Mozilla Firefox FireFTP Show Hidden Files

Select 'Show Hidden Files'

Some files like .htaccess and .htpasswd on server side will be hidden.

Procedure to show these hidden files if you are using FireFTP Mozilla Firefox Plugin:

  • Launch FireFTP
  • On Right hand side top corner, go to ‘Tools‘ -> ‘Options

    Go to 'Tools' -> 'Options'
    Show hidden files in FireFTP
  • Under ‘General‘ -> ‘File View‘ -> select ‘Show Hidden Files

    Select 'Show Hidden Files'
    Show hidden files in FireFTP

Once selected, all hidden files will be shown.

Addon Advice – Be Wary Of 3rd Pary Addons!

When it comes to browsers Firefox is by far the superior contender amongst all others. Not only is it faster and has superior user features, but it has a significant amount of additional features that can be added. These extra features are called add ons and are created both by Firefox and by other users that aren’t affiliated with Mozilla.

With the high popularity in these Firefox add ons, they have become a prime target for malicious internet users looking to infect computers, steal information, and cause as much damage as possible. This is why it is incredibly important to install add ons that have been verified by Mozilla, and avoid all add ons from outside websites unless you are completely sure.

Some random plugins that you should be wary of are ones that are for coupons, anything that requires you to put in any sort of personal information, or any that are from an untrustworthy website. If you do install a plugin or addon for your web browser, then you can check if it contains a virus by scanning the files with your anti-virus program. If they clear, then you can assume that it is somewhat safe, although some viruses are cleverly cloaked to avoid detection so this should only be used if you are set on downloading the unknown add on.

So where do you find trustable add ons for Firefox?

First, go here and search for an addon:

You can assume that the most popular and top rated add ons are safe as they are generally downloaded by thousands of users. If one of those users experienced a problem they would have reported it, especially if it had a virus hidden in it.

Most of the add ons have been rated by other users and have already been tested; however there are a few that have not. Mozilla does have a variety of experimental addons that are not all immediately checked by editors. These addons can contain viruses and there have even been some reports back in 2010 of several add ons that slipped through onto the Mozilla add on page and were downloaded.  You should stick to approved add ons and stray away from the experimental ones just to be safe because the virus you download could cause irreparable damage on your computer.

If you go to a website and it tells you that you MUST download some add on for your browser for it to be compatible, then  stop before you download! Take a few seconds to research whether this is a scam or not, this extra effort can save you hours of headache if you end up downloading a virus!

Read Status Post In Different Foreign Languages With Facebook Translator

Recognize the Status Post of Different Foreign Languages With Facebook Translator

One benefit involves for hooking up to Facebook cultural site could be the possibility to keep active with family and friends. Reading through the particular status updates of links within your contact record is able to keep you connected even with your own stressful times along with lifestyles.

However, for those who have friends through diverse nationalities who post their own updates in different ‘languages’, some find it a trouble copying and insert your updates directly into internet language translation assistance just like Google Translator, which just realize the message. Instead, Facebook Translator, totally free Plug-in to Firefox browser provides you with option for doing translation in the cultural website themselves

This Plug-in, Facebook Translator, to Facebook is located under the status post named as “Translate” and user can click it to see the particular translated version. Although English is, the standard language for these Plug-in, users can transform to numerous

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other languages.

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

Mozilla Development Team has worked very hard to make some important changes and improvements to Firefox 4 and now they could successfully released its fifth beta version. It is almost similar to its previous version with lots of new improvements, features and enhancements for developers and desktop users.
Following improvements and new features to Firefox 4 beta 5 version have been added recently:

? Audio API – Improved and changed the integrated style of media on the web: It has been made more convenient for developers to use Javascript and write an audio script with the raw audio script housed within the audio and video elements in HTML5.

? HSTS– With the help of HSTS protocol, HTTP sites can be more secure from the unauthorized invading of hackers and attackers and keep them away from their sensitive data to access by giving the instructions to Firefox, which will establish a secure server connection. HSTS supports the security protocol by driving the sites to be loaded over SSL.

? Firefox button has got a new and smarl look for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users.

