List of Software to Protect Your Child From Internet Dangers

Children are introduced to technology at a much younger age and as a result are more competent with computers and electronics than many adults. Unfortunately the dangers that await children and young teens on the internet can lead to horrific consequences and many parents deem it necessary to protect their kids until they feel that they are old enough, and responsible enough, to view certain websites.

The best way to make sure that your child or teen doesn’t go to harmful or dangerous websites is by installing a parental control program that will prevent them from entering the site. Below is a list of several programs, their effectiveness, and price.

Install / Enable Windows parental control on Windows (Free)

This program is built into any computer that uses the Windows operating system.

  1. How to install – It is already pre-installed. To activate go to “Start”, click “Control Panel”, go to “User Accounts”, click “Set up Parental Controls”. Once you are there, you can decide which user you want to set parental controls on by selecting them. You can also adjust the settings so that you can put on time limits to their web use, even restrict them from going to certain websites, and even prevent them from running certain programs on the computer.
  2. Effectiveness- It is effective for younger children, although as they get older they may easily find ways past the parental controls. Whether they manage to infiltrate your account by discovering your password (don’t write it down), if they use a proxy to bypass the controls, or they can use a password recovery program to learn the administrator password and unblock themselves.
  3. Cost- This is a free program and is standard with Windows OS. There are no fees or any other restrictions.

Download OnlineFamily Norton free to protect your children from online vulnerability (Free and Paid)

This is a free program that you have to install on your computer. It has the same basic features but it also incorporates a messaging system that notifies the parent when the child accesses a site, how long they were on it, and what they put in a query box.

  1. How to install – Go here and install. You can choose the paid program if you like the additional features it offers. There are complete instructions for installation and setup on the site.
  2. Effectiveness- this is just a little more effective than the basic windows program. It allows you to set time limits and even sends you email notifications on what your child is doing while they are online. It provides the same adjustable settings and you can customize it for each user. Unfortunately the same methods to bypass the Windows program apply to this program.
  3. Cost- This program is free and just requires you to sign up as a member. There is a paid subscription available for $49.99 that offers more features.

Download Net Nanny (Paid)

This program requires you to pay for a subscription. It offers a few more features than the previous two programs and is highly recommended amongst users for its ease of use and effectiveness.

  1. How to install – Go here and proceed to purchase the program, and then follow the guided steps that help you install it.
  2. Effectiveness – This program is excellent for social networking sites and games and makes it easy to set controls and time limits for each user. It also boasts a great user interface that is easy to use and very explanatory. Once again, a computer smart child will be able to bypass the security restrictions on this by using proxies, learning your password, or other methods.
  3. Cost- you have to pay $29.95 for 1 copy of Net Nanny. You are ensured with a 15 day 100% money back guarantee.

Other free parental control programs:

1) Windows Live Family Safety
2) Kidzui
3) K9 Web Protection

Biggest List Of Free Online Video / Audio / Text Chat Website For Strangers (Girls / Guys)

I came across a list of sites that claimed to allow you chat with strangers (girls and guys)- video / audio / text chat. I visited the sites to check if these sites were legitimate and if they did work at all.


All those who plan to visit any of these sites
“Do not visit these sites if you are at work, school, or any public place where you can be humiliated. You’ll bump into strangers who almost always are wearing nothin !!”

Here’s my list according to my preferance (My main criteria were: ease of use, number of ads, unique features and server speed):

1> Omegle by far is the simplest of these type of sites. It’s very interesting, simple and clean.

2> : I had problems loading this site. I’m not sure if it was the browser or the flash version installed or server load at the time when I tried logging in.

They also flash this message targetted at Google Chrome users:

Chrome users:
If your Flash Player crashes often, please upgrade your Chrome or try a different browser.

I was on Chrome and was lazy to fire up another browser and test it, so I’m just going by what has to say.

3> FaceBuzz – Looks decent enough. They have an integrated Facebook connect option. It is a social network, allowing unknown people to meet randomly, via voice or video chat. On FaceBuzz it’s mandatory that you need to have a webcam, as it is meant for strangers with webcams only. You have an otion to avoid obscene not safe videos, though I’m not sure what stops people from surpassing this.

Some other interesting features are that you can auto reconnect if connection is lost. Clean the chatlog, clear the chat messages if you hit on with a new stranger and a report button that lets you voice your concerns.

