CamStudio – Free Open Source Recording Program

What is it?
Back in 2001 the first release of CamStudio was let loose upon the internet. It is a fabulous open source software that is not only free, but it is updated and also maintains a support form on their websites for users having problems. It is written in C++ however the newest version will be written in C# (a language that has a lot of similarities but it is cleaner and more efficient).

It was developed by seven people and you can find more information about the developers and learn more about the program at their website:

What is it used for?
CamStudio is a simple program that allows you to record your computer screen, or a selected portion of your computer screen, and it also gives you the option to record sound from a microphone. This makes it incredibly easy to do online tutorials while giving directions, or just explain anything and then upload that or send the video file anywhere you want.

There are thousands and thousands of users, many of which use this for program demonstrations and you can find most of those up on YouTube.

Where can you get it?
As was mentioned earlier the program is free and you can go to their website for more information, however if you want the direct download link.

Here are the download links:
CamStudio 2.0

CamStudio 2.6 Beta

What common problems are there?
This program is for Microsoft Windows and you can encounter a variety of issues with it.

  1. File size – This program only allows you to record 2GB max file size. If you accidentally go over that then you will not be able to find your file and will have to rerecord, so make sure to split up the files if necessary or shorten the recording.
  2. Sound issues – Sound recording/playback is the biggest issue with this program. Often times your computer will have a mind of its own and turn off your microphone so check that first and ensure that when you speak into it that it is acknowledging there is sound. Next, if you still are not getting any sound from your recordings try going to CamStudio and resetting your settings, they may have become corrupted and generally this will do the trick. If all else fails redownload the program and the sound should work properly after that.
  3. Messed up recordings – Sometimes users will use CamStudio a few times then it will randomly stop working as well as it used to. This phenomenon is probably caused by altered settings or corrupted settings, simply reset them to original settings and it should work properly after that.

If you experience too many problems with CamStudio, or simply want to look at other programs that will record your computer screen then you can check out these FREE alternatives here.

  1. For Mac users:
  2. RecordMyDesktop:
  3. Jing:

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E-mail Encryption Explanation and Freeware

The internet has proven to be a powerful tool in the assimilation and distribution of information. Not only does it allow businesses and people alike to find everything they need with just a few clicks of a button, but it also allows the wireless transmission of massive amounts of information via email and other messaging services. Unfortunately with the rise of the internet also came the rise of hackers.

Malicious internet users often target emails because many people feel that their emails are “secure” and they leave a lot of private information in them. This false sense of security has made it a virtual playground for hackers and the only safety people have is in numbers. For businesses however, they are a much more attractive target as the possibility that client information and financial information is being sent through emails is much greater – this is why it is essential for any business that communicates with clients via email to use an email encryption software.

Encrypting emails is a great way to ensure that any and all information being sent via email is seen only by the intended recipient.  To encrypt emails a special software must be installed and this is where things can get kind of tricky.

With email encryption software there are hundreds of various programs all that promise “maximum protection” and each and every one of these programs has a different price tag. Unfortunately many businesses may think that going with the most expensive program around will ensure that their clients personal information is kept secure, however this is not always true. On top of that, there are many small businesses who simply can’t afford to spend money on an expensive encryption software. Thankfully there are freewares.

Despite being free, these email encryption software programs are completely capable of adequately protecting emails and won’t run up a nasty bill due to the added privacy. So which free email encryption program is the best? Let’s find out which programs make our top five list!

Top Five Free Email Encryption Programs


iSafeguard Freeware 6.2

This program is a great way to secure all of your emails and files. It utilizes a strong encryption method and a digital signature to provide the highest level of security. On top of that it can be used with many different email systems. Here are the supported emails: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook (and Express), Eudora Webmail, Brinkster WebMail, Juno Mail, Hotmail, and more. Additionally it supports TXT, RTF, and HTML emails.

Download link – Click here!


This isn’t actually a program, rather it is a web based email service itself and encrypts/decrypts messages using a complicated encryption system. Additionally email attachments are also encrypted ensuring that no part of the email is susceptible to interference.

Download link  – Click here!


