Play Halo 5 for Free on Xbox One

Halo is one of the most celebrated and popular franchises in first person shooter genre of games. A lot of gamers have enjoyed the game and its story over the years, and new fans are found every day. Now, Microsoft is giving Xbox One owners the chance to play the full version of Halo 5 for free. If you have a Xbox One, all you need to do is get a Xbox live Gold subscription. You can play Halo 5 for free from June 29 to July 5.

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Top 5 Android Multiplayer games

Play Halo 5 for free on Xbox One

In this limited period offer, from June 29 to July 5, you can play Halo 5 for free. Microsoft has provided this offer to celebrate the release of the Warzone Firefight Update.

The new update will add tons of features such as a new gameplay mode, three new maps and also many other content. The new Warzone update will launch on June 29 as well.

Also, there will be more surprises that will be revealed by Microsoft in the next few days approaching Warzone Firefight’s release. Keep your fingers crossed!

Play Halo 5 for free on Xbox One

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and save the universe! What is your favorite Halo game?

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games

Game buff? Need to play with friends on your Android smartphone, but unsure which games to play or which are free? Here is a list of the top 5 Free Android Multiplayer games that you can play with your friends.  Enjoy the fun and the madness of the multiplayer experience on your Android smartphone. All the games are free and you can download them from the PlayStore. All you need is a WiFi, LAN or BlueTooth connection to play these games with your friends.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the best racing games for Android that is out there at the moment! The graphics are stunning and there are real world cars such as the Lamborghini Veneno, etc to drive. You can play with upto 8 friends in multiplayer mode. You can also use a LAN connection to play this game with your friends!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_1

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

Dungeon Hunter

If you are not into racing games, here is an action-RPG game that you can play with your friends. It has a good storyline, graphics and has one of the best co-op multiplayer modes to play with your friends.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Dungeon Hunter

Download Dungeon Hunter

Gun Bros Multiplayer

If COD is more your thing, then this is the game to play multiplayer with your friends. Check it out!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Gun Bros

Download Gun Bros Multiplayer

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

A Sci-Fi FPS game that has the most to offer for FPS fans. You can play multiplayer with upto 12-players in over 7 multiplayer modes. Download this if you want an amazing and interesting experience!

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_NOVA 3

Download NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Fun

With a 12 player multiplayer mode, play one of the best FPS games for Android on your platform! It will not disappoint you. It reminds me of the old school GTA and GTA II.

Top 5 Free Android Multiplayer Games_Blitz Brigade

Download Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Fun

Best Racing Games for iPhone and iPad

Phones and tablets have become invaluable in today’s world. Phones have evolved from simply being devices for answering phone calls to being used for everything today. One of the major activities that most users do on their phones is using it for entertainment. Most users like to play games on their handheld devices when they want to pass time. Here are a list of the best racing games for iPhone and iPad.

best racing games for iPhone and iPad

Best racing games for iPhone and iPad

1: Real Racing 3

best racing games for iPhone and iPadHave a fun time driving with Real Racing 3! Drive your car through various game modes (time trial, standard race, Time Shift Multiplayer) across some magnificently rendered racing tracks from the real world. The game is free to play!

Works with: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Cost: Free
Download it!

2: GT Racing 2

best racing games for iPhone and iPadWith real racing features and a realistic driving simulator, GT Racing 2 is dubbed the real car experience. You have over 71 licensed cars and 13 tracks to have fun with. There are different game modes like duel, knockout and overtakes. There are also the standard racing modes. Fantastic graphics and vehicle dynamics make this game a hoot!

Works with: iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free
Download it!

3: Asphalt 8: Airborne

best racing games for iPhone and iPadFly your cars across various ramps and around stumbling blocks and get airborne with Asphalt 8! With stunning aerial stunts, amazing graphics and action paced, nitro-fueled races, this is the game you would want to play. Features some of the best cars, over 180 events across 8 seasons and several game modes!

Works with: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
Cost: Free
Download it!

4: AG Drive

best racing games for iPhone and iPad_4Go on a futuristic space journey with AG drive! Challenge gravity in an elegant arcade racing game with amazing graphics and fun-tastic races. There are various game modes: time trials, elimination races on offer. Fly into outer space and explore the galaxy while racing! The game offers some action-packed races to take part in.

