Google Applies For Patent On Siri-Like Assistant

Siri has become the most popular feature about the new iPhone and this helpful assistant has spawned numerous articles, reports, and comical YouTube videos. While Siri is the most well-known virtual assistant that responds via voice commands, it is not the first, nor is it the last. Since a Siri for multiple Apple products is expected to be released sometime later this month (along with the iPad 3), competitors are scrambling to catch up.

Not one to fall behind on the latest trends, Google has officially applied for a patent on a Siri like assistant set to be released later this year (around fall quarter) for Google TV’s. The Android team, headed by engineer Amit Singhal, is working on the Google ‘Assistant’. Google Assistant isn’t just set to compete with Siri, the Android team developing it is working hard to ensure that it will go well beyond Siri.

The development of this Assistant will encompass the following:
–          Ensuring that Google Assistant will have all of the knowledge on the internet at its disposal in a format it can comprehend.
–          Personalization of Assistant thanks the research Google has done on how people interact with technology and content.
–          A voice centered engine that is mobile and is more concerned with “real life goals” as opposed to simple search results.

Another thing that is great about Google’s new Assistant is the fact that, very much unlike Siri, developers will be able to use it to create new and innovative apps to further its use in our day to day lives. Imagine the possibilities that will open up once thousands more people are allowed to work with this exciting new Assistant? Assistant is rumored to be able to integrate services such as email, Google+, YouTube, and more into mobile devices making it even more versatile.

The patent mentioned earlier was applied for by Google a few weeks ago and it was a “Siri-like” application that was targeted towards Google TV however it won’t be a surprise to anyone to know that Google will undoubtedly release Assistant for a variety of their services to gain an even bigger advantage over Siri.

Overall the new Assistant being developed by Google sounds incredibly intriguing and should open the doors for both developers and consumers alike while setting the bars high for competitors. Unfortunately an exact release date, price, and more information is not available however when any is available, an update will be posted!


Google’s Whimsical Tricks

When you think of Google you probably think of the ever helpful search engine that has some nifty tools such as a built in calculator and others. You probably don’t think of quirky tricks such as tilted screens, falling snow, and Chuck Norris jokes however those bright minds coding away at the Google HQ are showing their sense of humor by creating brand new tricks.

If you haven’t ever heard of some of the April Fool’s tricks from Google or seen any of their unmistakable doodles, then you should probably check them out when you’re done here. Google has succeeded in charming their users not only by developing a complicated algorithm for better search results, but they’ve also implemented little tricks that just brighten up your day and make you smile when you discover them.

Here we will go over some tricks from Google that will leave you dying to try them yourself and see. These aren’t all of them so if you find more later then just let us know!


Everyone loves Pacman – that little addicting game that is so difficult to stop playing and irresistible to start. Well should you ever want to waste a good hour of your time on that mindless game, you can stroll on over to Google’s Pacman machine, insert a coin, and start playing.

The game can be played here: and it appears right above the search bar. Simply start the game by clicking “Insert Coin” and start steering Pacman away from the ghosts by using your directional arrow keys. When

Flight Simulator

This is another interactive trick from Google except this one is a bit more realistic and exciting. To start the Flight Simulator simply go over to Google Earth and, if you don’t have it downloaded yet, download it. Once Google Earth is downloaded you can then enter flight mode by going to tools then clicking on “Enter Flight Simulator”.

The flight simulator lets you fly all around the world exploring new places and you can even look at businesses and buildings on your trip!


This next little trick is something that you can use to play a joke on your friends with. To activate this trick simply go to the Google search bar and type in recursion correctly. Go ahead try it!

If you didn’t notice Google continuously tries to tell you that you meant “recursion” however you’ll notice eventually that it gives the definition below it and that the actual definition of recursion is something repeating itself. Try this on your friends and see how long it takes them to figure it out!


