar to my question of 6 February.

  14. I have the password for a person’s facebook account (I’m not going to explain why). If I am logged into a computer on a completely different network at the same time they are logged in I can normally see their chats as they occur (no I’m not interested in the details of these chats). I can of course also see and view saved messages. What I want to know is, can they possibly chat to another person, who by chance is on a Samsung mobile, and I cannot see these chats. I can’t see how that could be, yet I’ve got myself convinced that this is what’s happening. Any useful and relevant advice would be greatly appreciated. I cannot put a keylogger on their computer nor do I want to.

  15. @Mathew – It’s possible to know if someone else logs into your system. Check Facebook privacy features. If you are unable to turn on the required feature let me know, I’ll help you out.

  16. My FB is using my wife for playing cityville. then most of the time it is opened. while i am chatting with my friends my wife is reading all.. let me know while opening the FB we can know my Fb is opened in someware..other computer

  17. @Keith, If her Ex knows the mobile number that is registered with her facebook account and somehow managed to clone her phone then it is possible for him to renew the password. I’m sure there are other security exploits for facebook just like orkut and google+. In any case, now you can report the ex’s profile to facebook abuse team (which is very active by the way) and also the affected profile. That way facebook can close these accounts and you’ll be able to start facebook stuff from scratch.

  18. @Keith – Can you explain what you mean when you say – ‘ interact with someone on her acct’ ? – Do you mean send messages / chat to others, but when you check your messages folder / chat history there is no trace of that conversation. Is that your question ?

  19. ok. does this sound logical for facebook? My gf has an account that shows one thing for her profile. Her ex husband somehow can go on to her account (passwords been changed many times) and interact with someone on her acct and nothing shows on her end as to him typing to this person. This is causing major strain on us. The people I have talked to say it isn’t possible, But I can’t figure it out.Tell me this is possible to do please? Her account security shows he’s using an iphone to do it.

  20. @Diane – You’ll be able to figure this out only if they check your notification or start new conversation with someone on your friends list.

    If you’ve turned on logs for differen IP notification, then every time someone logs in from an undefined IP, then you’ll get an e-mail with details of IP where the user tried to log in from.

  21. how can i tell if there are two persons connected to one account,my facebook account..if they look at a friends profile can i see that,or only if they check out my notifications messages and start a conversation on chat i can notice something??

  22. @cakic91

    Hi cakic, can you please explain how to have chat and messages in inbox, and the thing about the phone number…i can’t find that option/setting…thanks!

  23. And to hmms, it is possible it was hacked and deactivated, but if you contact facebook, they will simply say make a new account, and quite frankly even though it is a pain in the ass, you might as well just make a new account because contacting facebook is doubtful.

  24. Hi, i have tested this and you can be signed into even more than 2 locations at once in Facebook, it is bad feature due to hacking, but if you are a smart phone user, you dont want to have to log out of apps exc, to use a computer. So there is upsides and downsides to this.

  25. Two of my friends were on facebook from different computers messing around on one of their profiles. After about an hour of being on the account, they get a message saying ‘you must log in to continue’. There were both logged out and the account has disappeared. I’ve checked on my friends list for this account and all i get is ‘page not found’ or something. Can anyone help to retrieve this account please?

  26. @Mr.Concerned – I’ll need more details here. A few possibilities I can think about are:

    a> if you both use the same computer (then it is possible that a keylogger has been installed on your system which records all your actions on your computer),
    b> if you use a common password / easy to remember password, then it’s easy to crack it again,
    c> what about the security questions ? Do you have cryptic security questions or questions that can be easily answered ? If you have questions which can be answered easily, then I suggest you better change it at the earliest. This again can be an easy loophole ..

    Hope this helps.

  27. I have a major concern, and a question for anyone out there. A certain someone keeps gaining access to my account and tampering with it. I created a whole new email (without telling her)and made that the only email one can use to log in. Im on fb thinking all is good and suddenly im logged out. By the time I do mange to get in (using the original email/password that I had to change) it has been tampered with again! How is this possible? Can I get any advice on how to stop this? i feel as though I have no security at all on my own account!

  28. Can you still login to someones elses facebook accout without them knowing if you have all the password info. ie if my wife wanted to check out my facebook wall as long as she doesnt do anything while logged in would I be able to tell she was logged on, or if I was already logged in would i know she was attempting to login? Could she look at my wall, chats etc without me knowing both when I am logged on and when I am not.