Works with: iPhone and iPad
Cost: $3.99
Download it!

5: Riptide GP 2

best racing games for iPhone and iPadRide the waves on Riptide GP 2! There is a career mode and online multiplayer mode with upto to 4 players. There are 9 powerful water crafts for you to race with. Customization is also featured, so trick them out as you want! Stunting, sprint races, hot laps and elimination are some of the featured modes.

Works with: iPhone and iPad
Cost: $1.99
Download it!

BONUS! Check out this game to complete your racing experience!

Red Bull Air Race

best racing games for iPhone and iPadRed Bull gives you wings. Literally. Soar high in the sky and fly some of the world’s most maneuverable aerobatic planes. Become a master of the skies and challenge other pilots. Fly over real world locations and perform death defying stunts doing so. This is the game you should get if you are a fan of aircrafts!

Works with: iPhone and iPad
Cost: Free
Download it!

So, that is our pick for the best racing games for iPhone and iPad. Which one would you like to play? Do you have any particular favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Video Games Now Linked To Creativity In Children

Many parents have long been under the impression that video games are something that kids should use only as a past time and they work hard to prevent their kids from spending ‘too much time’ on them. Studies have been done in an attempt to prove that games cause children to be more violent, less attentive, and more socially inept then others. All of those studies, along with the negative views many parents have on ‘violent games’ have made it difficult to prove the usefulness of video games, however a recent study was just released that may just change parent’s minds.

A study was conducted on children over at Michigan State University and was spearheaded by Linda Jackson, the professor of psychology at the school. The study involved five hundred 12yr old children who took the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. The Torrance Tests, often abbreviated as TTAT, are a set of commonly used tests that are administered by a trained psychologist and generally take about 90 minutes long.

The researchers found that the video games actually resulted in the children scoring higher than the children who did not play video games. This discovery was also accompanied by others. On top of the children who played video games being more creative, they found that no other type of technology interaction caused an increase in creativity; they tested internet and mobile phone usage as well. On top of this, the researchers found that the type of video game played by the children (be it violent or not) had no bearing on the positive affect that the games had on their creativity.

These researchers from Michigan University were the first to do a study that focused on the impact technology and games had on creativity and the results were astounding and yet somewhat not surprising as well.

For those curious about the specifics on the actual research done on this study then you can read the full article that was published by the Michigan State University here:

The study will be featured next year in the journal ‘Computers in Human Behaviour’ and the results bode well for the future. Undoubtedly more research will be preformed regarding this matter and hopefully the full extent to which video games affect youths will be discovered in the future. Until then parents can, without a guilty conscience, remove their children’s phones and tell them to go play video games!



OnLive Cloud Gaming Services

Online gaming has always been a popular gaming platform that has attracted thousands of players however a fairly new platform is available to gamers. This platform was released last year on June 17 and allows players to experience a wide variety of games from their computer via a cloud based gaming platform. This new platform is called OnLive and has been a godsend to gamers with low end computers and no other gaming consoles.

The whole premise behind OnLive is to allow gamers everywhere to play the games they want on their computer regardless of their computer’s capabilities. The only thing that players need to play OnLive games is a computer that will run video and an internet connection faster than, or equal to, 2Mbit/s.

What computers/devices can OnLive run on?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac computers
  • Android phones and iPhones
  • iPad tablets and Android tablets

So what games are available on OnLive?

Well, with over fifty different publishers offering their games on OnLive, there is a fairly extensive selection of games for players to choose from; from classic, to indie, and even modern games, all are available on OnLive.

Publishers include: Ubisoft, Epic Games, Warner Bros., Eidos Interactive, Take-Two, and more.

Some titles include: Assassins Creed Revelations, Saints Row The Third, L.A. NoireNBA 2K11, Red Faction, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, The Witcher, Lego Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Elements of War, Fallout 2, F.E.A.R 2 and 3, and many more titles.

So what’s the cost?

Of course this amazing service isn’t free, however gamers can rest easy knowing it doesn’t cost too much either. If a player wants to own a game they can pay a bit under retail price for most of the games, however if they simply want to rent the game they pay under ten bucks for a bit under a week.

The new games will most likely cost a bit more however some of the older games are fairly cheap and quite enjoyable to revisit!

