Best Alternative to Connectify Hotspot Software

Connectify is a very feature rich software, but it is not free. It is a freeware software. It is usually available in “lite” version which has limited features. With the latest update, the WiFi hotspot is available only for an hour before you have to restart it. It is generally very annoying. The paid versions are dubbed “PRO” and “MAX” versions costing $35 and $50 respectively. This can be quite expensive for some. Here is the best alternative to Connectify Hotspot Software.

MyPublicWiFi Hotspot software

MyPublicWiFi is a great hotspot software as an alternative to Connectify. It is one of the oldest softwares around. The features have not changed much. They are simple to use and the interface is straightforward.


There are many cool features on MyPublicWiFi hotspot software such as

  • Block user’s access to internet
  • block file sharing over hotspot
  • URL logging feature.
  • Free. Absolutely!

The software lets you block users you do not want to have access to your hotspot.  You can also disable file sharing over hotspot. This will help you save bandwidth and prevent users from uploading or downloading images via their whatsapp/facebook messenger and other apps.

The URL logging feature will give you a list of all the URLs that have been visited from your hotspot connection. You can keep a track of it via the software and check which user has visited a specific URL.

The software is free and that is the best part about it! With these features, the MyPublicWiFi is the best alternative to Connectify Hotspot software! Download it here!

The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Server 2008.


You can also try LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator!


It is free, has a simple and easy to use interface. Name your hotspot, give it a password and you are good to go. With the click of a button, your hotspot is up and running and users can access it. There are two versions: Free version with ads, and paid version without ads. LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator is another good alternative to Connectify hotspot software.

LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator allows you to start/stop WiFi without launching the software! It supports Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, Windows 7 and XP.

These are the best alternatives for Connectify Hotspot software. Try them out and let me know how it works!

Free Programs Similar To Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely known, and respected, photo editing software available. Unfortunately it also costs quite a bit of money. You can purchase the basic Adobe Photoshop if you don’t need anything extra, but if you want to get into much more complex and professional photo editing features you will need to purchase the advanced Adobe programs.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 costs $99.99

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 costs $299.99

Adobe Photoshop CSS costs $699.00

Adobe Photoshop CSS Extended costs $999.00

As you can see the Adobe programs are a bit of money, and the more advanced you get, the more the price doubles. Thankfully most regular people only need a basic photo editing program with some basic functions. The other ones are for professionals, or those who are more experienced with the programs.

So you’re just a novice in the photo editing world? Well, you should definitely try free software first for a variety of reasons.

Using similar programs to Adobe you can get a feel of how well you will do with photo editing programs (advantages of online image editors) and you can accurately judge if you want to spend that much money on a paid software, or if a simple program will be sufficient.

On top of that, most of these free programs have almost all of the features that the basic Adobe offers, making them more bang for your buck! So where exactly do you get these programs? Well, you want to be sure to install a reliable program that has plenty of reviews and also tutorials. Below are some of the top free software programs that are similar to Adobe.

Top Five Free Programs similar to Adobe Basic

  1. PhotoScape – This program is fantastic and is jam packed with a lot of unique features that are quite simple to use. It ranked number one on our list due to the overall ease of use and features.
  2. GIMP – this is an open source image program that was coined the ‘free Photoshop’ a long time ago. It is available for Linux and Windows OS and has a lot of unique features as well, although it is a bit more difficult to use than its winning contender.
  3. Paint.NET – this program was developed at a university and is still maintained by some of the people that had attended there. It has plenty of fantastic features that appeal to users, especially the unlimited undo history.
  4. Serif PhotoPlus – This is offered by a company that is giving it away as a free edition. They’re obviously hoping to entice you to purchase the paid version, but the free one has plenty of features that keep people hooked.
  5. Pixia – last but not least we have this program that originated in Japan but has been convered to an English version. Unfortunately it can’t save .gif.

And one of my all time favorite Picnik is built on Adobe and offers a lot features free. An upgraded account for less than $30 / month will give you full access to all features of Picnik.

Each one of those programs are fantastic and well…FREE! The affordable price and comprehensive features in all of them make them perfect for beginner and novice photo editors.

Tapin Radio – A web based player

Tapin Radio To Tune In And Record From Radio Stations

Carrying out work over the internet could be an isolated experience regardless of the variety of entertainment available on it. Sometimes you might want a program performing in the background particularly when you are in hurry to complete your work and cannot participate in online games and chatting. Tapin Radio enables you to stay tuned and entertained through radio while you are working.

Tapin Radio is a web based radio player, which enables you to stay tuned to numerous radio stations across the world. This application is available in both installer and portable version. Radio enthusiast can choose their preferred station and this application can immediately update on startup.

This facilitates the majority of audio formats such as wma, ogg, aac, vorbis and mp3. Users can choose and change between their preferred channels easily.  They are able to add radio channels to their favorite list. The selection menu would make browsing for channel more trustworthy as users can type in a station name or category name or choose from the list of different categories. Another attribute that will actually make the web radio popular is its capability to record. Users can also record talks and songs from it.

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

What was earlier known as Microsoft Office Outlook, now is just Microsoft Outlook. There are two versions of it available –

1> you can use it as a personal information manager,

2> it can also be use as an Office suite.

The latest download-able version, available now, as I  type this post is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Download free trial of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

1> Mozilla Seamonkey, is a free office suite.

Alternative Software For Microsoft NetMeeting

If you’ve used any version of Windows, right from the beginning, i.e from Windows 95 to Windows 98 or Windows 2000 to Windows XP, you’ll find this feature called Microsoft NetMeeting.

It’s a built-in too for multi-point communication with others who are running on similar OS’es, ie, in simple terms it is software which uses the Voice Over Internet Protocol and lets you communicate, talk, conference and even video conference over Internet, with the only requirement being an active internet connection.

Download link for Microsoft NetMeeting.

Alternative Software for Microsoft NetNeeting:

1> Free video conferencing software.

Alternative Software For Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is the server side of a client–server, collaborative application product developed by Microsoft.

No doubt it is one of the most used Microsoft’s product which will take care of emails, contacts, calendaring, and tasks. You can store data and there is mobile as well as a web-based support, using which you can access information.

[ Official website download link ]

It can be quite a costly product to own depending on the budget of your company. For those of you, who are looking for an alternative, there is good news:

Alternative Software for Microsoft Exchange Server:

1> Free Messaging And Collaboration.

Alternative Software For Symantec Solution Ghost Suite

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry’s most widely-used corporate imaging, deployment and system management solution. Use Ghost’s proven hardware-independent imaging capabilities to significantly accelerate day-to-day imaging and deployment needs or to migrate all your client systems to the latest operating system including Windows 7 all from a single management console.

Download Trial Version of Symantec Ghost Solution

Alternative Software For Symantec Solution Ghost Suite:

1> Hard Disk Manager and Partition Imager

Alternative Software For Cognos Business Intelligence And Performance Management Software

IBM Cognos Business intelligence delivers complete capabilities including reports, scorecards and analysis in one product allows users to author, share and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions.

Read more about Cognos here:

Alternative software for Cognos Business Intelligence software:

1> Pentaho – Free Business Intelligence Software.