Escape Asterisk in Shell script


You need to quote the variable reference as well:

Ex 1:

me$ FOO=”BAR * BAR”
me$ echo “$FOO”

Ex 2:

echo “$FOO”

Ex 3:

queryString=”INSERT OVERWRITE LOCAL ‘/usr/local/testTemp/test’ DIRECTORY SELECT * FROM test24 limit 5;”

echo “$queryString”


Disable Auto Face Recognition Feature – Facebook Is Making Stalkers Job Easier!

Facebook, the online social networking site, has added a new feature that takes your privacy and throws it out the window. There is an auto facial recognition feature that is ON by default. Unfortunately there are a lot of issues with this and they completely outweigh any positive points that this feature may have.

First off, this feature is ON by default. I personally know that my parents are TERRIBLE at adjusting the privacy settings for Facebook and the fact that this is on by default means that millions of people who DON’T want to have their face stored in Facebook’s database for recognition will have go figure out how to go turn it OFF. For the average person it should be fairly easy, but I know numerous people who just aren’t that great with computers. Those who aren’t computer literate will likely leave this feature on because they don’t understand, or don’t know how to remove it.

Secondly, this is a godsend for stalkers of any kind. All they have to do is just take a picture of someone they want, upload it on Facebook, and voila! There is all of their targets personal information! Being able to identify people without another person’s consent is a complete violation of the personal information that millions of people have entrusted to Facebook.

Are there any positive features about this auto facial recognition?

Yes of course. Now when you are uploading pictures you no longer have to tag people manually! That extra few seconds spent on each picture is now yours!

Unfortunately if you want this feature gone you’ll have to manually disable it.

How can I manually disable Auto Face recognition feature on Facebook?

You can do that by going to your Facebook page, go to Account then click the ‘Privacy Settings’ option. Once there, click ‘Customize Settings’. Once you’ve done that, scroll down and go to the ‘Things others share’ section. Click ‘Edit Settings’ next to the spot where it states the feature will use a comparison of photos to tag you in new photos.  Switch this section from ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’.  Should you decide to change your mind later on, then simply follow those same steps and switch it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Enabled’.

For a much easier way to learn how to disable this auto recognition feature, you can view the short video below.


Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Improve Your Abilities By Getting Training Videos And Free Software Tutorials From Vtc

Most of the times, your job needs you to be familiar with a latest programming language, or else you have to use some latest software application for that very purpose. However, you have to pay money for gaining knowledge in these new skills at the training centers, especially if your company doesn’t allocate your allowances.

It is safe for you to save some money particularly in this economic disaster, and you can do this with VTC (Virtual Training Company). VTC is a free online instructor which fulfills you with the free software training videos and tutorials which allow you to discover DIY technique.

Users who wish to study on how to make use of software, or the ones who wants to learn latest programming languages, can go through VTC’s online video documentation. There are lots of video tutorials classified into different subjects for example audio, animation 3D, bundles, certification, business applications, graphics & page layout, database, internet & web design, operating system, multimedia, security, programming, networking, etc that offers you a virtual guidance for studies.

In order to get these free online video tutorials you have to sign-up to VTC. You must fill in all the appropriate fields in the sign up page. After that you have to put the correct “FileMaker Promotional Code”. For successful registration process, input “u5atr3alvtcfr33? (without quotes).

Users can have the benefit of free access to these training video clips for one week. Grab the opportunity to become skilled in these significant talents, and improve your resume, or pick up your market importance without having to lighten your pockets.

Grammar Tips For Writers, Bloggers And Authors And TOEFL Tests Good Practice

Clif, every now and then pitches in to correct the mistakes in articles I write, which helps me improve my writing skills. Today, he pointed me to a link, where he has compiled and organized URLs from different websites, which has grammar tips for writers, bloggers and authors. A few links to good practice tips for TOEFL tests are also included.

The topics include, but are not limited:

1> How to use Title Case,

2> General Capitalization,

3> Extended rules for using Commas,

4> How to Cut clutter and use only words you need to use,

5> Difference between – “As” versus “Because” or “Since” ; “Maybe vs May be”; “Can vs Could”;

6> Forms of “to be”, etc.

Visit this link for more details.

For those who are interested, you can visit Clif’s Freeware Wiki website here.

And if you have kids at home, then here are some tips to accelerate the process of learning alphabets.

