Google Home Features You Need To Know

Google Home is the latest WiFi enabled personal assistant announced by Google. It will compete with Amazon Echo and there is a huge curiosity about its features. Here are some of the Google Home features that you need to know.

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Google Home Features

Google Home Features You Need To Know

  • Google home will reportedly share a number of hardware components with the Chromecast TV Streaming service. Users can ask for google Queries, book flights and manage everyday tasks among others.
  • It will feature a dual-core ARM based microprocessor with 4gb of ram. It will have a dual band 802.11ac WiFi chip.
  • Google home is quite similar to the Chromecast. It will also be powered by the Linux-based OS that is used by Chromecast. It will not run on Android.
  • Google Home will feature a microphone, speaker, plastic top with LED lights. The bottom will be made of fabric or metal bottom.
  • The Google Home is expected to have the same pricing as the Chromecast. Chromecast is priced at $35.
  • With this pricing, the Google Home will be a lot cheaper than its competitor, the Amazon Echo which retails at $179.

Apple is reportedly launching its Amazon Echo competitor sometime in 2017, so it is going to be a hotly contested market out there!

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Raspberry Pi – Take A Bite!

Computers these days are expensive, cumbersome, and simply a huge hassle for people to purchase, especially if the person buying it is tight on money. Yes, sure spending $500-$1000 on average for a computer may seem normal for some people, but for others that’s unheard of and unnecessary. Unfortunately the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology as it is the key for accessing information and news on a global level. This leaves many impoverished and poor people at a severe disadvantage in such a technologically advanced world.

Thankfully there are many foundations that are working towards increasing internet accessibility to all regions and a new computer has just made their job a lot easier. Imagine having a computer that is small…..really small….in fact, imagine it being as small as a credit card! On top of that imagine this super tiny computer being capable of HDMI video playback, normal computer speeds, internet connection, and USB connection.  Meet the Raspberry Pi!

This delectable device actually comes in two different models: Model A and Model B. Here are the specific features and differences between the two models:

Model A: 128MB RAM, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price:  $25.00

Model B: 256 MB RAM, Ethernet Socket, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price: $35.00

Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pi so you can see how small it is:











Also, check out the hands on video for the Raspberry Pie:


I’m sure you saw the incredible price above and thought “Nah, that’s a misprint! No computer is only $25!” But in fact it is true. The Raspberry Pi is by far the smallest computer that is going to be put out on market! If you have younger children, know a struggling college student, or just need a simple computer yourself you can always spend just a few bucks and get a fully functioning computer that is smaller than your hand.

So what are Raspberry Pi’s limitations?

Of course this computer is small and to slice the price to such a small amount, the creators had to decide which features were absolute must-have’s. The Raspberry Pi does not come with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and it cannot store data on it. Fortunately getting a monitor is really cheap, you can find a mouse and keyboard anywhere for under $30, and you can store everything on cloud!

When can you get your mitts on an R. Pi?

Well there are some that are being auctioned off at the moment and the auctioning will end in five days. They can be viewed here:

Raspberry Pie Auction One

Raspberry Pie Auction Two

Or you can not spend $800+ for one of the first models and you can wait till its released here in early 2012. Go to the Raspberry Pi homepage and you can sign up for the mailing list and be notified of the release date when they decide on one!

Blackberry Playbook In India

Blackberry Playbook In India – Design, Pre-Order And Availability

Now, your waiting is over as Blackberry is all geared to hit the Indian market with its latest tablet. This tablet has been awaited since it was launched in US on 19th April. It has been fully loaded with smart features that make it must-have gadget for professionals and non-professionals. 

The pre-ordering date of this unique gadget in India is on 22nd June.  However, people would surely like to know about its specifications and features before finalizing the decision to buy this tablet. Here we have compiled some compelling and prominent features of this device that will help you to compare it with other tablets.

Specifications and Features: This tablet has almost all required features of current technologies found in their other counterparts –  

  • It has candybar design with 194X130X10mm dimensions and 400g weight
  • It has 7-inches wide capacitive Touchscreen with WSVGA 1024X600 pixels and various sensors such as Compass, Gyroscope and Accelerometer
  •  The processor of this gadget is dual-core with 1GHz speed that works on the Blackberry OS.
  • It has 5 megapixels camera on back and 3 megapixels in front with capacity to capture video 1080 [email protected]
  • It has 1024MB or 1Gb RAM and comes with three variants – 16GB/32GB/64GB/ internal storage capacity
  • It has V2.1 + EDR Bluetooth connectivity including Wi-Fi and HDMI
  • It has standard Li-ion battery
  • Other miscellaneous features – FaceBook app, Social Networking, WebKit, Flash player, POSIX, and Multitasking

How to order Blackberry PlayBook tablet?

In order to obtain your piece of this latest tablet, you could either send a message or visit the outlets. Customers will get a free HDMI cable and leather pouch with Blackberry tablet.

