Apple ID Blocked – How To fix it

Apple ID blocked

My Apple ID got blocked the other day. Why did this happen? I am so used to having my password saved on my browser and have given up remembering them a long time ago. Now, I had to do a cleanup  of my Macbook and in the process deleted the saved passwords and the file that had the saved passwords. Before I knew it, I was struggling to remember passwords. Having my Apple ID blocked was something that had not happened to me before.

Apple ID blocked

My apple ID got blocked as I tried to log in way too many times with wrong passwords. Before long, I was staring helplessly before I tried a few whiz stuff and found my way out. Have your Apple ID blocked? No worries, here is how you can fix it. Apple has a separate webpage where they address this issue.

Apple ID blocked – How to FIX IT

  • Visit on your Safari/other web browser.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click on continue.
  • You can choose to get an email from Apple or answer your security questions.
  • Follow on-screen instructions depending on what you chose to retrieve your Apple ID. Just make sure you remember the answer to your security questions if you choose that option.

That is all there is to it. If you have difficulties trying to enable your blocked/disabled Apple ID, contact Apple for additional help.

TIP: Never choose your security questions randomly and give random answers. Chances are you will not remember them when you need them!

Tip: Always have a strong password, have two-step verification enabled. Make sure your password is something that you remember very well. I changed mine to something that I remember very well now.

Tip: Never disclose your Apple id anywhere.

Were you able to enable your blocked/disabled Apple ID? If not, let me know in the comments below.

Sync iPhone To PC With RockMelt

RockMelt Launched For iPhone Syncs With PC, Mac Web Content

RockMelt is finally released for the iPhone users in order to allow them to sync their favorite website with Windows and Mac desktop versions. RockMelt was previously popular as the best social web browser for Facebook and Twitter. This Web browser is tremendously popular among the users because of its easy-to-use mechanics.

Usually, the contacts section will appear on the left pane of the tab when the users login to the Facebook using login ID and password via RockMelt App. The right pane of this app includes Facebook Profile, News Feed, timeline, and Twitter Tweet.

This application allows users to share their web contents with the iPhone whether it is Facebook profile or tweets from the Twitter.  iPhone users can easily sync their device to the desktop and share the web contents correctly. It is the unique feature of recently launched new version of RockMelt – the social media browser.

However, currently the users of RockMelt desktop would get their bookmarks and favorite websites directly synched to their iPhone as they connect their device. So, users don’t have to bother about their contents. Now, users can easily have the experience of using RockMelt on their iPhone while on the move and stay connected with the friends.

iPhone users can have access to the Twitter and Facebook updates, notifications and bookmark the favorite websites.  All these things can be done via iPhone. Currently, most of the iPhone users are using this app in order to stay connected with friends via social networking websites.

Our Suggestion

There are also other applications available at the Apple store regarding the social networking connection such as Fotobrookr and others for the respective social networking. However, RockMelt provide interactive user interface, which makes browsing easier and faster for the users.

Download Paragon CampTune

Download Paragon CampTune Free For MacOS X

The Mac users can easily share the disk space between the partitions of hard drive utilized by MacOS with the help of CampTune for Mac OS X which is introduced by Paragon Software. Mac OS X, most of the time work with HFS+ file system, which is inharmonious with the senior file system NFTS on operating system of Windows. Due to inharmonious nature, users face few problems in using Windows PC and Macintosh machine together, as the files stored or saved on another operating system are not readable, writable, or accessible via BootCamp through Windows OS.

Now, here comes the name of CampTune, a utility tool by paragon software that allows its users to meet the demand having free space in partition for both the operating systems. It is very essential to run the application and to study the nature and the relationship of both the operating systems. With the help of CampTune, the size of partition can be adjusted or resized if user feels a need for it.

Paragon CampTune costs $19.95 per license. People who are interested can obtain free licensed software with Paragon promotion. There the older version of CampTune 7.5 is available for 3-day free trial. It is compatible with Mac OS. Users of Paragon CampTune can get registered for free version to get the serial number.

To utilize CampTune, users need to download the application and save the package with the extension name of .dmg. By double clicking on the icon of CampTune, you will be prompted with “Burn” with which you can copy and write CampTune to any of the writeable CD/DVD. After inserting the CD/DVD, reboot or turn your system on and users will be able to change the partition by just clicking on the “Apply” button.

Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Send Free Text Messages Around The World With HeyWire

Would you like to save money for international text messaging? What about Heywire? Heywire is a application for sending text messages through Media friends, which enables the users to deliver free text messages anybody within their texting circle all over the world. They haywire is being built to enable the users to receive and send text on their MAC, iPhone, iPod and PC.

Apart from that, it also enables the users to chat and send messages on Facebook friends, Twitter, or Tweak while they are sending messages. To ensure the users to recognize their identity, every user will be provided an actual phone number for receiving and sending free text messages among Heywire users.


