I have a lot of favorite programs, applications, bukmarks, emails and other stuff on my windows machine which I need all the time. If you have a laptop, then it’s not a problem and those who don’t have laptop can use PortableApps installed on Portable Drives.

PortableApps can be installed any portable drive like USB drive, iPod, portable hard drives. You do not need any other hardware or software for PortableApps to work on your portable systems. You can access all your portable applications on the drive by just plugging the portable drive to any windows system.

Carry Your Favorite Application In Portable Drives

The best part about Portable Apps is that it does not leave any registry entries or files and folders on the PC you use it.

With PortableApps you can carry browser, favorite bukmaks, calendar along with your appointments, your email client, instant messenger with your buddy list, antivirus programs and computer utilities.

You get complete true mobile experience with PortableApps.

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