How to Capture Screenshots in iPhone 3 G without Installing Any Other App

iPhone 3G device has been introduced with pretty useful inbuilt feature for taking screenshots of any particular application which is running on iPhone 3G. With this inbuilt feature you could now instantly take iPhone screenshots, and there is no need of any third party application for this.

This feature can be frequently used by bloggers while posting something regarding to Apple iPhone devices. Also it can be used by common people for making presentation and for several other purposes.

Instructions to take screenshot in iPhone 3G device

To take a screenshot, you have to hold down home button and then just press the top button. Your device screen will be flashed which indicates that the screenshot has been taken. This screenshot image will be stored into your folder of photos.

You can get this feature only in iPhone 3G models. If you are still using older versions, you should upgrade your iPhone older firmware to iPhone 3.0 Firmware. After upgrading your firmware, you can enjoy this newly launched feature along with various other extra features.


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