 Simplify texting encounter – texting, MySpace Speak, Tweets and IM.

Produce and send out the identical message by means of text message and MySpace Chat simultaneously.

A genuine telephone number as your text messaging identity.

Fast and reliable information delivery.

Information entries along with photos of one’s connections.

Inbound message push as well as seem notifications.

Text messaging to be able to as much as ten contacts at the same time.

Global coverage when message with HeyWire customers.

You can download Heywire application for iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch free from apple store:

Safari, Now With A New Look And Features

Safari, Now With A New Look And Features

Safari is a very fast and most widely used and famous browser which was introduced by Apple company in January 2003 for Mac operating System and users of Windows XP. The latest released version of Safari is more secure and capable in terms of user interface.

Previously, there were lots of issues with Safari web browsers like it was preventing users to submit their web forms correctly. Web content was not displayed correctly when users wished to view Google image with Flash 10.1. Now the newly released version of Safari has overcome with all these issues and is very much improved with authenticated and encrypted connection to the SEG (Safari Extensions Gallery).

Previously Safari was launched only for Mac and Linux but the latest version of Safari web browser can be used on Windows too as other web browsers. The newly introduced version of Safari 5.2 can be downloaded free from the official site of Apple.

A very new and good feature added in latest Safari is a Safari Reader which helps removing unwanted advertisements and other unwanted online material. So you will get the relevant material without any wastage of time in selecting and then going through. Safari Reader work like this: Whenever you will start browsing web, Safari Reader will detect and it will display that web page in the friction or blinking of your eyes. You just need to move your mouse on the icon Smart Address Field, and the particular article will display on the screen in one shot and clutter-free manner.

Safari 5.0.2 for Snow Leopard:
Safari 5.0.2 for Leopard:
Safari 5.0.2 for Windows XP, Vista or 7:
Safari 5.0.2+QuickTime for Windows XP, Vista or 7:

Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

How To Convert Audio Files To Different Formats Using iTunes

iTunes is basically a music jukebox that organizes and plays digital music as well as videos on your PC. It can easily handle several tasks related to digital media such as burning CD, syncing digital media files with your iPhone or iPod, purchasing videos and music online etc. It also lets you enjoy movies, videos, music and television shows right on your PC or Mac.

You may save your media collection in the iTunes library and browse any digital media instantly, anytime you wish. Moreover, iTunes also has an ability of converting audio files to different formats. Different users might have various different reasons for converting audio files.

  • User might have AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) files on iTunes which might not be compatible with the Zune media player which is capable of playing MP3 but not AAC files.
  • User might need to email a WAV file to a client but the file seems to be too big and he/she has to convert it to AAC file in order to reduce its size.
  • User needs to set a downloaded song as a soundtrack to his/her music video and he/she is unable to import the song even by editing the program as it does not support AAC or MP3.
  • User wishes to remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) from an AAC audio file that he/she had purchased from iTunes store.


There are numerous other programs which convert audio files to different formats but majority of them are quite complicated and expensive. On the contrary, iTunes is fast, easy to use and above all, free. You need to follow the below mentioned steps for converting audio files to different formats using iTunes.

  • Click on “Start” button to display the Start Menu on your PC. Select “iTunes” to launch the application. Incase of Mac, you will find it in “Applications” folder.
  • Within iTunes application, go to “Preferences” to open the “Preferences” Window. Go to “Importing Options” screen. Based on the iTunes version that you use, the location of “Importing options” might differ.  
  • For instance, in older iTunes versions, there is a separate orange icon within the “Preferences” Window for importing. In the newer iTunes versions, importing options are hidden in the form of a nested tab “Importing” within the section “Advanced”.
  • Select the format you wish to convert the audio files to. Note that, iTunes can covert from/ to various formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC and Apple Lossless.
  • For instance, if you wish to convert an AAC audio file to MP3 so that you can listen to the song on your non-iPhone/ iPod music player, you need to select “MP3”. You are also allowed to select the bitrate quality which is set to 128 kbps by default and is good enough for any average person. You may select a higher bitrate value if you wish.
  • Exit the “Preferences” Window. Now, you need to go to the iTunes library and find your song(s) that you wish to convert. If you wish to select multiple songs, you may hold down the “Apple” (“Alt” incase of Windows) or “Shift” key while you make the selection.
  • Go to the Advanced menu and select the option “Convert Selection to..”. Alternatively right-click on any of the songs which you have selected and choose the respective option from the right-click context menu.
  • You will notice an orange colored spinning ball within the source window of iTunes once the conversion process starts. You may click on the spinning ball to view the progress.
  • The time taken for conversion will differ depending on type of conversion, number of songs selected and your computer speed. If you want to speed up, you may close other applications running on your PC to accelerate the conversion process.
  • Once the coversion process is over, iTunes will notify you with a chime. A similar chime sound is played by iTunes when it finishes burning a CD.