  29. I helped someone create a facebook account on my computer, now I’m unable to log in to my account. Can you help me with that?

  30. I someone create a facebook account on my computer, now I’m unable to log in to my account. Can you help me with that?

  31. if i log into a facebook acct from my iphone and someone else is already signed in on their iphone will it kick either of us off? also will it show up in account security under the recent activity.

    2nd- i was logged in on my laptop and accessed facebook on my mobile phone through safari..i checked accout security and it just has unknown location or will it pick up the mobile # that logged in and the approx location like city,state..

    id really like to know the answer for my first question the most..

  32. so, i was aware that you could log on to one facebook account from two computers at once. i didn’t know that you could turn on notifications for when someone else logs onto your account. thanks for the helpful info! anyway, while i was talking to some friends on facebook chat, i noticed that sometimes, a friend’s chat window would open without me clicking them. i know that this can happen as a result of two people logged in at once, because i’ve tested it. but is this the only reason it could happen?

  33. I have recently checked the issue about multiple logins to facebook from several computers. I logged onto facebook from home and left my computer up and running with the facebook page up. I then logged onto facebook on three computers at work and found that anything i did on facebook is instantly replicated on the other computers. If I open a mail message it opens at the same time on all computers, and while I type the message, that too replicates on the others. The same is true for facebook chat. Anything you type instantly comes up on the other computers that are logged in with the same account and a person can eavesdrop on your conversations without your knowledge. This can cause problems for many persons in their workplace, at school, or even at home. Facebook is too open and need to adopt the principle of logging out a user’s account that is open on one computer if the user decides to login to another computer.

  34. lets say i know the password of a person, they dont have any new security feature activated. im logging in at the same time without them knowing. but….. is there anyway to know if they went offline already? other than their currently active chat session???

  35. @James

    look James,i understand you 😀 I have some tips for you 😉 go to your girlfriend account and upgrade her inbox to have chat and messages in inbox,than enter your phone number as there and all messages that will arrive at her profile will also be sent at your phone 😀 pretty cool?

  36. @James – Firstly, being in a relationship you already know what you are doing is wrong. It’s not signs of healthy relationship. If you want to be with this girl for long, and if you want to see this relationship growing strong over years, I suggest you talk yourself out and explain what’s troubling you. You’ll be more happier after that. Right now it’s very clear that you are not enjoying your relationship as you ought to be.

    Coming to the technical aspect, yes you can log in while she’s logged in. However, according to me it’s unethical.

    All the best mate.

  37. I have a question… I’m in a long distance relationship with a girl in europe. I’m very jealous! I know her facebook password, and I admit it, I read her messages some time to times. I know it’s bad, but you know. I trust her, but she doesn’t tell me everything and it’s killing me. I usually read her messages during night while she’s sleeping, and mark her new messages as unread before login out, the red notification icon doesn’t show up, but she doesn’t suspect anything I guess…
    anyway, can I log in into her account during the day, while she’s already logged in?

  38. Now a simple and straight question here: say you’re the spy. Now, other than “the original user changing password” or “the original user freezing the FB account” or “the original user stopping activity of your computer via account security”, is there a fourth possibility which would kick you out of the spied FB account (your login being the oldest login)? for example a time limit or a limit for multiple logins? thanks in advance for the reply.

  39. My friend logged on facebook to his account. Now, when I want to log on to my account, his page shows up. How do I find my home page again?

  40. @Terrence – I’m not sure if they have the right to do it, but my guess is, in the interest of their customers may be they are allowed to do so. Plesae check with Facebook support about the do’s and the don’ts. They’ll be able to assist you more precisely.

  41. Thank you Gautam for your answer……We have shared this account for more than 2 years and two days ago they sent my girlfriend a message saying someone was deleting items and uploading pictures, which is true but they also sent to her my IP address…….do they actually have the right to do this??

  42. @Terrence – Not really, except that Facebook will expect you to verify if you are a valid user and this will happen everytime you login.

  43. there is a way to know who logged on your profile. in account settings than in account security,just turn on login notification. 🙂

  44. to Haim : I find this doesn’t happen anymore, I have two computers side by side and can login to my facebook on both of them with no effect on the other one.
    It used to be that when you logged in on one computer the other one would log out, but not anymore for some reason !