Though it is fairly good, I feel that there are a lot of ads, which is a bit irritating and also the slow servers don’t help much !

I guess it’s a french owned company, and you can find their blog (available only in french) here.

They do have a contact form / page:

Please contact [email protected] for any question or bug report.

Everything supplied by the user, is not property of FaceBuzz and therefore FaceBuzz is not responsible for what you will find.

You should be 18 years old to use this service.

Thank you for using FaceBuzz !

4> Rounds : Fairly good, interactive Video Chat, you can take snapshots, play real-time games, watch youtube together, share pictures, listen to music, funny web cam effects and much more while you are online !

They have a Facebook application, Social community, wave gadget and they have a chrome extension too !

5> Lolichat : The only website which has an explicit warning :

If you expose your genitals or show porn video to someone…
We must report you to the Interpol’s cyber center right away, without any warnings!
Then we will capture your video.
And we will get your IP information.

Do you agree?

One of the most interesting feature is that this website has a translator, now just in case you stumble across someone who chats in a language you don’t know, isn’t that interesting ?

Though their unprofessional Feedback email id put me off : [email protected] . GMail, a free email service really ??

Some other regular options are you can change video position, auto reconnect, clean chat log and turn off / on chat sound. This website too is only for those users who have a webcam. Without a cam there is no way you can go ahead and chat..

6> Tinychat – You can create your own or join an existing channel !!

In each channel, all those who are subscribed to that channel and are online currently will show up. To report someone you have to hover your mouse on video and option to hide / report will pop -up. Advantage of TinyChat is that they have facilities for group chat. However, make sure you are on a very fast connection when you login to TinyChat. So many windows open simultaneously might alter and reduce your browsers performance.

Even when you are in a group, you have the option to send messages to individual and if the stranger and you want to move to a private room, you can do so.

To view who’s online and chat with them you don’t need to be logged in, however, if you want to leave a comment on any channel then you need to be logged in.

A few other ‘Chat with stranger’ sites that did not impress me much, however the users probably can find something good out of them :

7> CamZap – It’s available in English, Dutch, Espanol, French, Portugese and few other languages. Click on “start / zap” if you want to chat with a new stranger.

8> Spin the cam – This one doesn’t look genuine at all. It shows a lot of girls in the members last logged in, which is really hard to believe. It’s not just a cam chat site, it is a more like a social forum. They have informatin about people who have registered with them, for ex:

You can connect with them via Facebook, twitter, google, yahoo etcs, or create an account. If you want to get hold of more information about other members on the site, sign in required. I did not bother to create an account, as the site looks fake !

9> ShufflePeople – Have to click on Start Playing once you open that webpage. When you try to start chatting initially it tries to send your information to a Facebook app and requests your permission to do so. Those who do not pay attention to these pop-up  messages, might just end up becoming a member of it on FaceBook, and your friends might get to know which site you’ve been visiting ;), which is not what you want ! To avoid such situation, when the facebook option pops up, deny it.

Once you are done with it, it flashes a message: “Sit tight we are finding a random person for you”. The slow servers force you to wait for longer than you expect.

Among other features, they have group chat option, an option to report as well. It is ad supported and you can select to stop playing once you are bugged with it.

10> Another website is CamStuble: First look, I did not like it and the reason is their title “For the attention deprived”. Assumption ! Who said only attention deprived people go online to chat with strangers !! ?

They have a forum here and a store You have group chat option as well

You can either stumble anonymously or with an identity. You can get your own identity by creating an account:

However, the site doesn’t seem to be very popular. So I’m not sure if it’s really worth the time you spend on that site.

11> College Only is another site : Even after two repeated attempts to load the website, it did not come up. May be I visited it on a wrong day !

All the services we have discussed above are browser based and they do not require you to download any software prior to start chatting with strangers. There are various adantages and disadvantages, without getting into let, lets see other different kind of services:

12> Cam frog – another service that lets you chat with strangers. However you need to download and install a software before you can start chatting with strangers.

For windows mac mobile:

For iphone and ipad:

User directory:

They have pro version available and with the pro version you can

Open multiple video windows.
Resize video windows to large sizes.
Locate what room a user is in.
Add text and cool effects to your video window.
Send files to your friends.
Remotely access your webcam from another computer to see what’s going on at your home.
IM and Room History. Keep a history of your IM conversions and rooms you joined.
Drag your contacts to the desktop to see their status when then Camfrog is closed.