  • Incase any of the songs selected for conversion was bought from iTunes store and is not in the iTunes plus format, iTunes will show an error message notifying you that the file is protected and can’t be converted to a different format.
  • To resolve this issue, you simply need to burn such song(s) onto an audio CD and import them back to iTunes.
  • There are some applications such as Hymn which are capable of removing DRM protection from the songs which are bought from iTunes store. However, Apple disables such songs with DRM being altered.
  • Once the selected songs have been converted to the desired format, you may search for the files in iTunes Library. There will be two versions of every song that you have converted. One will be the original file and the other one, the converted version.
  • You may as well delete the old version if you wish to keep only the newly converted one. The easiest way to distinguish between to old and new version is by checking the “Date Modified”. The song with the latest date is the one that you have converted.

Ultrasn0w – Unlock Your iPhone 3G or 3GS With Firmware OS 3.0

Ultrasn0w – Unlock Your iPhone 3G or 3GS With Firmware OS 3.0

Ultrasn0w is one of the most used software for unlocking or cracking any device of the iPhone series. You could unlock your iPhone of 1st generation along with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3Gs (3G S). Moreover, Ultrasn0w is able to unlock or crack the iPhone, which is running on the 3.0 firmware OS version having baseband 04.26.08.

When you unlock your iPhone, you could select any mobile operator or service provider, and there will be no any restriction for you to select definite mobile carriers like AT&T in US or O2 in United Kingdom.

Earlier, the tool named as Yellowsn0w was used to unlock 3G and the original iPhones ran on firmware OS version 2.2. Now, Yellowsn0w has been effectively replaced by Ultrasn0w because the bug in iPhone firmware 2.2, which was used to inject payload code, has been closed in firmware OS 3.0 by Apple.

You’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone 3G having firmware 3.0 to unlock it. To jailbreak it, you could use Redsn0w in Mac OS X, Windows OS or PwnageTool having only Mac OS X. By default, the jailbreak process will provide the Cydia. To jailbreak iPhone 3G(S), you have to use Purplera1n. Following is a step by step guide to install and unlock iPhone 3G with Ultrasn0w.

  • Before starting, make sure that you have upgraded your iPhone firmware version 3.0.
  • Use PwnageTool or redsn0w and jailbreak your iPhone 3G.
  • The jailbreak process will install Cydia or Icy.
  • Now, run Cydia or Icy.
  • Add the following repo “” to Icy or Cydia. Use Zero “0” instead of o alphabet.
  • Now, search-select-install “ultrasn0w” from icy or Cydia.
  • Restart iPhone 3G or 3GS.
  • If you are using T-Mobile in USA, then you should disable 3G previous to using ultrasn0w. For that, go to Settings option then General and Network. Turn off the 3G Mode.

MacBook Computer Conquered Within Seconds Using Safari

MacBook Computer Conquered Within Seconds Using Safari

A completely patched MacBook computer can easily be hacked by hackers. Charlie Miller, a security researcher, once more wooed all the contestants who participated in the competition, Pwn2Own 2009. The competition was jointly held with the Tenth Annual CanSecWest Conference at Vancouver.

Charlie Miller hacked into the MacBook within a couple of seconds. For hacking, he used a security weakness which occurs in Safari browser of Apple. Last year’s championship was also won by Charlie Miller. As the winner of the championship to hack MacBook computer, Miller got cash prize of $10,000 and the hacked MacBook machine.

On an interview with Miller, he told the interviewer that even before participating in the CanSecWest security conference, he has planned to use Safari browser to hack into the MacBook computer. “It took a couple of seconds. They clicked on the link and I took control of the machine”, Miller said seconds just after the success.

Free Online Backup For MAC OS X

A 2 GBFree Space is Offered For Online Backup Software for Mac OS by iDrive

Mac is a special exclusive OS for APPLE gadgets. It is well known for its simplicity, reliability and its ease of use. iDrive is introduced by Pro Softnet for Mac users. This is easy, specific and convenient software that provides online backup for our files and folders automatically.

This software facilitates the users to specify the files or folders that should be backed up by defining a specific backup schedule. iDrive provides online backup by compressing the data and later utilizes 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption characteristic during file changes.

Characteristics of iDrive used for Mac:

  • It provides additional backup which preserves bandwidth by backing up only the portion of files that are modified.
  • It influences bandwidth by the feature bandwidth Throttle.
  • Facility to provide backup for future date and time.
  • Provision that will switch off the power automatically. Machine will be turned off automatically if once a backup is completed.

iDrive can be made easy to access for the user with the help of a plug-in  that unites with Mac OS X, through which users can easily drag and drop the files or folders that are to be restored.

[Visit iDrive]