I’ve combined these two tricks because they are very similar and not necessarily tricks, but just a neat little visual feature Google incorporates. Just go to the Google search bar and type in either one of these terms correctly. When you hit the search button you’ll see that Google has either Christmas lights or stars up at the top. Cute J

Google Gravity

Everything obeys the laws of gravity, even Google! Yes, Google has incorporated a neat new trick that will display exactly what happens when gravity takes hold of the search bar and everything else on the Google page. To find out what happens simply enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar and click on  “I’m feeling lucky”

Askew or Tilt

Don’t turn your head to read the page when you type either one of these in the search bar! Try reading the results when you search these!

Chuck Norris

Yes, even Google obeys the laws of Norris. To find out what Google has to say about this fearsome Texas Ranger star simply type his name in the search bar then hit “Im feeling lucky”. You will then be told why Google won’t search for Chuck Norris and what you should do next.


This one is pretty cute and will take a little more effort to view than the others will. If you don’t know who Nessie is then you first need to facepalm yourself then go search what the Loch Ness monster is. Now for everyone else who knows what the Loch Ness monster is you can spot this rare creature on a certain Google homepage theme – the beach theme. So how do you see Nessie? Well simply wait until 3:14 am then go check your computer and you will see the fabled monster swimming about the shores of your Google page. Instead of waiting till 3am you can always change your time settings 😉


Remember on video games where you have to type in a specific cheat code to unlock something? Well the Google Reader has the same thing. When you’re on Google Reader you need to type in this secret code to unlock a ninja (also use your arrow keys for directions): up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.


Disable Gmail Threaded Conversation View

Tips for Disabling Threaded (Grouped) Conversation View in Gmail

Email threading Or Conversation view is the pioneer feature of Gmail, the main function of this is to group the emails of the same topic collectively. Conversation view keeps the mailbox uncluttered, which otherwise will be disorganized without this feature. The email threading and grouping furthermore makes it easy for reading and replying to an email.

When Gmail made its debut way back in 2004, conversation view was mandatory without any option for turning it off or disabling the threading feature. Along with the passage of time, new features have been added in Gmail and now this is not a mandatory feature, you have the ability to disable it if you do not want email in grouped view.

Here are the steps for disabling or turning off the conversion view in Gmail.

Login to Gmail account

Go to Settings

In the General tab, find Conversation view section

Select the radio button of Conversation View Off

Click Save Changes button

The changes to the mailbox will be made immediately after following the above-mentioned procedure where the conversation view will be turned off and all the threaded messages will be split into separate messages.

Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Steps To Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Almost all apps for Android mobile are available at the Android app store, which is official place to download and install app for all Android tablets and smartphones. Unlike the iPhone, Android is a system that is completely open and doesn’t support any hacks for the app that are not available in Android app store.

Technically, all apps of Android use .apk file format. This extension indicates that the file is only meant for Android Smartphone.  This special fire format carries the applications and makes them compatible to download on the Android power devices.  However, Android app store allows users to download and install apps automatically from the store, but what about the non-mkt .apk app to download on Android powered devices.

Android powered devices don’t include any file manager and cannot be installed on double click as the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to install .apk non-market app onto the Smartphone and tablets powered by Android.  Check out the below given tweak to install .apk app.

Action 1Use APK installer to install .apk files

Android store app cannot install .apk format app directly, it is possible only after installation of the apps installer for free from the Android store.

  • Launch Android Market
  • You will get numbers of app that are developed only for installation of non-market app onto the Android market such as  FastAppInsatll, Installer, AppsInstaller, Onymous App Installer, Fast Installer, and etc, download one of them and install on your system.
  • Copy .apk file to root directory of SD card
  • Start apps installer program
  • Each app installer scans the root folder automatically from the SD card and explores the .apk files.
  • Now, tap on the particular Android app that you need to install on your device.  You will be prompted with a dialogue box to continue installation, confirm the installation.
  • Once the process is completed, user can easily use the app right from the menu.

Action 2Push Install APK apps using Android SDK on the computer

In order to install .apk format app directly from the computer to android powered devices, users don’t need to navigate to Android Market. Thus, they don’t need to associate Google account with Android device.