You can download the pro version from :

It’s available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X. All software come with a one year subsrciption.

Another very unique service that deserves mention is :

Anybodyoutthere : AnybodyOutThere is a chat platform which helps users find the right people to talk with about what interests them.

Once you sign up you can filter results / refresh results based on your search criteria (either username and / or keyword).

The search result will list all popular topics on which the user can post, find, orgainze and personalize. One of the best platforms to catch up with strangers based on your interest !

You can see another list compiled here on FreeNuts.

Can I Enlarge An Image Without Loosing Quality

Practically it is impossible to enlarge an image without loosing its quality. In digital world everything boils down to pixels and there is no technology that can enlarge the pixels without loosing fine details. However you will find software that claim to offer loss-less image enlarging capabilities, they do a good job of enlarging the images, but they are not perfect.

Something is better than nothing. Here’s a list of few software that will do the trick of enlarging the images with relatively less quality loss :

1> Vector Magic

2> SizeFixer

3> SmillaEnlarger

4> Reshade

If you know any other software do let me know so that I can update the list.

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Bluedart Express Customer Care / Support Telephone Numbers

*Announcement* – Please write about your experience or complaints that you have against blue dart here.

*Disclaimer* – I’m in no way affiliated with BlueDart. So in case you have issues with them, please use their customer care number to contact them. Thanks for understanding.

You can track Bluedart shipment status on their main site. However, I’ve always been unlucky as when ever I enter any waybill or reference number I get ‘Tracking number invalid or numbers not found’ error.

Now there is an easier way to track the status of your shipment and that is by calling up Bluedart customer support. Here’s the list of Bluedart Customer Care / Support numbers of major cities in India :

AHMEDABAD Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 66121234
BANGALORE Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 25021234 /25231234
KOLKATA Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 22881234
CHENNAI Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 28241234 / 28271160
COIMBATORE Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 2213383 / 3164 / 7531 / 8071 / 0850 / 2200916
DELHI Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 66111234
HYDERABAD Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 6616-1234
MUMBAI Blue Dart Express Customer Care / Support Phone Number : 28241234

If the location you are looking for is not listed above, then you can use their loction finder tool : to find domestic, regional and internation location numbers.

You can also use their contact us page to find address(es), telephone/fax number(s) of the contact office(s) based on states, location or pincode or the area :

**Update (July 28th, 2011)**

How to track Blue Dart internationally or domestically within India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan:

I found these two links which will assist you in tracking your Blue Dart consignments all over the world

The consignments shipped to you can be tracked upto maximum of 45 days.

List of Working Proxy Servers

We all use proxy servers for one reason or the other. Mostly because some sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace are blocked in schools, colleges and work places. Public Proxy Servers is a site which lists all working proxies for you.

Public Proxy Servers are completely independent, in the sense they list the sites but they do not do paid listing. Some proxy sites expect a link back when you list their proxies, but Public Proxy Server does not expect that and they do not own any of the proxies listed. As a user you can be sure that the list present on the site is not a biased one in any which way. Public Proxy Servers is a free service, as they do not charge anything to access the site.

They list proxies by domain, by rating, by country, by access time, by percentage of uptime, by online time and by last tested.

So you are bound to find one proxy or the other that will work for you to unbreak the restriction imposed on you by your school or work place.

[ Visit Public Proxy Servers ]

How To Convert csv – Comma Separated Values to html – Hypertext Markup Language Online

If you have a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file and want to convert that to Hypertext Markup Language (html), then here are your options :

1> My favorite that tops this list is Zamzar, you can convert CSV to HTML for free at

2> If you want a quick, online CSV to HTML converter, then go here. The advantage of this tool is, you can convert the CSV files quickly, in real time and you have a lot of options to choose the format from. You also have an option to convert CSV to MediaWiki format.

3> If you want to download a desktop software to convert CSV to HTML then download SoftInterfaces’ CSV to HTML converter Free download.

4> If you know a bit of programming and can manage JavaScript, then download this free javascript to convert CSV to HTML. The advantage with this is, you can add your own conditions and can customize it further, where as with the other options, you’ll have to stick with what the publishers have to offer. And the catch is you have to know programming 🙂

Link to the script.