This program is the freeware to a paid product however it still has most of the same features except that an annoying ad window is included (something you can easily ignore though). This is also an email system that uses complex encryption and spam filters to protect clients.

Download link – Click here!

Flexcrypt free

For those who chat with clients through a variety of different sources, this is the freeware for you. It encrypts your emails as well as your files, texts, MSN conversations, and even ICQ communications.

Download link – Click here!


Last on our list is this program. This one is the most efficient out of all of them because it doesn’t require any installation, does not require anyone to sign up, and despite all of that it still doesn’t have annoying ads in the emails.

Download link – Click here!



Advanced Features PDF Reading And Creation

Nitro Reader Offers Advanced Features For PDF Reading And Creation

As a result of more popularity and usage of PDFformats these days, users are able to easily find out various PDF reader, PDF printer, and PDF creator for creating files in the PDF formats. Most of the free PDF reader, Creator and Printer are usually restrained in terms of their operations and attributes. Most versions of these, particularly PDF creator usually apply few limitations like logo, watermark on the created file. If you are searching for an effective PDF creator cum reader with comparatively less limitation with fascinating features then you should try Nitro Reader.

Nitro Reader provides more features as compared to a normal PDF reader. This free application provides complete suite of tools, which enables users to generate and convert to PDF formats along with the capability of reading these files. This application works with both windows 32 bit as well as 64 bit. Users who require an extensive PDF application, can visit the download page of Nitro Reader without filling the unnecessary information.

Nitro Reader comes with neat and clean interface, this free application contains all the features of a paid version such as full screen view, zoom in and out, navigate documents with the help of bookmark panel, view file summary like size, creation, metadata etc. Nitro Reader allows the rotation of page by 90-degrees, which enables easy reading of charts, graphs etc as they are displayed in the vertical form. The reader enables the users to complete fast preview of the PDF documents in the users’ email along with Windows explorer without having to open the actual document. Another fascinating aspect of this readership is that it provides tabbed viewing for separate PDF documents. Customers can open up as well as look at the numerous PDF documents and work among several documents inside the identical window.

Nitro Reader supplies a couple of useful resources and features in terms of PDF file development. It provides PDF file creation in more than three hundred layouts. The creation procedure is simple. Users can merely drag and drop virtually any files on the desktop icon of Nitro Reader to generate the PDF documents. Users may arrange and insert document meta-data for the PDF document, which they are intending to create.

Users are also permitted to produce remarks on the PDF documents. For example, they may add easy notes, highlight texts, increase textual content immediately onto the pages, modify pop-up records, and so forth. These features enormously enhance users’ experience by producing their particular PDF file documents. Although, it is a free software, Nitro Reader in no way jeopardizes on the safety element. This particular PDF reader can allow people to create and utilize electronic digital signature to their document while creating. Apart from this, it enables the users to consider several security methods including disabling of JavaScript to stop malevolent attacks and unlawful activity based on JavaScript.

Is Video Calling On Skype Android Phone (Galaxy S) Possible ?

A friend wanted to figure out if there is a way to make Video Calls o Skype from Galaxy S (an Android phone).

Skype has done a good job when it comes to iPhones, but unfortunately they are a long way from catching up when it comes to phones that run Android. They are still away from enabling video call function. They should take some quick measures to get video calling feature as they are losing a chunk of their market share to Tango.

They do have an app which works on Samsung Galaxy S, but the app does not support Video Calling (you can now make skype video calls from HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy provided you are on Android 2.3 ). To run Skype on Samsung Galaxy S – you need to be running Android OS 2.2 or later, you can even have the app on your phone’s SD card !

Skype has taken care of voice calls over3G, but that’s not enough if they want to stay ahead in competition, as their app seems to have limitations / problems which needs quick attention.

Make video calls from Android phones:

Tango allows users to make free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can download the apps from : Tango download.


Now Make Calls from Skype To Android Voice Calls Over 3G

Now Make Calls from Skype to Android Voice Calls Over 3G

The newly released official version of Skype App for Smartphone operating on Android has introduced free Skype-to-Skype calling enabled with the facility of very cheap internal VoIP and domestic calls. However, this is possible only for the Skype users who use Wi-Fi within the United States. Making a call through Skype Credit is much cheaper than a voice plan offered by mobile service provider, and if a caller is using 3G support, then it is sure that the option of calling on Skype can available anytime and anywhere.