  45. I’m sorry to disapoint you mr. answer…. but.. when someone trying to connect while you logged in you should get a massage that say that you need to log in for update the current page

  46. Why would someone want to be logged into Facebook on two computers? Well, if you’re like me you have two computers set up in your room to be able to work on one while the other is tied up with something it’s processing. It’s nice to be able to have things like Facebook and Gmail available on BOTH of those machines without having to log in or out every time I swivel the chair from one machine to the next.

  47. yup i interacted with my friends it was funny cuz he thought his keyboard had a glitch because i was pressing random keys!

  48. @vanessa

    if you have windows vista or higher, or a mac.. you should be able to “screenshot” it. basically, its taking a picture of the computer screen. and you control it. idk what its called on mac, but on windows vista its called “snipping tool” 🙂
    check it out.

  49. @Delia – You’ll have to log out from the current logged in account. Then use a new e-mail id (there can be only one account per e-mail), to create a new account and log in using that id.

  50. My partner and I use the same e-mail address. He has a Facebook profile. I’d like to set up my own profile but can I do that and how? As soon as I open Facebook on the computer, it logs into his profile.

  51. So if 2 people are logged into the same account from 2 different locations, can one person see when the other one is on different pages? Or can both people be looking at anything and neither person will know what each other is looking at?

  52. We will look into trying that! Thanks so much! I don’t even know if she has anything she is looking at or is just accusing me. We will see. Thanks again!

  53. I don’t have an email only through work and I can’t use that for personal reasons. You can reply on here. I just wish she would show me what she is looking at that is telling her this because it is very frustrating especially when I did not do it.

  54. @Cindy – I’m scared that’s not possible. But if I find out anything, I’ll mail you about it. Is there any email Id where you can be reached ?

  55. My friend thinks I signed on to her facebook account. She won’t show me any proof and I know she does not have any because I didn’t do it. I have no clue what her password is. Is there any way I can prove I didn’t sign onto her account?

  56. My friend thinks I signed on to her facebook account. She won’t show me any proof and I know she does not have any because I didn’t do it. I have no clue what her password is. Is there any way I can prove I didn’t sign onto her account?

  57. Currently working
    Logged onto my Facebook in firefox talking to my boyfriend, while logged on to his account in google chrome with the “keep me logged in” (very important)selected and I am able to view his live conversations!

  58. @Skev – Nope – It doesn’t mean that someone else has logged in to your account. The numbers represent the total number of unread messages from the last time you logged in to the current log in.

  59. Ive noticed that sometimes when I sign in on the top bar I see:

    Facebook (1)


    Facebook (2)

    Does that mean someone else can be logged on at the same time?!

  60. @Arnold

    I just tried this feature, and it really works. It’s just too bad that it doesn’t tell you where. That would actually be helpful.

  61. I think Facebook now has a security feature that will notify you when some one logs in..it says

    “To help keep your Facebook account as safe as possible, we can notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven’t used before.

    Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices?”

    it can be found in Accounts > Account settings > Account security.
    hope this helps

  62. Hey can u plz help me ,because when i sign in to facebook in internet explorer i sign into an unknown person facebook i dont even know them .This type of thing will just happen in internet explorer so i hope u can help .I dont know that do i have to disactive my facebook account

  63. HEI..
    GOT IT….????

  64. HEI..
    GOT IT….????

  65. i use to do it with my friend! both of us would be on her profile at once and both of us were able to talk to people on her chat (facebook). now if we try it one of us gets logged out! any ideas on how to get it back working again?

  66. So if 2 people are logged into the same account from 2 different locations, can one person see when the other one is on different pages? Or can both people be looking at anything and neither person will know what each other is looking at?

    to have two people in the same account at the same time
    one of those two people.. no matter which.. has to mark the “keep me logged in” box.. and sign in ..
    THATS IT! 😀

    your welcome 🙂

  68. hi! i can see the chat discussion live of my boyfriend when i log in his account with my computer, now i would like to know if there is a software that can record the ingoing chat discussion without using the manually copy and paste.

  69. can i login to facebook on my computer and also be logged into my iphone at the same time or eill it kick me off my iphone?

  70. How do you do it plz can anyone tell me ? how can i do wat above wardrobe n sizy did ? does’nt it log out the other person if i login from the same ID ?

