Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

With the Apple Watch, you really don’t have to worry about backing up your data or restoring it. Apple Watch backs up its data automatically. It also allows you to restore previous backups when you pair it with your iPhone. Learn how you can Restore backup on Apple Watch.

Backup is made only when you unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Therefore, you cannot restore your Apple watch to a previous setting unless you unpair it from your iPhone.

Restore backup on Apple Watch

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Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

  • Turn on your Apple Watch.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Start Pairing’.
  • After you pair it with your iPhone, you need to tap on ‘Restore from Backup’. Select the backup you want to use for restoring. Tap on agree for the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Select OK to turn on Location Services, SIRI and allow diagnostics.
  • Choose a passcode for your Apple Watch. At this point, you can also choose if you want your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.

Now, your Watch will complete the syncing process and restore the backup you selected. All you need to do is wait till the process is complete.

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iOS 10 Features that you should know

In less than 2 weeks from now, Apple will show us the iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. The iOS 10 is the next major update for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. A lot of new features, revamps and updates are expected. Here are the iOS 10 features we can expect.

iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 Features We can expect

  • Siri Will be Smarter and powerful

While Apple has made minor improvements to Siri over the years, it still feels limited compared to Google Now. Now, Apple is working on an SDK for Siri that should make it smarter and powerful. It is also expected to have better HomeKit integration.

iOS 10 Features_3

  • Standalone HomeKit Application

It is rumored that Apple will be launching a standalone HomeKit app with iOS 10. While this has been the focus for quite some time, Apple never got around to making a standalone application. Now, things might change. It will offer a better and easier way to control all your HomeKit enabled devices from one place.

  • Revamped Apple Music

The revamped Apple Music is expected to have a redesigned user interface to make for a better display. It will make extensive use of 3D touch. The ‘For You’ section will have a simplified UI as well as provide lyrics integration.

iOS 10 Features_2

  • Photo App Revamp

With the current photo app being a little too clunky to use and navigate, it is expected to get a revamp with iOS 10. Major updates expected are annotation features like ability to add captions, draw shapes etc. The markup feature which is currently only available in the mail application could be integrated with the Photo app. A couple of pro-editing options are also expected.

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  • Improved iMessages

Apple is expected to make improvements to iMessages to keep up with other popular messaging services such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger.

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  • Control Center Improvement

The control center has not seen much upgrades since its introduction in 2013.  Major updates would include the ability to customize shortcuts as well as add additional shortcuts.

So, that is a few of the updates that are expected in iOS 10. We will bring you more updates and tweaks that you can expect from iOS 10 tomorrow!

Cancel Subscription on Apple TV – How To

If you are a user of Apple TV and not too happy with it (I am not), you should probably cancel the subscription before the auto-renewal date. It is pretty easy to do that actually. Just like you can cancel subscription to Netflix or HBo, you can do the same on your Apple TV. The problem is that Apple TV doesn’t support touchscreen functionality. Things can get a little difficult while using the Siri remote. Learn how to cancel subscription on Apple TV with these simple steps.

Cancel Subscription on Apple TV - How To

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Cancel Subscription on Apple TV – How To

  • Navigate to the settings app on your Apple TV
  • Launch the settings app using the Siri remote.
  • Select the ‘Accounts‘ option in the settings app.
  • Select on ‘Manage subscription‘ in the Accounts menu.
  • You will be asked for your Apple ID password. Enter it.
  • Now, you will get to the menu that shows all your subscriptions. Select a subscription that you wish to cancel from the list of subscriptions.
  • Select the renewal option and then cancel the auto renewal option. Confirm when asked for it.

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That’s it. It is just that simple. Make sure you cancel subscriptions to channels you don’t like before the auto renewal date. You would not want to pay extra money for channels you don’t like.

Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac – How To

Having the problem of having multiple messages on your different Apple devices? You’re not alone. But there is an easy way to Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple has created an amazing ecosystem in which you can stay interconnected between different Apple devices without any difficulties. Read more on how to Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac

Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac – How To

You can easily change devices in the middle of your work using the Handoff Feature on your Apple device. This feature syncs multiple apps and their preferences and information between interconnected Apple devices. If you don’t want multiple apps to sync up, then here is how you can Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac without Handoff.

  • Launch settings app on your iPhone and tap on messages.
  • Select ‘Send and Receive’ option from the list and tap on it.
  • You will get a list of numbers/email addresses that you have registered with your Apple ID.
  • Select the IDs that you want to sync iMessages to.

