Download / Play Digger Online For Free – Windows / Unix / DOS

I’ve been a Digger fan since my childhood. I was recently searching for a downloadable version or online version for free found these links.

You can download DOS version of Digger for free from this link:

It’s best if you can download as you can play the game even if you are offline. However, if you prefer playing it online, here’s the link:

Apart from the DOS version, they have Windows / Unix version too for free download.

Tip: To make the ‘Digger’ experience more exciting you can play the game upside down, i.e, by flipping windows screen upside down. I’m trying to train my mind to play the ‘up-side-down’ version and it’s quite a challenge. Must try I suggest 🙂

Make The Most Out Of Your Skills Or Hobbies In Your Spare Time

On the internet you can purchase anything you can imagine; whether you are looking for electronics, clothing, animals, or even something so outlandish and weird you are sure to find someone selling it somewhere. On top of that you can also purchase services via the internet – something that many websites have begun to capitalize on recently.

Whether you have a unique voice and can sing beautifully, or if you have a beer belly and want to show it off, someone somewhere will be willing to pay money for it, all you have to do is know where to look!

Here are some websites that you can offer services and products on, however you need to be aware of any fees that may be incurred with these websites and what types of products/services you can offer. Read more to find out about each one!


Here you can offer almost anything you can imagine! Whether you want to dress up in a set of bags and go around shouting things, or if you want to take a picture of your animal doing something, you can charge simply $5 per service/product and people will buy it. Unfortunately Fiverr takes a $1 cut from your profits; however they mediate the transaction so you are assured that you don’t deliver a product then don’t get paid.



Digital Point, commonly abbreviated DP, is a website that is directed mostly at websites, IM (internet marketing) and other related products/services. While DP doesn’t take any cut of your profits you are forced to strike bargains and deals with the users yourself and this increases the chances of being taken advantage of – on the flip side you can use your better judgment to make sensible deals and rack up a substantial profit. Sell services here such as writing articles, creating scripts/programs, selling e-books, domains, and much more!


This website is fully devoted to freelancers who are selling services of all types. Here  you can find jobs to do and bid on them. Most jobs are over $30 however the average price of jobs is around several hundred. You can even find full time jobs online that allow you to completely work from home and get paid what you want! The jobs have a huge variety: writing, design, programming, data entry, website creation, and so much more.


In the current economy it is important to make use of every penny you can, however if you are smart and know where to go for odd jobs you can have a nice side job (or even a full time job) from the computer that you can do in your spare time!

Stream & Watch ‘Lifeu Istene’ In High Definition Online For $2.50

A friend, an young talent – Pawan directed a movie – “Lifeu Istene”.

It’s a satirical take on how guys handle relationships. A fun watch. After much commercial success, he’s decided to stream the movie (a good way to curb piracy) for those who could not watch the movie in theaters for any reason.

The Kannada speaking population will love this movie, I highly recommend this to them. And non-Kannada speaking crowd too will love it (it comes with English Sub-Titles).

You can watch the movie at: for less than $2.50 / day or $3 for 3 days.

Please to spread the word and support young talent.

Cheers !

Enable Screen Rotation To Flip / Rotate Windows Screen 90 / 180 / 270 Degree

One of the coolest pranks you can play on your friends in your locality or school is, flip windows screen of their computer. However, before you perform this little trick, you need to ensure that they have enabled screen rotation on their computer.

To check if they have enabled screen rotation:

1> Click ‘Start‘ –> ‘Settings‘ –> ‘Control Panel‘ –> Search for Intel Driver here, in my case it is ‘Intel(R) GMA Driver For Mobile‘. The Intel driver on your system will be pretty similar to the one on my system (in case you are unable to figure out how to handle features of your Intel driver, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out).

2> By default, yo’ll be in  ‘Display Devices‘ tab. Click on ‘Display Settings‘ tab.

3> ‘Display Settings‘ tab will have an option –> ‘Enable Rotation‘, enable it by checking the ‘check-box’. Then click on ‘Apply‘.

This will enable screen rotation and the short cut keys to flip windows computer screen will work if it was not working earlier.

For your convenience here are directions to flip your windows screen vertically / horizontally:

1> For normal windows Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key.

