I was in a strange situation recently when I wanted to download the pictures from my Digital 350D Rebel. Some how my computer failed to install necessary camera drivers for my EOS Digital Rebel 350D (it was working fine just a few days ago !) on Windows XP.

I got this camera about three years ago, and I had no clue where I had kept the driver CDs !!. This was the problem on Windows XP, which was installed on my Desktop. May be XP was just acting up, so I decided to turn on my laptop, which had Windows 7 Home premium installed and the problem just refused to get right !

However, I figured the solution for this very simple (if you have Windows Vista, then too you can use this solution).

Switch on your Camera and go to Settings menu. I bet you know how to go to your Camera’s setting’s menu, if you don’t I recommend that you search online how to get there ! Under one of the settings you’ll find (mostly second setting) some called ‘Communication‘ which will be poiting to ‘PC Connection‘. Change it to ‘Print/PTP‘ and your system will instantly recognise your camera and you’ll be able to download all the images.

If you have any problems let us discuss it over comments.

Cheers !!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I just bought the same camera you have second hand and had the same problem. I was beginning to get worried But now it’s fixed.


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