Looking to work from home as a writer in Bangalore / Mysore, drop a mail and I can help you a bit.

Can We Resubmit / Force Robots.txt To Be Updated ?

If you are new to ‘webmaster’ing, one of the first things you should be aware of – is of robots.txt. For a starter who is figuring what robots.txt is, these two links will give you fair idea about it: link 1 and link 2.

When you discuss the advantages of robots.txt, different people have different views: some think it’s a very good idea to have robots.txt on their site, while others opine it’s not all that necessary. As they say, it’s to each his own. If you believe that having a robots.txt file on your domain will give you an edge, then go ahead and direct the Search Engine Bots what they should index and what they should exclude. If you are not concerned about everything on your server being indexed, then don’t bother using one. If you ask my personal opinion, I’d say, just for the heck of it have one, even if you want everything on your server to be indexed.

=> This link will give you some insight to advantages of robots.txt.

If you are wondering what possibly can go wrong with one ‘robots.txt’ file, then continue reading:

I had never put up a good robots.txt and one fine day I decided to put up one – Mistake !

Instead of carefully handcrafting a good robots.txt file, I decided to just randomly pick some code which was freely floating around on web, saved it in a text file named robots.txt and uploaded it onto the server- Big Mistake !!

So here’s what exactly happened:

Techbuzz is built on php, and the code which I found was blocking all the ‘.php’ files, as it was custom built for ‘.html’ sites. I overlooked this factor and went ahead. And the price I had to pay for it was: I lost more than 50% of my traffic in less than 24 hours !!

Luckily, Chibcha and Webado pitched in and their suggestions helped me regain a significant portion of the lost traffic.

Lesson’s I learnt from this mistake:

  • Don’t mess with robots.txt without complete knowledge ! Read the links given above, they’ll give significant idea about robots.txt, and then create a tailor made robots.txt to suit your website requirements.
  • There is no way to Re-Submit your robots.txt file.
  • You cannot force update your robots.txt file once they have been crawled.
  • Most importantly- you do not SUBMIT robots.txt file, instead the bots read them during every crawl-cycle!
  • If you end up screwing your robots.txt file, then the only best thing you can do is- create a new robots.txt file which is good to save your site, upload it to replace the older robots.txt and wait till the spiders crawl your site and update their database with the latest file. There is no fixed time when they crawl your site (it was around 24hrs in my websites case and another 24 hours before changes were noticeable), but there is no set time scale as such ! You may be lucky to get the traffic back, or just a bit unlucky to loose the traffic (I was lucky to regain the positions), but you really have to research what’s the wait period before you get back all your traffic.
  • The robots.txt file behave very differently than I expected them to: You’ll be surprised to see that most of your URL’s will still be indexed even if you ban the Robots.txt from crawling your website. It only prevents the content found on those URLs from being indexed (Ref: Webado) !

I guess by now you have enough information that’ll protect your website from any ‘robots.txt’ malfunction.

I’m no expert, but just an experienced webmaster. If there are any doubts regarding ‘robots.txt‘ please do drop a comment. I’ll answer if I have any idea about it, or point you to a solution at the least!

Browser War: Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Vs Mozilla Firefox

Is Google’s Chrome browser competing with Internet Explorer and Firefox ? Browser war: Which is the most preferred browser : Chrome / Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

Web browser you use is very crucial as that’s your gateway to chat, mail, search, shop, bank, read news and watch videos online. The browser war was always dominated by Internet Explorer for a real long time, though it is not the only best browser available, their marketing strategy had kept it ahead in the race so long. But, the statistics today has a different story to tell all together.

The browsers domain is saturated, with some of the best companies fighting for every bit of market share. The latest addition in the browsers section is Google’s Chrome.

Google introduced Google chrome browser with many advanced features like:

  • Google chrome is designed such that it is quick to start up with our computer.
  • It  is simple and clear.
  • Chrome is designed to include greater efficiency and ease of use.
  • It is more secure on the web as it has built-in protection.
  • The soul moto is to provide enjoyable browsing experience.

As Internet Explorer and Firefox were the leading web browsers when Chrome was released and to compete with them Google released an open source web browser engine Chromium. You can download Chromium code from here.

A web browser should provide good platform to the users and user friendly to get on with their things.

Keeping all these requirements in view Google launched Chrome with a more powerful JavaScript engine. It has additional “isolated” tabs feature to avoid collapse between browsers.