Recommended file converter: Convert Files To And From Various Formats For Free

How To Test Cross Browser Compatibility Online Freely

With so many browsers fighting to gain superiority, developing websites has become a tough task for web designers. A developer has to keep a lot of things in mind while developing a website, one of the most important concern being cross-browser compatibility.

It is very important, as a developer for you to know, what the website you are developing will look like in different browsers, as each browser does not render the same effect for the underlying code, and there will be slight changes. The same can be said about different operating systems.

To make the life of a web developer easier, there are a few websites that provide with a facility to check how the designs will appear to customers and visitors when viewed on different browsers running on a combination of different Operating Systems.

Some of the best sites for Cross-browser testing are :

1> Browser Lab from Adobe :

This is a new service rolled out from Adobe and is yet to be tested by the developer community. A lot more testing has to be done before saying anything about it.

With the Browser Labs, a developer can see what the pages / website looks like in real time, has the option to customize the test settings and the best part is integration of Dreamweaver CS4 , which lets the developer view different state of interactive pages, all in real time.

The current list of supported Browsers and OS are:

* Firefox 2.X and 3.X (Windows XP and Mac OS X)
* Internet Explorer 6.X and 7.X (Windows XP)
* Safari 3.X (Mac OS X)

2> BrowserShots : (My favorite 🙂 )

Test Cross Browser Features Online Free Firefox Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari

One of the best, and freely available service in the cross-browser testing industry with a wide range of browsers and operating systems to select from.

It takes a little while before all the screenshots are generated and you also have an option to download the screenshots on to your system. If you do not download the screenshots within 30 mins after running the query, they’ll be deleted automatically.

3> Cross Browser Testing :  Another decent service, but has limitations while using the free service as they give complete access to paid customers. If none of the above two solutions work for you, then you should make use of the free service by Cross Browser Testing.

Each free session lasts 5 mins, and if you want to run longer sessions then you have an option to upgrade to be their paid customer, where in you’ll be given a lot of priority and the sessions will last however long you want them to.

Download Free Avi Wmv Dvd Divx Movie Subtitles In English And Other Languages

Whether you are watching an Anime movie, or Greek, Chinese, or Dutch movie or even local language movies like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam, you can now download English/other language subtitles for most of the movies if you do not understand the language.

If you do not know what subtitles are, they are the printed text on the screen that run along with dialogues spoken in a movie or documentary. You may not understand dialogues in certain movies, either because the quality of sound may not be good or the movie may be in a different language, that’s when you need subtitles.

I have listed 12 sites below, from where you can download subtitles for most movies in avi, wmv, dvd, divx format.

1> Open Subtitles

2> SubScene

3> Subtitles – Images

4> Subdb

5> Divx Subtitles

6> Subtitles Box

7> Any Subs

8> Movie Subtitles

9> All Subs

10> Divx Movies Subtitles

11> Movie Subtitles

12> All 4 Divx

Monitor / Spy Whos Talking About You / Your Website/Blog Online

Recently, I was having conversations with Tom, owner of (a very humble and nice person to interact with 🙂 ), on how he is updated about his services/websites being mentioned by online media. Tom explained in detail, all the services he uses that alerts him, almost instantly, when there is a mention about him, or any of his service/s online !

Using these services you too can monitor what is being discussed about you, your website or anything that interests you:

1> To start with, there’s Google Alerts. Enter the topic you wish to monitor, it can be your website, your name or anything you want to be informed about. Select how often you to receive emails and click on create alert.

If there are updates in the Google system about the topics you have entered, you get an update mail with relevant links pointing to the source.

2> Then you can use Google BlogSearch. Search for the topic you want information about, your name, your website or anything else. The result will be sorted by relevance (you have option to sort by date as well), and you can subscribe to the results via RSS. Check the Subscribe option in the left sidebar.

3> Similarly you can use Technorati – You have an option to subscribe to the search results.

4> Finally, there is a new website by Tom, which he actually uses to find social media mentions of his sites, but you can use this for any other websites or even just search for topics that interest you:

Very Recent is designed to be a simple tool for tracking your site’s mentions via social media websites, blog search, news search, etc… and can also be a simple tool for doing competitive research and/or brand monitoring.

[ Visit VeryRecent ]