Overall opinion of OnLive

OnLive is a unique gaming platform that allows gamers to enjoy all of the games they want from a variety of devices. Another great feature is the fact that the games are stored on cloud services ensuring that no space is taken up on the devices. For the price, this service is an excellent deal.


Improve Your Gaming Performance

Tips for Improving Gaming Performance

This information guide will assist you in case you are facing problems while playing games. Few tips in this guide will be analogous to the instructions for stepping up a computer. Nevertheless, there are a couple of tips provided that specifically enhances the games performance. However, the steps mentioned below might not be of much help, in case your computer does not have the requisite system requirements for running the games.

Registry Cleaning

You might realize that your system is becoming slower over the passage of time. This is mostly due to the registry problems, stored due to installation and uninstallation of various programs, which eventually affects the windows. To eliminate these problems it is recommended to use a registry cleaner.

Close all other Programs

If you want to increase your gaming experience then you should close all the background functions.

Turning off Anti-Aliasing

This will likely reduce your games appearance. However, it can definitely speed up your games in case, you are encountering any problems.

Lowering down the Resolution and Detail levels in Games

The games on its own have numerous video options in it. You will be able to enhance the performance merely by reducing the resolution and lowering detail levels on various things.

Turning Off Window Graphics

Turning off or reducing the windows graphics is going to significantly boost the speed of your games. This tip is beneficial for older computers. You might have to forgo some cool graphics for speed enhancement.


Defragmenting will help you to increase the space by adjusting the data efficiently on the windows. When the space on your hard disks increases it will consequently enhance the performance of the computer and in turn allows you to improve the game performance.

Cleaning of your computer

The inside structure of your computer could get dusty as the time passes by. This dust will become a hindrance in the performance of the fan and the cooling system of the PC may not function efficiently. Games produce a lot of heat as a result of the stress it applies on the CPU and video cards. This excessive heat generated while playing will certainly slow down the computer. Cleaning the PC will definitely increase the speed of the computer, which in turn will enhance the games performance.

Updated Video Driver

Many companies provide updates for their video cards, which in turn increase the video cards performance so it is recommended to update your drivers.

Memory Upgradation

Many games require large memory for their better performance so it will be better for you to increase the memory of your computer according to the requirement of the game.

For better games performance make sure that your computer has the required configuration to perform well. If your computer meets the required configuration then follow all these steps one by one. Before starting a game, close all the background functions like those in the taskbar and keep your system up to date.

Enjoy Disney Jellycar3 On Apple Devices

Latest Disney Jellycar3 Game For iPad and iPhone

This is the biggest news for the fans of JellyCar series game. The latest version of the JellyCar series has been ultimately rolled out at the app store of apple to download and install on your devices. It is a universal application so you can download and install the game on your devices like iPad or iPhone. The mechanics of the game is sufficiently creative to keep you entertained. Moreover, this version has few more features that enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In this game you have to control the jelly car and drive it through the several obstacles in search of the small stop sign. Once, you reach the stop sign, the level comes to an end. Overall, you are competing against the time or the set clock. Make sure that you have to finish each level within the prescribed timeframe to win the game and earn points. The more points you earn, the more new levels will be unlocked.

As far as the entire graphics of this latest JellyCar 3 game is concerned, you will get more vivid and interesting themes to play. The obstacles course of this new version is refined and developed with latest barriers to pass. In one level you have to fly your car with balloons and in other level you have to drive car into the foam slingshot.

The controls of the game are very easy to handle, as you just need to touch the right side of your screen to move the car forward. You need to press the left side for moving your car backwards. This is the best ever iOS device game app that can give you interesting experience of playing JellyCar game.

There is a rewind feature available to correct your mistakes committed while playing the game. However, there is a limitation of using rewind feature as you can use it only up to 10 times. Additionally, you can personalize your car type and color easily. However, customizing will not improve the performance of the car.

Our Suggestion

There are several Walt Disney games available especially for the iOS devices including JellyCar2 version. You can download other Disney games from the apple store such as Tron: Legacy, Toy story, Alice in wonderland and etc. All these games are especially designed to support iOS devices without any bug and glitch. You can avail these games directly from the Apple store or other third party websites that offer these games for download. However, the best way to download genuine games is from the official store.