Note: Please ensure that your email address is shown next to the Apple ID. If now, you should sign in with your Apple ID.

Note: Your primary phone number should be selected under the section ‘Start new conversations from’

  • Repeat the other steps in your other Apple devices and then you can Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac or any other Apple devices.

Now, let us see how we can sync iMessages on the Mac.

  • Open messages app from Launchpad
  • Click on the ‘Preferences Menu’
  • Select the ‘Accounts’option on the top of the menu.
  • Select your Apple ID in the settings menu. If you don’t find one, add your Apple ID by clicking on the ‘+’ button.
  • Select your Apple ID. Select the checkbox underneath your Apple ID to enable the account.
  • Select your phone number in the dropdown menu. The menu is under the ‘Start new conversations from’ option.

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That’s that. That is how you Sync iMessages between iPhone, iPad and Mac. If you have any problems syncing messages, let us know in the comments below.

Check Step Count on Apple Watch – How To

If you are using the Apple Watch for fitness and to keep track of calories, then it is the perfect companion! If you also use it to track how many steps you have taken in a day to keep a count of, then here is how to check step count on Apple Watch. It is quite straightforward.

Check Step Count on Apple Watch

Apple watch does a reasonable job of telling you how many calories you’ve burnt in a day. To get a more accurate measurement, make sure you manually select the kind of activity that you are doing.

How to Check Step Count on Apple Watch

  • Launch the activity app (Press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen/ launch the activity app by tapping on it)
  • Navigate to the Activity View in the app.
  • Scroll down the app until you get to the Step count section.
  • Here, you will see the total step count along with active calories and the total distance that you have traveled.

Check Step Count on Apple Watch

So, that is how you Check Step Count on Apple Watch. It would have been nice if Apple had added a direct/easier way to view the step count as well as a real time function. Maybe it will be available in an update or a better app.

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Apple ID Blocked – How To fix it

Apple ID blocked

My Apple ID got blocked the other day. Why did this happen? I am so used to having my password saved on my browser and have given up remembering them a long time ago. Now, I had to do a cleanup  of my Macbook and in the process deleted the saved passwords and the file that had the saved passwords. Before I knew it, I was struggling to remember passwords. Having my Apple ID blocked was something that had not happened to me before.

Apple ID blocked

My apple ID got blocked as I tried to log in way too many times with wrong passwords. Before long, I was staring helplessly before I tried a few whiz stuff and found my way out. Have your Apple ID blocked? No worries, here is how you can fix it. Apple has a separate webpage where they address this issue.

Apple ID blocked – How to FIX IT

  • Visit on your Safari/other web browser.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click on continue.
  • You can choose to get an email from Apple or answer your security questions.
  • Follow on-screen instructions depending on what you chose to retrieve your Apple ID. Just make sure you remember the answer to your security questions if you choose that option.

That is all there is to it. If you have difficulties trying to enable your blocked/disabled Apple ID, contact Apple for additional help.

TIP: Never choose your security questions randomly and give random answers. Chances are you will not remember them when you need them!

Tip: Always have a strong password, have two-step verification enabled. Make sure your password is something that you remember very well. I changed mine to something that I remember very well now.

Tip: Never disclose your Apple id anywhere.

Were you able to enable your blocked/disabled Apple ID? If not, let me know in the comments below.

Stem Stumper- Game For Visually Impaired iPhone Users

Latest iPhone Game for Visually Impaired People

The current sensation in the Apple store is a new puzzle game for the people who are visually impaired or blind. It is really interesting that blind people can now have the fun of playing puzzle game. This game is especially designed for them and they can play the game with the help of its inbuilt sound or voice feature.

The name of this latest sensation is Stem Stumper. This game is completely based on the standard puzzle game. Here the various creatures available have to be arranged by passing through several obstacles. You just need to drag your finger to create a way to make the puzzle complete. You will get some phrases as you take the right steps.

The latest Stem Stumper game is a completely accessible game for blind people and allows them to play this puzzle game with sound based features. The sonar mode of the game allows you to play in the absence of graphics and visuals only via the sound tracks. It supports VoiceOver feature of Apple, which reads the instructions loudly at each stage so that the visually impaired people can easily trace out the puzzle hint.

Our Point of View

This game is perfect for both visually impaired as well as others. However, this is the first revolution in favor of blind community. Now, we can expect more games and applications especially developed for the visually impaired people so that they can enjoy like others.