  71. @Irene – I’ve heard about this problem, but sadly, there is no reason that I’m aware of why this will not work. If I get any update on this going further I’ll post it to you.


  72. For some reason, this doesn’t work with mine. When a friend and i log on with the same account on her computer and mine at the same time, the first one is instantly logged out. Could this have anything to do with the fact that we’re both in Spain? Is there any way of getting around this?

  73. They allow this because if you are logged on your home computer and don’t logoff, you can’t get into your account later, say when you land at an airport 1000 miles away and find out too late you have locked your facebook account from home. I would guess that is their reason so they don’t have to field thousands of complaints.

  74. @Eric – I haven’t tested the 3 computer methods, thanks for the update.

    And as far as 2 people being logged in on to the same account at a time, makes sense for few, but I’m sure most would really not be happy with this. especially, if someone else is reading a pvt chat you are having, doesn’t sound cool at all.

    So depends from person to person. However, I really wonder why facebook would allow two or more people be logged on to the same account at a time 🙂


  75. I actually have 3 computers that I log onto the same account with. I have a laptop, my iphone, and my desktop computer. I like to have my desktop computer constantly running facebook so that I can have certain games up that I play. Those games allow me to accumulate money just by leaving the window open. On my phone and laptop, I check on other games that I play that are more casual. I think that having 2 computers logging on to the same account is completely legitimate, and I believe that from my experience, the maximum is 2. Once a third computer tries to log on, one of the other 2 are logged out.

  76. hello just as an information, i was shoked when i logged into my bf account in facebook and i could actually see his chat,live chat, he was chatting with some friends…..he use to live in us and i use to live in mexico….so, it was very interesting to be able to spy on a live chat jeje

  77. @John C: Not two accounts on the same computer (etc Personal and Work account). But One account from multiple computers (etc Computer 1 and Computer 2 connecting to Personal). This can be used by hackers.. I was just talking to someone then suddenly they started saying weird things. And then after a while the proper person was back again saying that they dint say that stuff…..Damn bugging. They should really have a track feature.

  78. Just for the record, I have a personal account and a website account for our folk music group. I was chatting with a friend on FB and wanted to continue the chat, while checking up on friend requests, etc. for the music group account. That is a valid reason for having two FB accounts open at the same time on the same PC.

  79. m.facebook.com is a domain controlled by seven nameservers. Some of them are on the same IP network. Incoming mail for m.facebook.com is handled by two mailservers having a total of four IP numbers. Some of them are on the same IP network. m.facebook.com has one IP number , but the reverse is m-11-01-snc1.facebook.com. m.facebook.ca, m.facebook.it, m.facebook.fr, x.facebook.com, m.facebook.co.id and at least four other hosts cnames to this hostname. irc.tfbnw.net, vpn.tfbnw.net, ww.facebook.com, http://www.facebook.com, ssl.facebook.com and at least 15 other hosts share nameservers with this domain. facebook.com and publists.facebook.com share mailservers with this domain. facebook.com is a domain controlled by four nameservers. Two of them are on the same IP network. Incoming mail for facebook.com is handled by two mailservers on the same IP network. facebook.com has four IP numbers. Some of them are on the same IP network. m.facebook.com is hosted on a server in United States. It is not listed in any blacklists.

  80. @!SPY!

    !spy that is great advice but requires knowledge of when the other person will be logging in beforehand. Otherwise as you go to log into their site they will keep getting booted out. So it’s quite a tricky balance. I’ve found the m.facebook.com site works without booting them out BUT you can’t view live chat. Can you help?

  81. !spy that is great advice but requires knowledge of when the other person will be logging in beforehand. Otherwise as you go to log into their site they will keep getting booted out. So it’s quite a tricky balance. I’ve found the m.facebook.com site works without booting them out BUT you can’t view live chat. Can you help?

  82. if you have access to their computer install a key logger that runs silently in the background and is password protected. Then if you suspect they’re not telling you something, get to their computer and check the key logs for conversations. If not, just use this method:

    Since people don’t usually use the “keep me logged in option” you’ll run into the problem where logging in boots them out. However, there have been reports of different instant messaging programs causing abrupt logouts on FB. So, if they happen to ask you if you logged into their account, simply say no and offer that explanation. When you log into their account, just check the box “keep me logged in” and stay on their account. They’ll log back in eventually. Then use your facebook account on another browser to chat with them from. That way you know they logged back in. At that point just stay on and wait. Keep them engaged in a semi-active conversation so you can have a fairly good idea of when they’re going to log out. Once you’re sure they’re out, log off. Otherwise everyone else will see that he/she is still logged in and may mention something about it to them. And don’t try to use the “go offline” option from the chat box. If they happen to log back in that will show up, and they’ll know someone else enabled the offline option.