Google Chrome is built to add more value for users, to help them with viewing web information, related search, purchasing things and to work online.

What is the story behind Chrome ? Watch this video :

So who is the leader at this point ? Who won the race ? Which browser is better ? Guess this picture gives you basic insight to the above questions:

The statistics in the image above points out that Firefox is winner by a margin, with IE 8.0 almost catching up with it, and Google Chrome too has a significant chunk. If you consider all the versions of Internet Explorer, then IE wins by a margin, however, the popularity of Chrome has significantly increased in the recent past and it is a very tough competitor considering the time it has been available for.

We have to wait and see when it takes over the market, if at all it does !

Xbox 360, Sony PS3 Or Wii – Which One Has Maximum Sales

It is not astonishing that the Xbox has bagged the top position on its sales considering the superior quality that it brings out. This has enabled it to over-power Sony PS3 and Wii, shooting to the top position of gaming consoles. Latest Microsoft reports say that sales have surpassed 3.5 million units until October and has been on a steady increase even after that. It has managed to maintain the same position for 5 months now.

This constant increase depends mainly on the availability of the gaming software. It is also the area where Microsoft has earned bonus points over others, because it has 6 out of the top 10 console games obtained for the month, along with such popular games like Halo: Reach and Fable111. This is enough to show that without sufficient software even the best of gaming stations can take a back seat.

If this is the status of gaming hardware[ a downfall], the gaming software on the other hand is on a rapid increase of sales and with Microsoft holding most of the top gaming softwares, Xbox can be at no other position than the top. In gaming, the user always looks for more thrilling games which is proved in the greatest Call of Duty: Black Ops. Xbox 360 supposedly gathered 59% of the Black Ops market in comparison to the 36% of PS3.

Sony and Nintendo have more cause to worry for the tough competition thrown by Xbox 360 Kinect’s popularity. And unless they can come up with better ideas, Microsoft has all the chances of remaining at the top. In October, the sales were prominent with Microsoft at 325000 units against 250000 units of PS3 and 232000 units of Nintendo Wii, speaking volumes for itself.

This result makes Microsoft the only console to have sold more units every successful year. It is important to note that these figures have been obtained before the launch of Xbox 360 Kinect which claimed to have sold over 1 million units in one day. The competition gets tougher with the approach of Christmas, for the new releases by Xbox360 Kinect and Sony PlayStation More, will determine their positions too.

On the whole, sales of video game hardware all over the industry has fallen by 26% to $280 million for October, while video gaming software sales have risen by 6% and accessory sales have shot up by 18% to reach a target of $142 million. Constant updates can be obtained through Twitter and Facebook Fan page.

Check the top ten games for the month of October !

What Is The Difference Between Regedit.exe And Regedit32.exe

Basic Differences Between Regedit.exe And Regedit32

Have you ever faced the problem with registry while using the Windows operating system? If yes, then I am sure you might have searched for online help in order to troubleshoot the problem.

There are many online help resources available with which you can and solve this kind of problem. Some may prompt towards the running the Register Editor by using either the ‘Regedit’ or ‘Regedt32’.

When you look at the technical aspects both the commands run the Registry Editor in Windows operating system.

What exactly is the difference between the two commands?

Which one should be used for better solution?

Read this bit of info to get the answer. Basically both the Regedit and Regedt32 commands are .exe files that are used for editing the system registry, and these are included in the Windows NT based operating system.

If you are using the higher versions of windows i.e. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 etc. both the commands work in the similar fashion. According to studies it has been observed that in the Windows operating systems released prior to the Windows 2000, Regedit had some limitations, and it wasn’t considered as great as Regedt32.

When you consider the Regedt32.exe, it has the capabilities of full ACL modification on all registry entries and it has REG_MULTI_SZ registry data support. In case of Regedit it is essentially used for search purpose. You can find an article written and published by Microsoft which clearly explains the difference between the two exe commands.

Here are some of the basic differences between Regedit.exe and Regedt32.exe when you use different Windows based operating systems.

Windows NT 3.X

Regedit.exe – this is basically a 16-bit registration editor to be used with 16-bit Windows, it is included in the Windows NT which is compatible with earlier 16-bit applications. The main purpose of this command is to modify the Windows registration database. You can locate the database in the Windows directory by name Reg.dat. The database essentially contains all the info regarding the 16-bit applications and this is used by the file manager for opening and printing the files.