The official version of Skype used for your desktop is different from that the mobile phones have.  There are several different types of Skype versions that work on android Verizon Android Devices, which works on 3G technology and does not use Wi-Fi. The calls made to mobile phones or Landline through Skype will have to go through the Verizon mobile network. However, the official application of Skype 4 Android operating system does not have any kind of restriction, and the users of United States currently can use Wi-Fi to make calls and not only 3G technology.

Despite all these safety measures, a hacker Xeudoxous has succeeded to break the Skype application for Android and now it is possible for users to call over 3G.  Now onwards, user do not require to have a wireless Internet connection or access point to get connected with Wi-Fi, in order to call on Skype.

Thus, there is no need to root your phone to the Skype 3G support with hacked version. Users can enjoy calling through Skype on Wi-Fi as well as 3G by downloading the below mentioned hacked version of Skype for their Android application: Skype.apk

Hacked version of Skype app on Android-based devices can be installed by following these simple steps:

Firstly, un-install the existing Skype app on your device by going to “Setting”-> “Applications”-> “Manage Application” and then select “Skype”. Then click on “Uninstall button” and copy the Skype.apk to SD card directory of phone. Launch an APK manager or file manager to install .apk on the Android Operating System, as Apps Installer (available in Android Market) and by using this manager, install Skype.apk. Finally, this application will be installed on your Android OS.

However, a similar software is available to download freely from CNet here, which makes your life a lot easier.


Download Wondershare Disk Manager For Free

Free License Key To Download Wondershare Disk Manager

Wondershare Disk Manager Free is a unique easy to use disk and partition manager portable tool, which has been designed for assisting both beginner and professional users. As the name clearly suggests, this tool takes care of hard drive partitions and re-structuring of Hard Disk.  This is a perfect application for manipulation virtual drives, and it boasts with comprehensive wizards to execute numerous partitions activities.

Main Features if Wondershare Disk Manager

  • Create partition
  • Resize partition
  • Recover partition
  • Hide/unhide partition
  • Delete partition
  • Convert partition
  • Copy/backup disk
  • Set partition active
  • Copy partition
  • Format partition
  • Delete all partitions

Wondershare Disk Manager is a freeware, but if you want to enjoy the complete functions, then you will have to obtain a license code. For promoting Wondershare Disk Manager, the developer company is providing the full version along with the license code free of charge.

To grab a free license you just have to go through the promotional site and register your name and email id to receive it.

Download O&O MediaRecovey For Free

Download O&O MediaRecovey with Free License Code

O&O MediaRecovery is comprehensive and easy-to-use recovery tool that is specifically designed for the recovery of the multimedia files, which have been lost due to program crash, unintentional delete, and virus attack. It allows you to recover files such as images, music tracks, songs, etc.  The O&O MediaRecovery is also helpful for recovering data from portable backup systems like USB Flash drives, Memory Cards and Digital Camera.

Features of O&O MediaRecovey:


  • Speedy seek out documents, also on huge storage volume.
  • Improved wizards for research and restoration
  • Review data before restoring them
  • Supports almost all Windows compatible devices such as Hard Disk, Memory Cards, Removable devices, Digital camera, and compact flash.
  • Also, have the ability to recover data from those storage devices, which have been damaged through malicious software.


O&O MediaRecovey costs approximately $30 if you want to purchase it. However, from the promotion point of view, the company is providing O&O MediaRecovey 4 free of cost for a limited period of time.

To obtain the copy of O&O MediaRecovey 4 at free, visit the Promotional website and enter the required information to get the License code of O&O MediaRecovey.

Download O&O MediaRecovey here.

Sometimes when we are so very engrossed in our works, there are chances of we pressing shift and delete button by mistake. Losing important data could create a lot of issues in our works. It would also mean starting those tasks again from scratch. The very idea of losing hours of hard work and efforts sounds terrifying.