  • SMS Playbook to the given number 56070 to get information on the nearest outlets
  • Now, visit the store and make enquiry about the Blackberry Playbook
  • You will be provided with a form or coupon to confirm your advance booking. Make sure that fill it up properly.
  • There is two copy of the coupon – One, you have to give the retailer for the confirmation of your pre-order booking, and the other copy of coupon will be retained by you.
  • The pre-booking has started from the 9th June, and it will continue to 22nd June. So, hurry now and book your blackberry tablet in advance and avail some free accessories
  • Now, buy your Blackberry tablet from 23rd June onwards, by showing your coupon copy to the retailers at the outlets
  • You will be sent gift accessories to the mentioned address on coupon. Therefore, fill up the coupon form carefully with accurate and legitimate information.

The estimated Price of the Blackberry PlayBook Tablet could be 35,500 INR, or it may vary a little from one retail shop to another. There are several online retail stores that offer this gadget at excellent prices. Some of them are,, and 

Conclusion: This latest gadget is seen as a big competitor for the iPad 2. Almost all the features are quite similar in both tablets, especially on browsing and speed features. However, there are some specifications that are different and unique to BlackBerry Tablet. Basically, it would depend on the user’s requirements while making the choices between them.

As far as our understanding goes, the Blackberry tablet will give a huge competition to the iPad2 with its latest features and unique design. You might want to compare their specifications on each feature, and then make your selection based on your personal needs. While the IPad2 might be a great fun gadget, we feel that the Blackberry fanatics will prefer this new toy for their official purposes.

Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

Hackers Are Having Tough Time Now

A widely expected and anticipated version of Sony PS3 firmware is now made available publicly which is more secure from the attacks of hackers and unauthorized elements to get access which were making players and gamers to get backup games and pirated compact discs.

Now all attempts of hackers to hack the game sites will be blocked with newly introduced version of Sony Playstation 3 including PSJailbreak a cracking USB dongle, a porgram of open source, one more PS3 open source jailbreak Linux kernel mobile device, and similar ports.

In past, Sony went to court to take a legal action against the distribution and release of PSJailbreak and obtained court instructions against marketing and selling of PSJailbreak USB dongle. However, the best way Sony found to stop is to fix, improve the quality by patching the loopholes being used to misuse PS3.

Some additional security features have been added to make the PS3 system more secure, which contains the security vulnerability to block PSFreedom, PSJailbreak, and PSGroove according to Sony’s recent Playstation blog.

PS3 owners can now upgrade their system through PS3 system software update version 3.42.

The owners of PS3 who wish to stay with PSJailbreak and crack the Sony Playstation 3, does not need to upgrage to firmware operating system 3.42. The bad thing for not upgrading to latest and new version of system is that it cannot be signed into Playstation Network and it is effectively ruling out multi-player gaming online.

The previous trick of DNS to bypass PS3 and the tool of Logan5 Proxy will not be able to help the hackers to break any sites as PlayStation Network will be blocked by online gaming through the reminder notice to keep this upgrade to system software by downloading new and latest version.

Here’s Your Chance To Win A Free Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (Only Indian Residents)

My good friend Keith has arranged a give away contest. He’s giving away one Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, priced at 32,000 INR, to one lucky contestant.

To participate in the contest visit Techie-Buzz. It’s a pretty simple contest and you’ll not spend more than 5 mins. A great deal if you end up being the lucky one !!

You can find full specification of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc here.

See Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Hands On video :

Blocking A Lost Mobile Device With The Help Of IMEI Number

Blocking A Lost Mobile Device With The Help Of IMEI Number

IMEI is a standard used by all mobile service providers. It is an Acronym for international mobile equipment identification. Every single handset is allotted a specific IMEI number which is unique. IMEI number of any two different mobile devices can share this as it is unique to its handset.

One can retrieve its IMEI by pressing *#06# on the mobile. Stolen or lost mobile set can be located easily with the help of this number because of its uniqueness. One has to save this number for future use. This number is also printed on the mobile cover.

Steps to take to block a stolen or lost mobile device using this unique IMEI Number:

When a mobile device is switched on, the SIM present in the device connects with the surrounding network. A connection is established between a mobile device and its closest network tower. Information such as IMEI Number, version, Mobile Model etc are then transmitted to the mobile operator. A record is maintained by your operator every time your device is switched on and the services are utilized.

If a mobile device is stolen or lost, then a person should contact their network service provider so that our IMEI Number is blocked. A police FIR should be filed first and then a copy of the same should be provided to the operator. These service providers share the hosting services so that IMEI Numbers can be blocked. For example if Airtel service provider is asked to block a mobile device, the same will be stopped by other service providers like reliance, Vodafone, idea cellular.

If a thief switches the stolen mobile, then all the service providers will automatically block every single connection from the device. Even if a thief changes the SIM, he cannot use the services as the blocked IMEI handset with new SIM will automatically be ignored.

You can procure the new SIM number from the service provider for your stolen mobile device by tracking the IMEI number. There are many mobile no. tracker services which will track the stolen mobile.

All the information about a mobile device can be retrieved with the help of an IMEI number. IMEI number analysis will provide more details about the handset, manufacturing date, model and many more internal data freely.