  • Download and Install the Android SDK on your system by simply opening the starter package to a secure location and add location to systems’ path.
  • Windows users can download USB driver and install adb by tapping on SDK Setup.exe at root of the SDK directory to raise Android SDK and AVD manager.
  • Launch the file directly from the root of the SDK directory by taping on SDK Setup.exe. From the given panel choose USB Driver Package to install.
  • Connect Android Smartphone and tablet to computer using the USB cable
  • On your android device, navigate to Settings>> Applications and enable Unknown Sources box.
  • Navigate to Settings >> SD card and phone storage and mark Disable Use for USB storage.
  • Copy .apk android setup package to your computer inside the SDK folder.
  • Open Command Prompt box
  • Execute the following command

adb install <path to the .apk file><.apk file name>

These methods to download non-market .apk apps on Android system are quite safe and easy to perform. However, there are some multi-purpose utility and file manager available that includes compatibility to install APK file onto your Android Devices such as ASTRO File Manager, AndroZip, File Manager, Android Mate, App ToolKit, EStrongs File Explorer and etc.  Users can use these applications to download .apk file format app onto their Android systems.

Resize Your Web Images With WebP encode

Reduce Your Web Images According To Your Choice

Google applications are more famous worldwide, as all the web programs developed by Google are very user-friendly and can be used by everybody, including non computer literate users too. Apart from Google being known as fast search engine, now Google has introduced one more innovation in the world of internet and announced a facility of formatting images that enable users to reduce the image bytes and size significantly on the web and it facilitate websites to load even faster than it was before.

The name of this new facility is WebP mostly pronounced as “weppy“, is a technique of compression of photographic images, which make an image more lighter in weight and it enables an image to upload or download more quickly. The WebP file reside in VP8 image data and is receptacle based on RIFF.

The WebP encode an image with prognosticate coding with same technology used at the time of compression in video by VP8 video codec system.

Google Scribe Is Very Helpful

Google Scribe Is Very Helpful

These days, everybody uses short text message when they have to convey anything through mobile phone or an email. This practice has started from the time mobiles have become a crucial part our lives and it is just brutalizing the language to speedily finish the work. To improve and enhance the typing skills of the users, Google now has introduced a new application that is called Google’s Text Completion Service, Google Scribe.

Google Scribe is created with the intention to help the users to improve their typing skills and experience with a facility of text auto-completion service, which is a Google Labs project. This is very helpful for the users who are not very proficient in typing, but the users who are expert in typing might find it a little difficult.

Google Scribe helps the users to immediately complete the phrases and text by suggesting them the words from user’s document. This in return reduces spelling mistakes. It gives suggestion which is displayed on a pop down menu and users can select the phrase or a word by clicking on the Enter button or by pressing the relevant number of a word or phrase.


Google Scribe is very helpful to enhance the typing speed and users can enhance their common vocabulary. Google Scribe gives its users the option to choose the preferred and favorite language from the Language menu displayed in the Toolbar. Users can select “On Demand” option instead of “Always“, who are having good typing skills and good command over their language.

The users of Google Chrome can include the Auto Text Completion, Google Scribe facility to their browser. Users of other browsers apart from Chrome need to Bookmarklet Google Scribe to activate this feature.  Google Scribe Bookmarklet can be dragged from web browser’s Bookmarks or Favourite toolbar via Google Scribe home page.

Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

A free web based management service called Socialize is a feature from FeedBurner’s that helps in organizing a group of participants to post and distribute updates from a blog and contents to Twitter account, and it is also used to eliminate third-party service as TweeterFeed to display the contents of the feed such as comments on Twitter and posting on the blogs.

Once a FeedBurner user subscribes the Socialize Service and activates it under the Publicize tab by adding and connecting to the Twitter account, any new contents such as comments or pages, and posts are delivered through Atom feed. RSS to FeedBurner will be tweeted on Twitter automatically as a new tweet updates.

However, sometimes, Socialize application does not work or fails to post tweets on Twitter without any specific reason. In other words, the Socialize feature by FeedBurner does not work and stops posting tweet updates on Twitter account despite the latest contents of feed have been refreshed and updated daily.

There is no solution from Google that has been provided so far for the Bloggers or Webmasters who have faced the error message, ‘Socialize not tweeting to Twitter on new feeds‘. The worse thing faced by the users is unable to delete or change their Twitter accounts which are activated using FeedBurner.