The brand new Firefox 4 beta 5 can be now downloaded free from Mozilla official site by just clicking on “Download” button.

Windows (English)-    Download
Linux (English) –         Download
Mac OS X (English) –  Download

FirePasswordViewer To Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

Use FirePasswordViewer Easily Decrypt And Hack Log On Password Saved In Firefox Browser

For the sake of convenience, we mostly tend to save or store our login details like user id and password for some forum, email account, websites and etc in the browser. All this saved data gets stored inside the sign-on database file into the encrypted format. This saved user id and password automatically gets entered when you try to login for the second time for specific websites or email accounts. However, mostly saving the log in details of websites or email accounts into the browser turns out to be high security risk for you.

Your private information or data may leak in some situations, for example, if you miss your laptop or if it gets stolen, the third person may misuse your data. To keep your data rally private, you should share your computer system. However, if your FireFox stops working and you forget your log in details, then it will create a quite problematic situation to you. Now, you could easily decrypt or recover your user id and password details which are saved in your Firefox browser. To do so, a very handy and tiny tool “FirePasswordViewer” will reduce your job greatly.

You will find the FirePasswordViewer in GUI version which is developed from the popular FirePassword tool. The tool is especially designed to recover or decrypt your entire log in details stored in the Firefox. It is a tiny executable application which displays the list of the user ids and passwords that are stored in the Firefox browser. For recovering your log n details you don’t have to run your Firefox browser.

In addition, the FirePasswordViewer could be also used to view log in credentials of various profiles (excluding your current profile). You could see all the profiles other than your current profile with different OS such as Mac, Linux and etc. All in all, the main motive of using the FirePasswordViewer is to recover or decrypt sign-on details saved in the Firefox browser. You will find it more useful when your Firefox browser has been disabled or stopped working and you have to extract all your saved passwords from your browser right away.

On the other hand, people with bad purposes may use this application and copy your entire log in data in Firefox browser. They may run this program and obtains the encrypted file of your private sign-on data which they intentionally want. This utility has a special facility with which user can save and then display the log in data into the standard HTML file format. This file could be easily copied or viewed to other place.

Besides, for avoiding the pointless safety hazards and the risk of saved log in database being uncovered, Firefox has a pretty good feature with which you could protect your files with a “Master Password”. It is better to set unique master password to your FireFox. To do so, go to “Tools” then go to “Options”, select “Security / Passwords” and then select to set “Use a master password”. You have to set the master password manually because by default it is not selected. The “Master Password” offers more safety by avoiding others accessing FirePasswordViewer without exact master password. Use the following link to download FirePasswordViewer version 1.2.2.

Install VTzilla To Firefox Web Browser To Perform Instant File Check Before Downloading

Install VTzilla To Firefox Web Browser To Perform Instant File Check Before Downloading


It is pretty important and useful for users to download each file after proper security check to prevent security threat from the unauthorized sources. Usually, web browsers scan the files before initializing the downloading process.

However, you can simplify the entire process by adding new add-on named VTzilla, which is a free plug-in to expedite and enhanced the entire process of scanning and downloading the files form internet. This add-on prevents you from affected by malware attacks and virus attacks.
Once the VTzilla add-on downloaded, your system will scan all the files prior downloading on your system. You just need to add this add-on to your Firefox web browser and right click on the context menu to instigate the scanning process. The VTzilla plug-in technically provided free file scanning and checking more than 41 malware threats.

This add-on only scans submitted files, but cannot scan system on users’ machine. The VTzilla add-on is completely free to download and install on your system then add to the web browser. The add-on will start working once it will be added to Firefox web browser. It keeps your system free from security threats.

Make Your Browsing Easy With A Simple Voice Command

Make Your Browsing Easy With A Simple Voice Command

Everyday there will be new inventions and updations in the information technology and the IT devices. Whether it is your computer or mobile phone frequently there will be changes in the features. One similar technology, which has gained popularity within very short span of time and became everyone”s favorite, is the speech recognition technology. This technology is used to interact with the machines and to control their operations as well.

Have you ever thought of the magic of browsing if this technology is materialized in a browser? Well, that could be the easiest and most convenient method to surf the Internet. Users could simply surf the Internet with a simple voice command. For example the users need to just say the keyword they want to search. In this technology “Firesay” is a free browser add on which can be used with your existing Firefox.