Riviera R12 Features, Color And Availability In India

Riviera has launched a new mobile phone named Riviera R12, consisting of many exciting features, QVGA 65 K colour CSTN display screen with 176 X 220 pixel of screen resolution, and 128 MB internal memory included. It is already pre-installed with WAP and Opera mini browser embedded with 128 MB internal memory.

Again, this device poses MP3, WAV, MIDI audio support and 3GP video player support. Some of its interesting features are:-

  • QVGA 65 K colour CSTN display screen.
  • 115 X51.5 X 15.2mm of dimension.
  • 76 X 220 pixel of screen resolution.
  • Speaker headset.
  • Dual SIM [GSM+GSM]
  • GSM 900/1800Mhz|GSM 900/1800 MHz network support.
  • Digital Zoom.
  • QWERTY keypad with trackball navigation.
  • 1.3 mega pixel camera.
  • Vibration alert.
  • USB cable.
  • MP3,MP4 player.
  • 1280 X 1024pixels of resolution.
  • Polyphonic MP3 ringtones.
  • In built WAP and Opera mini browser.
  • Blue tooth, GPRS connectivity.
  • Micro SD/T-Flash memory card slot.
  • In built games.
  • 3GP Video player support.
  • FM radio facility.
  • 128 MB internal memory.
  • Upto 2GB of external memory.

You can get the Riviera R12 in 2 colours, black and red, with a dimension of 115 X 51.5 X15.2 mm. it supports multi languages inclusive of Hindi and English. For more details you can look up

It weighs approximately 117 gm with a talk time of upto 6 hours depending on the network.

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

Download The Samsung PC Studio For Free

The Samsung PC Studio is also known as Samsung PC Suite which allows users to access their mobile phones via the computer. It helps them handle their data stored in the mobile phone in a better and efficient way.

The latest version of this Suite, 7.2.24, helps users to manage text messages, contacts, backups, multimedia messages, audio and video files from their personal computers. The user just needs to connect the phone to the PC via Bluetooth or data cable and access the information via this suite.

The file conditions and irrelevant files can be handled by this application as it helps you permanently remove corrupted files and data.

Some of the features of the Samsung PC Studio are mentioned below:

  • Internet connections can be managed via the networking wizard
  • Enables the phone to be used as a modem and connect to the internet
  • MMS Composer to create multimedia messages
  • Text messages can be managed with the Message Manager
  • Multimedia and Text Messages can also be sent while connected to the computer.
  • Dial up connection can be established using the PC Sync

There are a lot of other features other than the ones mentioned above. The PC Suite creates a bridge between your computer and your Samsung Mobile.

Get Latest Updates For Your Nokia Handset Via The Nokia Firmware Updater

Get Latest Updates For Your Nokia Handset Via The Nokia Firmware Updater

There are a number of companies today that manufacture mobile phones, but a very few of them allow customers to upgrade their phone’s software all by themselves. Nokia is the leader in this field and unlike most of its competitors it provides firmware upgrades for free.

These upgrades are essential because it enables the user to use the latest technology released with respect to the model the user is using. Nokia releases these firmware updates on a regular basis and are mostly for multimedia phones. The user needs to download these updates and then install them onto their phones.


The Nokia Software Updater or the Nokia Firmware Updater is the latest tool released by Nokia. It helps the users to get in touch with the latest updates available for their handsets. This handy tool also allows users to create backups of the existing files, as the files might get deleted while updating the software of your phone. The backup data can easily be restored on your phone after successful completion of the updates.

There are no compatibility issues with the Nokia Firmware Updater, the version for Windows 7 will be released soon.

Snapdat – An Easy Way To Access And Store Business Cards

Snapdat – An Easy Way To Access And Store Business Cards

The field of business and networking require you to make and manage contacts. Name or Business cards is the most used way to exchange and store numbers of important people in these fields. However, storing and accessing these cards can be extremely space consuming and tedious. With the invention and emergence of mobile phones, this method has been gradually substituted.

There are a number of web services available that help you manage contacts and handle information related to business associates. Considering the growing trend of using smart phones, Apple is planning to build an in-built feature for its iPhone that will allow exchange and storage of business cards. The development of this application is in the pipeline so iPhone users can have the feel of this kind of an application online.

SnapDat is a free application for mobiles that handles business cards. This application can be downloaded from the App Store and that too for absolutely free. This application also allows users to exchange business information, contact data and other information as graphically rich and customizable business cards known as SnapCards.

This free application from Apple comes preloaded with forty templates. Users can customize and design their own SnapCards. These SnapCards also help you make groups and thereby helping you manage your cards easily.

Users having SnapDat installed to their iPhone can easily exchange SnapCards and the received cards will be automatically integrated to the phones address book. The e-card or the electronic card helps you add contacts for emails, messages and calls with just a single touch. You can also use it to visit your recipients networking accounts and other media like videos and pictures.

If the receiver is not a SnapDat user, then you can send them their SnapCards by email. The SnapCard is attached as standard vCards in the emails.

The concept and idea of business or name cards exists for a long time, but its enhancement by technology has been influential and successful. Applications like SnapDat can go a big way and can be easily termed as the next big thing in the field of networking.