2> To rotate windows screen vertically left 90 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + left arrow key

3> To rotate windows screen vertically right 270 degrees, press CTRL + ALT + right arrow key

4> To rotate windows screen upside down, press CTRL + ALT + down arrow key

If you have any issues or are unable to flip the screen leave a comment and I’ll try to sort the problem.

Develop Your Own Programs With Xbox Kinect SDK

The Xbox Kinect is one of the hottest selling electronic devices on the market. It’s completely hands free technology makes the user the remote and allows them complete control with body movements and voice commands. On June 16th Microsoft, teamed with Xbox, released the Kinect Software Development Kit to the general public. It is still in the beta stages, but the possibilities now available to everyone are limitless.

Requirements for the Kinect Developer Kit:

The developer kit requires only a few things; a Xbox Kinect device, and a computer that runs on Windows 7. Apart from that, it is up to the user to define their own limits. Once you hook your Kinect device up to your computer you need to download the free software development kit from the website. Don’t worry though, you needn’t be a computer genius, programming junkie, or coding expert to use this. It comes complete with numerous tutorials that show you how to use the voice command, facial recognition, movement tracker, and the other numerous features that the Kinect has.

The amazing thing about the release of this programming kit is the endless possibilities it has created. Using a device for hands free control of something is truly breakthrough, giving that power, and the ability to develop new applications for it to everyone, that goes beyond what words can describe.

To test the Kinect SDK, there was a small convention of programmers, developers, and other people with similar interests who were used as test bunnies. They were given the device, the programming kit, and a computer, and put to work to see what they could create. Many were able to make simple programs and find new ways to use the Kinect within just 24 hours!

So what exactly can people accomplish with this? Truthfully, anything is possible. There is even speculation that this program may help doctors and surgeons when it comes to performing surgery. Others want to use this new gift in an attempt to use it to help their football team. And even more have thought of ways to use the hands free abilities as a way to remotely control other devices.

Now what can we expect for the future? Thousands of ingenious ways to use the Kinect. There are so many people out there who have great ideas, but lack the means to implement them. There are thousands of gamers, enthusiasts, students, and people in general who are able to find new ways to use the Kinect that the developers at Microsoft and Xbox may have never thought of. I’m sure that with the release of this development kit, something amazing will be discovered.

Google Introduces Voice Search In Search Engines

Google Voice search was available as a standalone application for Android phones, however it’s now integrated into the search bar and is a feature in . This feature is available in US at the moment, not sure when it’ll be rolled out for other local search engines yet.

You’ll see a small microphone symbol within Googles search bar, pressing it will start recording your voice and the content you speak will be used as ‘Search Query’.

The accuracy is higher when you speak with the microphone held close to you, and also I noticed that it kinda shuts down Chrome (as I’ve tested it only on Chrome as of now), when you speak a lot of content, what I mean is, if the search query is too long the browser kinda hangs.

I’ll verify this in sometime and update if it was just a coincidence that my browser hung up on me, or if it’s a real problem with the new ‘Google’s Voice Search’. It’s possible that it might just be a browser issue or my internet service provider issue that’s acting up on me. I’ll verify this in sometime and report back again.

Till then, I guess you can enjoy the ‘Voice / Speech Search’ Google’s offering 🙂

The Future Of Tablets And Laptops Is Coming!

When you think of how much technology has changed in such a short period of time, it is truly amazing. To think of how our lives will be altered in 10, 25, and 50 years from now can seriously give you a headache! There are so many different avenues for humans to explore, and so much more technology that needs to be developed that it is impossible to think of how the future will be.

Despite all of the uncertainties, there are a few things that we, as consumers, are privy to. Companies love to release snippets of information about upcoming devices and products to heighten anticipation and increase sales. There has been a rumor floating around for the future of tablet and laptop devices, and finally it has been put into action.

Introducing the Rolltop:

At first this design was meant to be merely a means to receive feedback on an idea, but due to the immense crowd of web viewers who liked this idea the original designers of Rolltop decided to go ahead and try and make a real product.

The Rolltop starts off as a carrying device much like a tube with a strap. It folds out completely flat into a huge 17 inch touchscreen tablet. From there it can be converted to two devices; a laptop or a monitor. For the laptop you merely take part of the tablet, fold it up and lock it in place. The bottom part then turns into a digital keyboard where the top turns into a 13 inch laptop screen. If you wish to watch a movie you can simply fold the Rolltop back down to the tablet mode, lift it up, and prop it in the standing position with a small hidden stand at the back.