The Firesay allows you to communicate your transactions with the browser via voice commands. In order to perform this operation all you need is just a microphone or yersslot a web cam. All you need to do is just download this add-on to the existing Firefox browser and enjoy the real-time, exciting and efficient way to control your browser.

You can use the Firesay only with Windows 7 and it does not work on Linux. Mac or Windows XP. Since this software is noise sensitive make sure that you work with this software in a quite space. The Firesay is still in an infant stage and recognizes only few words; experts say there is lots of scope of improvement.

Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

How To Manage Mouse Scrolling Speed In Firefox

Mouse scrolling option is already implemented in almost every computer to make navigation easier and faster.  When you scroll upward or downward in open webpage, it is mouse scrolling feature that helps you save on time by easily moving upward and downward.

As you have noticed that you can scroll two or three lines in one scroll. It means when you start scrolling it takes time to get downward directly. It is default setting in the system that manages mouse scrolling speed. However if you are using Firefox browser then you can alter settings and control scrolling speed according to your preference.


Here is the tutorial to adjust mouse scrolling in Firefox browser. You need to modify settings manually from configuration menu.

  • Launch Firefox browser.
  • Type “about: config” in address bar and hit Enter button to move further.
  • It will open a warning tab with message “Changing these settings can be harmful……”  You just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise! Button to continue this process.
  • Now type out the phrase, “mousewheel.withnokey” in first shown box.
  • Apply right click of your mouse on “mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines”. Then you can choose Toggle option. The default settings will be changed from true to false once you select toggle option.
  • In this tab click on “mousewheel.withnokey.numlines”. Then you can choose Modify option. Now you can type any value according to your required number. 

Now at last you have adjusted scrolling speed according to your requirement. By following these steps you can change mouse scrolling whenever you want.

Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

How To Open Multiple Homepages In Firefox Browser

It is very time consuming process for you if you need to open your desired and most frequent used webpage every time when Firefox starts.

What if your required websites set to default home page in your web browser? Now you can set multiple websites in Firefox browser home page. With this effect Firefox will open your desired website automatically when the browser launches. Firefox has this inbuilt feature. You just need to alter some settings to get this particular job done. It will really make your surfing experience more easy and convenient.


Steps to open multiple homepages in your Firefox browser

  • Launch Firefox.
  • navigate to Tools>Options>Main tab
  • Here in homepage tab you just enter URL of each websites that you wish to open. However it should be separated by “|” (Don’t include “”).
  • For Google,  and yahoo website, type it as shown below
  • Click on “Ok” button to save settings.
  • Finally you are done.

Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

How To Resolve Password Remembering Problems On Firefox

On Firefox, you may face the problem of locating the password, or having to re-enter password and username for recurrently used websites on restarting of browser. If you are getting annoyed with this problem, then you can follow few steps given here. A database, named cookie is present on the Firefox browser to store or pile up passwords.

The SQL record is actually stored in your profile folder of Firefox browser, and it can also get corrupted with time. The main problem occurs when it get corrupted. Due to such file corruption issues, it is not able to understand the inclination that you made in the settings of Firefox.

As you will delete the preexisting databases or replacing it by new one, your browser will start behaving normally. The issues and problems vary to each person and their needs. The most possible solutions are listed below so that you can solve your problem by taking few steps.

Steps to resolve problem:

  • The first step is to navigate Tools> Clear Recent History> choose Everything and clear the recent history.
  • Navigate to Tools> Options> Privacy> however make sure while opening this option that “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox” option is unchecked.
  • Move to Tools> Options> Privacy and confirm that “Accept Third Party Cookies” and “Keep until they expire” both options are checked.
  • Close Your Firefox web browser and brose Firefox profile folder which is located at C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\ (Assuming C: as your operating system installed drive). Search for two files named cookies.sqllite & cookies.sqlite-journal and delete them. Now restart your Firefox browser to create new cookies database.


You are done, now your problem of not remembering password has been sorted out. However you can use Firefox Cookie Extender to keep yourself logged in for more days.