Teamviewer is one of the BEST remote desktop software that is available for free. One of the visitors asked me if she could use TeamViewer to watch and share movies (with her boyfriend, she wanted to make it as Romantic as possible since they both are into a long distance relationship) with someone else sitting at the other end of the world. Honestly, it is a really romantic idea to watch movie that way, but TeamViewer is not the right choice !

Teamviewer is meant for remote desktop sharing, for trouble shooting. Even if you manage to watch the movie, you may not enjoy the whole experience …

How Can I Watch Movie With My BoyFriend / GirlFriend On Remote Computer ?

If you plan to have a Romantic e-date, then there’s nothing to worry as technology is so advanced that you pretty much have a solution for anything you need ! For those who want to watch movies with their partners sitting in remote position, download a free software called VLC. We have, in the past, written an article which explains how you can use VLC as a streaming server.  Engadget too has a detailed article which explains the same !

To make it more romantic, you probably can order, online, some delectable food from the nearest restaurant and have a remote E-Dinner / E-Lunch ! 😉


  1. you can watch it on teamviewer set a meeting call and screenshare it with your partner and on the screensharing option tick share computer sound 🙂

  2. no you cant but you can transfer the movie to your computer through file sharing and then watch it, that works as well

  3. I agree that TeamViewer is a great free software, but you get what you pay for… My preference is RHUB’s appliance because it works from behind my firewall (instead of outside of it). As for “e-dates,” I can achieve the same effect through Netflix Watch Instantly. lol

  4. Hi

    Not sure it’s possible to watch video on a remote PC due to limits in connection on teamviewr free servers.
    But anyway you can also use Ammyy Admin which is a sort of analoque to tv and can even beat it from the point of ease of use and number of steps to be taken for the 1st run.



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