On top of all of the different ways this device can be switched up to suit the user’s needs, there are also tons of features that are built into this uniquely designed device. The tube that is used to roll up the screen sits up and serves as a handy standing speaker that comes equipped with a camera at the top. The strap that is used to carry around the Rolltop is converted into the power cord, and there are tons more features that can be viewed from their website at

MyRollTop in Action here:

The versatility of the device is astounding and the technology to build it is here. With incredibly flexible OLED screens this device could be put on the market soon. Fortunately the designers of Rolltop are looking for a partner to help make their dream possible. Hopefully this device is on the market fairly soon!


Should UPSC Make CSAT Preliminary Marks Public ?

There has been changes in the way UPSC preliminary examination is conducted. Earlier, the pattern included one General Studies paper and one Optional paper. The optional paper was as per the students choice. The main problem with such a system was varying levels of difficulties in different optional paper,  which often led to confusion and UPSC had to ‘scale up‘ an under-performing optional and ‘scale-down‘ an over-performing optional to ensure justice to all students. However, the question which never was answered is ‘How did UPSC decide which subject to ‘scale-up’ or ‘scale-down‘ ? Another painful fact is, they never release any data which can help students assess their performance.

Even an RTI will not yield expected result. This always left an element of doubt in the minds of those students who believed they had done well, but did not manage to clear the preliminary level exams to go to the next level. Even the CIC had directed UPSC to reveal the marks list of all candidates, but UPSC did nothing about it.

But now, with the introduction of CSAT, everyone’s on the same level playing field. CSAT – CSE too has two papers:

1> Paper 1 – General Studies 1 (100 questions),

2> Paper 2 – General Studies 2 (80 questions).

Both papers are for 200 marks each. Every student who competes in the exam gets the same question and there is no more scope for ‘scaling-up’ or ‘scaling-down’ anymore.

There were some flaws in the previous methods of conducting preliminary exams, which is evident and which is why there were reforms. Now after the reforms, since everyone is on the same level playing field, I think from now on UPSC should try and release the marks-list of all candidates.

A lot of State Public Service Commissions already release the data, for example Karnataka Public Service Commission releases Key answers once the exams are done, and they also entertain corrections if something is wrong.

It’ll be in students interest if UPSC follows the same pattern. It’ll at the least help students evaluate themselves and understand where they stand in the crowd. I only hope this change comes in at the earliest.

Can We Stream And Watch Movies On Teamviewer ?

Teamviewer is one of the BEST remote desktop software that is available for free. One of the visitors asked me if she could use TeamViewer to watch and share movies (with her boyfriend, she wanted to make it as Romantic as possible since they both are into a long distance relationship) with someone else sitting at the other end of the world. Honestly, it is a really romantic idea to watch movie that way, but TeamViewer is not the right choice !

Teamviewer is meant for remote desktop sharing, for trouble shooting. Even if you manage to watch the movie, you may not enjoy the whole experience …

How Can I Watch Movie With My BoyFriend / GirlFriend On Remote Computer ?

If you plan to have a Romantic e-date, then there’s nothing to worry as technology is so advanced that you pretty much have a solution for anything you need ! For those who want to watch movies with their partners sitting in remote position, download a free software called VLC. We have, in the past, written an article which explains how you can use VLC as a streaming server.  Engadget too has a detailed article which explains the same !

To make it more romantic, you probably can order, online, some delectable food from the nearest restaurant and have a remote E-Dinner / E-Lunch ! 😉

Start A New Line / Paragraph While Typing Long FaceBook Status Messages

While updating your Facebook status, you’d have noticed there is no ‘Reply’ Button, and the moment you hit enter the status stands updated.

This is fine when you are typing / commenting fairly small messages. But if the message runs into couple of lines, then there will be readability issue if you do not break the message logically into new lines / paragraphs.

The easiest way to type in a new line / paragraph is by pressing ‘Shift + Enter‘. If you press ‘Shift + Enter‘ once then you start typing in a new line and if you press it twice you’ll start a new paragraph.

Let me know if this helped !

Cheers ..