How To Flip Windows Vista – Windows 7 Screen 180 Degrees

In one of our previous post “Shortcut Key To Flip The Screen In the Windows TO 180 Degree..” we have mentioned how to Flip the screen in windows 180 degree… Well the trick remains the same for Windows Vista and for Windows 7 as well. But be sure that you have NVidia graphic card on your system else you’ll not see any changes when you use the keyboard shortcuts !

If any of your friends, kids, or you yourself by mistake pressed the keys and your windows screen has flipped 180 degree then this will help you set it right.

I remember how I freaked out the first time when I accidentally hit the keys and was left clueless as in how to set it back right !!

Let me know if you need any assistance or further clarification regarding this !


Be Idle To Your Friends Permanently on GTalk

Be permanently idle to your friends on Gtalk / Google Talk with the help of gAlwaysIdle. gAlwaysIdle is not available from their home page as it seems to be temporarily down. You can alternatively download it from ESnips.

Note: I’m not sure who’s uploaded gAlwaysIdle at esnips, so download at your own risk.

Extract the zip file and you’ll find an .exe executable file. Double click on it and gAlwaysIdle will be installed.

Right click on you gTalk icon in the system tray and you’ll find options like this :

Be Idle To Your Friends Permanently on GTalk

Selecting Always idle will keep your profile always idle and selecting Never idle will show your previously used status (other than idle).

A few things you to know before gAlwaysIdle works correctly :

1> If you are logged in to gTalk and GMail chat simultaneously, then you will be be able to set ‘idle’ state in GTalk.

2> If you are on audio or video conference with someone, then too you won’t be able to set ‘idle’ status with gAlwaysIdle.