How To Get 3 Stars In All Three Levels Of AngryBirds

Off late, I’ve been hooked to angry birds, and I admit it’s quite an addictive game. Angry birds is available for various platforms – for your iPhone / iPad / Android phones and those who do not have any of these gadgets, there’s nothing to worry, as it freely available for you to play on your chrome / desktop version ( too available for free.

How to get Angry Birds on Google Chrome :

To get angry birds on Google chrome visit : . Click on the Install option (you must be logged in to your Gmail account). You are done. AngryBirds  app will be installed on Chrome. The only catch is, you MUST have an active internet connection while you install the game.

Every time you wish to play the game, click open a ‘New Tab‘ and AngryBirds will be listed under apps. Those who do not wish to open a New Tab every time, this post simplifies the process.

Note: You can play AngryBirds on Chrome even if you are not connected to internet, it’s as good as playing it offline.

How To Get 3 Stars In All Three Levels Of Angry Birds:

It’s hard to figure out how to get 3 stars in all levels of AngryBirds, however iAddict00 makes your life easier. He / She has uploaded video how-tos explaining how you can get 3 stars in all levels.

You can visit iAddict’s channel here.

It is very helpful 🙂

What E3 Expo Has In Store For You This Year ?

Want to go see the latest high-tech video games, state of the art gaming equipment, and technology you’ve never even dreamed of before along with beautiful women in skimpy outfits showing you around? I bet you do. Welcome to the E3 Expo (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

The expo takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 7th-9th. This convention is a way for hundreds of companies, software developers, programmers, and video game developers to come and show off their latest products and it all revolves around computer and video games.

Some of the companies and their products that you can see here at the expo include: Majesco Entertainment with Pet Zombies 3DS and BloodRayne Betrayal XBLA; ATLUS with Catherine, Rock of Ages, ub3D, and Trine 2; Bethesda Softworks LLC with Prey 2; BGRMODS with an Illuminating Thumbstick; COG Publish Limited with War of Glory Online and hundreds of other companies with various games and devices.

The E3 expo, which is short for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, first began years ago in 1995. The very first convention featured Sony’s brand new video game system, the PlayStation (read about Sony Playstation Hack here), and was the company’s first step into the video game industry. Now you are able to find numerous other companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and many more.

So, who can go to this amazing unveiling of the latest technology and games at the expo?

Unfortunately the general public is not permitted to attend 🙁 ; only the people directly related to the gaming industry are able to go. That includes: programmers, buyers and sellers, software developers, manufacturers, researchers, media, importers and exporters, and anyone else related to this industry. You also have to prove that you are eligible to attend. There is an online application process to register and once you have been validated to attend you will receive a badge that must be shown when you arrive at the convention.

The E3 convention premiers the future of technology and games. It hosts numerous companies and has thousands of products on display. You can be sure that all of the big names in the gaming industry will be there, and hundreds of others as well. if you are one of the lucky attendees then you can expect to be blown away by the exhibitions. Unfortunately many will not be able to attend this amazing convention, but they can still view live coverage and some of the exhibits on the E3 website.

Check out the top 5 games from E3 Expo : Top 5.

Use Vacuum Magic To Easily Download Free Magical Games

Use Vacuum Magic To Easily Download Free Magical Games

Vacuum Magic one of the sweet satisfaction where the game lovers or the professional gamers drain off chocolate gratis falling from the sky and shoot it at evil bees and other equally threatening creatures. The Vacuum Magic consist suction-like vacuum mirrors. It seems baby-like movements of sucking and fulfils Freud’s theory which states that adults not at all got adequate of it.

This game is for those who like spitting and sucking. You can spit bees at other bees, if you are good and swift at sucking even you can spit at the evil bees by maintaining toxic candy. Candy sucking has requested to both females and males, where as shooting may please some primitive instinct in males seeing as our post-natal days. While in exceptional timed boss fights and challenge rounds you will get extra nutrients in the online casino form of a protective shield by swallowing other complements to the main staple.

Navigation keys are the control keys and are simple to master where as arrow keys are used to navigate movement forward and back or up and down. If you have swallowed ammo in the shape of bees or candy, Space key for fire away. Change tracks (Run away) if you don’t have anything in your mouth! Vacuum magic is simple and fun. Even though this game is open-source and free, still it is in the developmental stage. It is runs on Vista and it is downloadable. The game requirements are 3-D Video Card and 128MB RAM.

Download Vacuum Magic 0.13