For users who encounter with the error message, ‘FeedBurner not posting to Twitter‘, should workaround or try the following to find out the solution for this issue by deactivating the Twitter

Integration and re-activate the Twitter posting:

Login to the Twitter account->Go to Settings->Connections.

Click on the “Revoke Access” link under the Google with description of “Google/Twitter Integration” to eliminate the linkage and grant the access to FeedBurner.

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Several users might have come across fascinating, distinctive, strange, humorous, or uncommon digital pictures or graphics occasionally once they browse web. They might preserve these types of pictures and utilize them as desktop wallpaper. On the other hand, occasionally pictures turn out to be useless in their PC as the users forget to include all of them as wallpaper. If you want to reduce, the steps associated with transforming the images to wallpaper, also to shorten the procedure Google chrome users are able to check out this east extension “Set Image as Wallpaper”

“Set Image as Wallpaper” is a free extension of best casino bonuses Google Chrome presently working with windows only. With the help of installation of this extension in the web browser, users will be able to by-pass the process for saving the time, and directly right click the image. Users are able to select “Set Image as Wallpaper” within the pop-up shortcut menu to get the chosen image as wallpaper.  

Users are also provided with the option to alter the format, such as if they would like to stretch, centre, or tile to set the chosen image as wallpaper. This simple procedure will definitely make it possible for users to place interesting image as wallpaper and alter it with ease.

You can download it here.

Control Flash Content in Google Chromes With Flash Control

Control Flash Content in Google Chromes With Flash Control

Several developers often put a some flash animation ingredients for example Flash intro, Flash commercials, flash fun video games, and many others to create their website more attractive as well as interesting. However, much traffic towards the website will not choose the concept. Customers will discover the flash material on the site frustrating along with troubling. To reduce the flash component from showing up in the website, Google Chrome provides consumers a filtering option through its flash content selection extension, namely FlashControl.

FlashControl is a free of charge browser extension for Google chrome, which allows customers to possess control on the display items through preventing your Adobe Flash players through filling the contents. Using this off shoot set up, customers will quickly realize there exists a control panel to every flash player as a part of website. Users can make on/off control keys on the user interface for you to allow/disallow your flash player functioning.

By default, FlashControl prevents almost all display contents from working with a website. People may manage manually while using control panel to allow the flash items. FlashControl also provide people the choice to spot certain web sites that enable flash material. People can also add these websites address with a whitelist so the internet browser expansion will not likely prevent the actual display content from these internet sites.


Usually FlashControl provides consumers an adaptable approach to manage the flash contents from the website. Customers can selectively run your flash items at their very own discretion if they need.

Try The New Google Chrome Stable 6

Try The New Google Chrome Stable 6

Most of the net surfers are very well familiar with the Google Chrome web browser, which is a WebKit LayOut Engine and it is an application framework. Recently, it has completed and celebrated its second anniversary with a new release of stable version in Google Chrome Stable 6, which is more streamlined with fast speed.

Google Chrome has been created with JavaScript and now the performance of Google Chrome has been enhanced and upgraded than before.  Now it is much more faster, than the time it was introduced, which is about two years ago.

According to latest blog of Chrome, apart from an improvement in speed, it has been introduced with new features like more customized New Tab page, better privacy controls, password manager, Autofill, HTML5 capabilities, synchronization of various settings, automatic translation, browser themes and side-by-side view.

The Google Chrome stable 6 has been added with these new improvements and features as mentioned below:

  • Improved and updated User Interface (UI).
  • Form Autofill.
  • Syncing of Autofill data and extensions.
  • Fast speed and improvement in stability.
  • Fixes Security issues.


The Google Chrome stable 6 can be downloaded from the official site of Google Chrome.  Just visit on Google Chrome website and type following URL in the address bar 6.0.472.53 to download the latest version of Google Chrome Stable 6.

Google Chrome stable 6 for Windows XP, Vista and 7
Google Chrome stable 6 for Mac
Google Chrome stable 6 for Linux