    Also, don’t forget that some people don’t turn off the email notifications for their updates. If you know their email address and password, then you can see their notifications. The wall posts are not really important considering it’s on their wall. However, if they get mail in their inbox on FB then it’ll show the entire message they got in their email account. Just be sure to mark their messages as unread when you’re done.

    Happy hunting! B-)

  83. I have found that if your logged into facebook on your phone and someone logs onto your account on another phone, it logs out on the original phone. Am i right? At other times it never logs out(on blackberry). Also as i gave my password to another and was out of the country, whenever they logged onto my account i was logged out even though in different continents and different browsers. Though logging in on a mobile will not log you out on a laptop.

  84. It’s simple really. My girl uses Firefox. She stays in a different city. I tried logging into my girl’s id while she was logged on using IE. Didn’t work. It kicked her off. Logged on using Mozilla and it Worked. Could see all her convo’s live. Just to make sure. I logged into my profile using firefox first and then through IE. Kicked me out. So, I logged in through IE first and then through Firefox. Eureka! And, network doesn’t really matter coz i logged into my account using two different browsers on the same laptop. And, it doesn’t really matter if keep me signed in is clicked or not.
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  85. I was playing around with this and two people CAN log into a facebook account at the same time as long as they check the box on the first login that says always keep me logged in. Then the second login will not boot the first login.

  86. ALSO, i can log in to normal facebook on opera on laptop, AND the m.facebook.com on the mobile phone at the same time!!!

    so… m.facebook.com can be logged in on phone while logged into normal facebook AT SAME TIME..

    m.facebook.com and m.facebook.com can NOT be on AT SAME TIME

    therefore would logging in on m.facebook.com using laptop or mobile phone work if someone else was logged into normal facebook AT THE SAME TIME on a second laptop elsewhere?!

    On laptop, firefox logging in on m.facebook.com opera also loggin in on m.facebook.com they both kick each other out. also If I use my mobile phone to log in to m.facebook.com that will also kick out. which ever one logs in last becomes the active login. previous login’s either on firefox, opera or from mobile phone will be kicked out.

  88. Here is a scenario which I am unable to explain:
    I have logged into a friend of mine’s account from my computer.
    Instead of displaying the account’s home-page, it displayed a photo album from my account. As we are also friends on Facebook, that album was also accessible from his account. However, I don’t understand why it was displayed instead of the home-page. I have managed to come up with only two plausible explanations:
    1. My friend had previously opened that album from his account on his computer, and then (perhaps) closed the window. His account stored the last page he had accessed. When I logged into his account from my computer, that page was re-displayed instead of the account’s home-page.
    2. I had previously opened that album from MY account on MY computer, and the browser stored the page information in a cookie. Then, when I logged into his account, the browser used that cookie in order to re-display the page, which is accessible to both accounts.
    Can anyone please confirm any of these explanations, or provide a different one?

  89. I logged into a friend of mine’s facebook account from my computer.
    Instead of displaying his account’s home-page, it displayed a photo album within his account. he only plausible explanations I could think of:
    1. He had previously opened the page of that photo album from his computer, then (perhaps) closed the window. Facebook “remembered” the last page he was in, and re-displayed it as soon as I logged into his account.
    2. I had previously opened the page of that photo album from MY account on MY computer, and my browser stored it in a cookie. Them, when I logged into his account from my computer, the browser restored information from that cookie (since both accounts – mine and his – can access the page of that photo album).
    Can somebody please confirm any of these explanations, or provide a better one?

  90. It’s works here. Same network. But I have to be on 2 different browsers; otherwise it kicks out the first account logged in.

  91. Well… the only thing that worked with me , was logging in once, closing the window (not logging out) , opening another or browser and logging in… this didn’t kick me off on the same computer.

  92. my gf and i were both logged into my account one time, and she was able to read the facebook chats i was having with someone else…
    so be careful!

