• David Minchin

    In relation to Keith’s query is it possible for these chats to not appear on another device logged into the account at same time, as he has indicated? This is similar to my question of 6 February.

  • Solvor Nygård

    it’s a great idea that two people can be logged on at the same time, as that gives an opportunity to stop an attack from another person (who gets hold of your password). It also gives better opportunities for technichal support.

  • better than al is to have 2 account in only 1 facebook

  • My daughter had deactivated her facebook account and I tried to reactivate it using the password she used before. For some unknown reason my girlfriend can access my daughters reactivated facebook from my daughters computer in her room but if I try to log on from another computer at work or elsewhere it tells me that the password is incorrect. Can someone please help me with this? Is this possible? or could my girlfriend have changed the password and didnt tell me cause she keeps telling me that shes logging on with the password that we both know.

  • collegebreath

    Solvor Nygård
    U think its a great idea????????

  • denny

    I logged into my facebook account and my wife’s account came up…..this should NOT happen!!!! A window appeared that said oops we made a mistake….how could that be a mistake?????


    It is necessary for two of us to access our TVPHC page & edit it. How is this done? It is ridiculous that if one computer is tied up that another cannot access the account we share.

  • Luigi

    The reason they allow it could be, and I emphasize COULD BE because many people (like me) are sometimes logged in simultaneously via computer, iPad, and iPhone, or any other tab/phone brands of course :)
    My computer is pretty much always on, and sometimes I leave the house while logged in to Facebook, then I start using Facebook with my phone once outside.
    Frankly, I don’t really see what’s the big deal if you can be logged in with different devices at the same time. Tell me one good reason why this is not cool. Seriously!

  • pari..

    anyone who knows ur password o who got ur password accidently can log in ur account wen u r already logged in ur account…..

  • Bob

    uploading pictures? shared accounts ( lots of older people share an account with their spouse)? bands? logged in on computer, phone and tablet at same time?

  • sandra

    someone used my computer to access their facebook account. They did not log out.
    Later I found strange activities on my computer when i tried to use it. basically seemed like someone was hacking into my computer via a bluetooth application, and had managed to turn off my antivirus and firewall! I also had trouble disabling the bluetooth accessibility.
    Then when i found the facebook account still open (ie logged in) I noticed a number ‘2’ suggesting another user… so I logged out.
    Please comment.

  • Da dude

    I was on Facebook writing message to a friend and suddenly the message completed itself with something that looked like it was copy and pasted. I think someone was in my account at same time as myself as I didn’t write this msg. There’s also other strange things happened on fb like this. I no longer have fb due to this. My point is yea 2 people can be on same account at same time .

  • veeresh

    can two people be logged in to same account in messanger with different mobiles ? if so what will b d problems pls help

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