If you are working on sometimes sensitive project, there are chances that you could end up losing your clients is some important data gets lost. This surely is absolute handy software that everyone must have on their systems, in order to prevent any such data lost situations.

Free Download IObit Smart Defrag Server 2010

Download IObit Smart Defrag Server 2010 Free

Smart Defrag Sever 2010 is an application developed by Iobit. It is an award winning and extensive window server defragmenter based on smart defrags technology. It comes with the capability of enhancing the efficiency and consistency of server disks.

Features of IObit Smart Defrag Server 2010:

  • Optimization of server disks.
  • Automated defragmentation of server disks.
  • Flexibility of defragmentation and scheduling.
  • Allow you to work while defragmentation process.
  • Practical optimization.

Smart Defrag Server 2010 will cost you $199.95 if you are planning to buy it. The interested users can also download the full version of Smart Defrag Server 2010 at no-cost with their IObit promotional offer.

To obtain this application for free, visit the promotional website, enter the verification code as shown in the image, and then click “Get a Free Copy” and then you will be redirected to a new webpage, there you will see a Download button.

Free Download 4Media Photo DVD Maker for Mac

Download 4Media Photo DVD Maker for Mac with Free License Key Code

4Media Photo DVD Maker is the Mac based software, which is designed by 4Media Software Studio.  It is an extensive and easy to use converter for creating DVDs by using the images. It is a cool application with which we can create personalized photo albums by using various special effects. It also gives you the option to select the quality of DVD according to our preferences.

Features of 4Media Photo DVD Maker

  • Converts the images to DVD as slideshows
  • Convert photographs to DVD folder and ISO files
  • Converts photographs with high speed.
  • Numerous photo effects to make personalized photo DVD.
  • Several parallel tasks.

4Media Photo DVD Maker costs approximately $59.9. If you are interested in obtaining this app, then you can get it for free with the promotion offers provided by the company.

To obtain a free copy then visit the promotion page and submit the details, then you will get an email that will have the free license key.

If you have an assortment of wedding photos, this application can be a very handy pool to make nice video album. You could also insert the background music by using this application.

Windows users can get all these features and more with Photo DVD Slideshow Maker software by AnvSoft.  The software is compatible with multiple image formats and can burn the albums on the news media like DVD and Blue-Ray. You could also insert MP3, WAV or WMA from a computer to create background music for the photo albums. You could easily upload the output files to your social networking accounts and share it with your friends and contacts.

However, this application is not free software, but you can get its trial version from here.

IQ-Notes as an Alternative For Windows Sticky Notes

IQ-Notes as an Alternative For Windows Sticky Notes

Quite a few users probably still recall the days of the past if they want to remain Post-It paperwork on his or her pc or even stand to remember critical messages, tasks, telephone numbers, boss’s instructions, achieving dates, things to buy, etc. A computer or perhaps desk along with notes sticking out from the display is no longer essential, however, with all the benefits of the sticky note application.

Users can easily sort his or her important notes with the sticky notes request that comes in Windows for straightforward observing and research purposes. However, your Windows Sticky Notes request has many restrictions and it is probably excessively possible for quite a few users who need to accomplish a little more.

IQ-Notes can be a substitute solution regarding people who will be trying to find a more advanced and feature-rich Sticky Note application to write down important information instantly. This sticky note program presents customers an easy copy editor to accomplish basic wording modifying such as daring text, add bullet points, etc. Apart from text message editing, people get various setting choices to arrange their particular records.

Customers can turn to the actual Note Qualities to alter the background colour of your paperwork so that it now is easier regarding consumers for you to categorize the actual notes put up on the watch’s screen. For instance, users could arrange a benefit to place of work notes, yellow-colored form of hosting information, and so on. Users could security password shield their own information and set security alarm for you to alert and inform customers to be able to remind these regarding distinct notes.


IQ-Notes are free Windows software. Users could download iQ-Notes.exe setup installation technician free of charge. Once it really is put in, customers could double click the small software symbol perfectly located at the method plate to begin developing a brand new note. This program supports English, French, German, the Spanish language, Colonial, along with Dutch ‘languages’.