Download Latest iPhone Apps For Free

Latest iPhone Apps Launched in the Market iRecycle, Maps HD and Textalyzer

There is not doubt that the iPhone gives you the power to explore enumerable things in no time. The compatible app enhances its functionalities and turns it into a perfect gadget that allows the user to simplify the tedious tasks. Here are new bunch of iPhone application rolled out in the market to be used.

The first one is iRecycle, which gives you details of the disposal and recycling facilities in your surroundings. Next most talked about application is National Parks Maps HD, which helps you to know the route of all the national parks in the world. The final one is Textalyzer app, which helps you to manage your forbidden list at various special moments. Let’s see in detail about these applications.

  • iRecycle – iRecycle is the application that assists you in finding the recycling and disposal facilities in your surroundings by using the GPS feature on the device. It has details about 110,000 disposal and recycling centers all across the US including 240 materials. You can easily search the particular areas that belong to the recycling facilities in the locality. In addition to this feature, iRecycle has other things that the users can take pleasure in. It is developed by the, which keeps you updated regarding environmental news by sending articles and e-magazines.
  • National Park Maps HD – This application assists you in finding the navigation route of the 15 national parks. Using the GPS technology on your iPhone device, you the can get information regarding maps of the parks, so that you can easily reach there without any trouble.
  • Textalyzer – This application is used when you don’t want to use your cell in particular situation such as when you are drunk. In that case this application prevents you to send some annoying messages to the others from your phone book.

Our Opinion

All these applications have their specific features and usefulness. You can download them on your device as per your requirements. If you want to get the information about Park Maps and recycling facilities, then you can go with them. Overall, they all are safe to download and easy to use. A Textalyzer costs you about $0.99 and $4.99 for National Park Maps HD. IRecycle is free to download.

Add Speed Dial Icon on iPhone Screen

Guidelines for Adding Speed Dialing Icon on iPhone Screen

Speed dialing is an extremely useful and important element, which enables users to quickly access their phonebook as well as phone calls whenever it deems necessary.  If you are wondering about the procedure of adding a shortcut of speed dialing icon on your iPhone’s screen then you should follow the below mentioned simple procedure, which will allow you to add small icon on your iPhone that is referred to as Web Clips. For adding this icon, you do not have to install additional application on your iPhone neither you have to jailbreak it.

  • First, from your iPhone open Safari web browser
  • Now type http://(mobile number) in the address bar
  • Now you will get a call pop-up with call as well as cancel option, hit “Cancel”
  • After clicking on “+”, which is present at the bottom click “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Name the “web clip” as required for example any recipient name.
  • By Clicking on “Add” you will get a new speed dialing call icon

Speed dialing is a fantastic and useful option, in case you are very busy and do not have time for searching a number. You can just hit the speed-dialing icon and will be allowed to make a call to the speed dialing assigned recipient.  However, you can also add a photo instead of icon by following the below mentioned procedure.

Enter the picture URL

Instead of http://(mobile number)

Now upload a 40x40-pixel photo to “PhotoBucket” and use it as direct link to the image

MobileMe Calendar To Update Your iDevice

Latest MobileMe Calendar: Fix The Duplicate Account Appearing Issues

Mostly, users who use MobileMe calendar app experience trouble after updating their iDevice to iOS 4.2 firmware. The issue regarding duplicate events and calendar data appears on the screen after updating.  In order to verify or confirm whether you are encountering this problem or not, follow the given steps.

  • Click on the settings option on your iPad
  • Click on Mail, Contacts and calendars
  • Click on the MobileMe account and ensure that the calendar slider is already enabled.

  • Click on Done
  • Click on the CalDAV, manually by creating an account at the time of configuring MobileMe calendar. If this is enabled then you can view MobileMe data twice on your screen.

Resolve This Problem by following these steps:

  • Once you track down the CalDAV, manually created account, choose the accounts which have duplicity issues.

  • Click on the Delete option

  • Confirm the delete option on a dialogue box.


Our Suggestions:  It is the common issue of all MobileMe app users. The above given steps are safe and easy to apply to resolve the issues. Make sure that you choose the right manually created account to delete after the verification.   However, you can merge your duplicate entries by applying merging solution to fix the duplicate data appearing on screen.  All you just have to do is navigate to Settings>> Mail, contacts, calendars and tap on your account. Select merge option when prompted.