How to close or make classic menu bar option go away in Windows Vista?

Microsoft has given more preference to the task bar instead of the classic menu bar which had pull down menus like Edit, Tools, View, Favorites, Tools and Help in their Windows Vista operating system. The task bar which consists of various icons and command button arranged in a very simpler and neater look.

Revealing or hiding the classic menu bar option is quite simple and easy, but sometimes, the classic Menu bar becomes quite the irritation, especially when it appears in spite of opting to hide it.

In Windows Vista there is an option to turn off and hide classic menu bar, and to do that, one just has to uncheck the option of Menu Bar from the Layout Settings. Even that option also gives no positive answer for the constant showing up of classic menu bar problem.

What can be the reason?

The reason behind displaying classic menu bar even if the menu bar option has been unchecked could be because while changing the look and style of the Windows feature, the user may have turned and enabled the classic folders.

To make sure that the option for classic folder in not been turned on, all you have to do is to click on folder and search option from the Organize menu. In the General Tab of the folder option, make sure that the radio button is turned on for “Show Previews” and not the one with classic folders.
What if that does not work? Is there any back door?

Well if one way doesn’t help or work, then there is always another door or way of fixing problems. If none of them help, then “FORMAT” is your next possible option.

If all the ways which is mentioned above, like selecting option from Folder Option and un-checking Menu Bar, gives no positive result then there is one more way of fixing this irritating problem.

1. Exit from Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer, close all the windows.

2. Open Registry Editor with command name ‘regedit’.

3. Search for the registry key, by following the path that is given below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\ShellBrowser

4. Search and delete the following from the ShellBrowser registry:


5. Close the Registry Editor.

Restart Windows Explorer, and you will notice that the problem is solved. If it still does not work then try to uncheck Menu Bar in Layout and enable the preview option. This will definitely solve the problem.


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