  93. yea me too.. it happens on my comp.
    my friend came to my dorm, and logged in with his account. and then he just alt f4 the browser (didnt log out) and then when i was browsing http://www.facebook.com its still his facebook account. and i can see he is chatting with his friends (he doesnt notice that i can see his chat)
    i thought one account can log only from one place. when you try to login in another place (same account) it will kick the previous account.

  94. I have been logged into my one friends account, while she is logged in at her house and it allows me to see the convo’s she’s having live. So I assume its not kicking her off her account. However when I try to recreate the situation using my own account and running it through proxies and other computers and other browsers it always kills the previous logged in session. So I wonder what the real mechanism is that lets it work sometimes, and at other times not work.

  95. Using Google Chrome as a browser, log on to your FB account.
    And open new incognito window on another machine and this will allow you to logon to the same FB account.
    Enjoy =)


  96. @Nyxem – Beautiful beaches around there isn’t it :). I’ve tested it in USA and in Asian countries and it’s working fine. Lemme get it checked in European countries and see the result.

  97. @Nyxem – I’m not sure. Some experience what you are explaining and a few don’t :/ .. need to test under what conditions people are logged out from the system. Which country are you from ?

  98. When i am using 2 browsers on my comp i can be logged on 2 acc at same time, see chat on both and everything is fine but when i log to my friends acc who is using fb at his comp it kick me/him out :/

  99. @Sri -That’s true.. i have tested it on hotmail, and orkut but on yahoo and gmail id does work. Long time. How you been ? How did ur bike ride go ?

  100. This is possible not only facebook… but every other e-mail, social networking site I know of… hotmail, gmail (yes.. gmail too), yahoo, orkut, etc… two people can log in at the same time on different computers… even if they are in different countries it is possible… so keep your passwords safe and keep changing if you want to avoid spies…

  101. @Zigi, I just tried logging in from two different computers on the same LAN and it works fine for me .. lemme know the result of ur exp ..

  102. It happened to me only once too.. I managed to login to my gf’s account and see everything she was writing in her chat windows (Excellent spy!).
    But that was the only time it happened.. the rest of the times when I try logging from my desk-comp and with the laptop on the same time, it logs on the current computer I’m using, and kicks me on the other…

    What if one tries logging in EXACTLY on the same time from two different systems? hmm.. I’ll try it and write to you in a couple of minutes..

  103. @Nyxem – I’ll test this again and will update you on the status. May be facebook has taken care of this or it is a setting on your system. Need to see what exactly it is.

  104. @Sultan – Interesting scenario to test. Yes we were on different browsers when we tested. Though I have not tested it on same browser, I am confused how browsers can make difference. Two different browsers on a single system – makes sense, but two different browsers on separate systems – need to think what may be happening behind the scene ..

    Btw, are you active on EBay ? If so let me know, would like to clarify some of my doubts 🙂

  105. well it might be the browsers,

    If India and USA both logged in with different browers, eg, one with Internet Explorer and other with Mozilla, then i think its ok,

    Maybe if u tried from same types of browsers, it might not work…

    can someone test this..thanks

  106. Surprisingly, I tried for two different accounts and it worked fine ! Not sure what possibly can be the reason :(. I am really sorry that I am not able to help you 🙁

  107. Damn, then i dunno whats wrong, I’ve tried it with guys from my town, it didn’t worked, i also tried it with a guy from a different country and it still didn’t worked :'(.

  108. @Djoko – Ok here’s the result of the test. I logged into the same account from India and from US. Both of us could navigate through the account without being logged out. Also both the accounts have auto pwd store.

  109. Hmmmm maybe they just changed it, so its not possible to be done anymore. But today a friend came at my house, and he was on Facebook, but he forgot to logout and when he came to his home and logged in on facebook, it didn’t kicked me from his account, so i could see what he was writing. Later when we tried to do it again, it wasn’t possible, we were constantly kicking each other from account.

    Well i’d appreciate if you could find a solution.
    Thanks for your effort so far.

  110. No they aren’t on the same network, actually one has cable internet and the other wireless, and they are not connected with LAN.

  111. No, it’s not working, when i log from one computer on account and i try login from another on same account, it just kicks me out from account that i logged in on first computer.

  112. @Djoko – Login to facebook from a laptop / desktop and also try logging in from another computer or system – you’ll be logged in through both the accounts.

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