Capture Screen Animations In Video Format With Free Screen To Video v1.0

Previously, you were capturing the screen shots using few available tools. We have earlier discussed about few utility tools such as CaptureWizPro, Capture and Extensoft Screen that allow users to capture still images and animations to share. Now, the latest utility has been introduced in the market with advance features and more configurable settings for its easier and faster use. Launched with a name Free Screen to Video v1.0, it allows users to record animations including audio in various media formats and it also allows to share the file with others.

It is quite easy to use this application as it enables users to set their own customized settings.

Instructions to use Free Screen to Video v1.0

  • Initially, you have to install this utility on your computer.

Note: While downloading this application, you will be asked to install Microsoft various codec in order to support Wmv format, which consumes 11Mb space of your disk. You can discard this setting and follow the custom installation procedure.

  • Once, install the application, launch it.
  • Click on the “Start” button on the Interactive UI.
  • Define the location for storing the output files.
  • You can customize the settings according to your comforts whether cover entire window screen or chose particular area via moving mouse in rectangular form.
  • Select the media format such as WMV, FLV, AVI, SWF to save output files in the selected format.
  • You are entitled to choose audio recording On/Off, audio frequency, channel, frame per second, and screen resolution.
  • Finally, your capturing process starts indicating in red balloon at the system tray. You can stop the process by pressing F10/Stop Button or Pause by pressing F9/Pause Button. To stop process you can also click on the red balloon.
  • That’s all.

It consumes only 4 MB space of your hard disk. It supports almost all operating system and versions of Windows such as Windows 2000/XP/&/Vista. This utility is very useful when you need to share some troubleshooting information with your friends or share online tutorials. With this, your communication over the particular problem will be ambiguous. Download Free Screen to Video From here.


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