Regedt32.exe – this is basically a configuration editor for Windows NT. You can use this command to alter the Windows NT registry or configuration database of Windows NT. With the help of this command you can view or modify the Windows NT registry. This editor gives you a clear view of Windows which is the sections of the registry.

When you see the Windows page there are two columns on the left you will find folders which are the registry keys and on the right hand side you will find values that are linked to the registry keys. You need to be very cautious while you use the command to change the registry, as any incorrect entry or modification can lead to severe damage to the Windows NT installation.

Windows NT 4.0 And Windows 2000

Regedit.exe – this command is included in the Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. In these operation systems the command is primarily used for searching purpose. The command has the capability of changing the Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 registry. There are certain disadvantages associated with the Regedit.exe such as:

There is no provision for setting the security for registry keys. The command does not allow you to view, search or edit the data type values such as REG_EXPAND_SZ and REG_MULTI_SZ. If at all you try to view the values, the Regedit.exe displays the values as binary.
The command does not allow you to save or restore keys as hive files.

Regedt32.exe – this is a configuration editor for the above said operating systems. This command is used normally to alter the configuration database of Windows NT or the registry. With this you can even view or modify the system registry.

Most Important Black Hat SEO Tricks Bloggers Should Avoid

9 SEO Black Hat Tricks That You Should Refrain From Attempting

SEO is everything for any web master who is looking for more traffic. SEO can either put you at the top of every search engines are or at the worst position of any search engines. The most important thing in SEO as recommended by the experts is Blogging. You may find lots of tricks about Black Hat SEO, but do not Try to follow them, because they get your blog or website banned forever.

There are certain tricks of Black Hat SEO that may ruin your future forever, and those are mentioned below:

  • Cloaking: As the word says, it means deceiving. Whenever you try to fool any search engines that means you are cloaking, and in return the actions that are taken by the search engines are quite serious and severe. If you show something to the user and something else to search engines then that mean you are cloaking. If you are planning to get banned by search engines then this is the best way to do it.
  • Contents duplicity: there are myriads of Bloggers who think that if they post same thing in pages more than once then they will get a high Alexa rank. What they don’t understand is that any search engines are much smarter than any bloggers. So it advised not to deceive, cheat or to exploit the TOS of any search engines via any means.
  • Auto generated contents: these days there are loads of software available which will write for you. Taking the help of those software or scripts so as to rewrite any copied text is much worse than duplicity. If any Blogger want to have a prosperous future with Adsense, then try to make unique articles, and that will only be possible when humans write them.
  • Having irrelevant keywords: now this is very important. The keyword in your post gives the address and summary of your post. It helps the search engine where your post is and what your post is really about. Try not to repeat your keyword many times. Be honest and try to mention relevant keywords for your post. If you do so then your PR, Alexa rank and traffic, everything be sky rocketing.
  • Spam links: spam sites are good for nothing. Every search engines have a serious concern about spam sites and have taken necessary steps against it. If you try to link any spam sites, then according to search engines you are their friends, and you will be treated the same way as them. Your site will be a spam listing too, and to be honest your future of making money through Blogging will be over.
  • Hidden keywords: Hiding Keywords is a foolish thing to do. There is no logic or any minimum sense behind doing this. There are many bloggers who puts background colour to the text so as to hide. According to SEO this process is called front-matching or keyword stuffing. This is really a serious issue and if you are caught, you will be banned without any notices or warnings.
  • Title stacking: always try to be to the point. Many search engines don’t like the idea of putting more than one head title for a single post. Whereas there are many bloggers who puts title more than once to get high Alexa ranks but that is wrong idea. The only way a blog post gets high traffic and rank is because of uniqueness and quality stuff that contains in the post.
  • Do not try to distribute viruses: You might even not know that the software you are promoting as an ad in your post might contain some virus. So make sure you check all the software that you distribute through your post. Make sure that your hosting has a secure security system to protect any attack from spammers. This step is very necessary because this might ban your site even though you are not solely responsible. Make the security tight and your future will be bright.
  • Fake door pages: There are many bloggers who use their door pages as fake. What happens by this is that if a user wants to enter to their desired page, they can’t and instead they are directed to some other pages. This is one of the worst things to do because this will make your traffics value zero and thus your site value will be nil.

What Are The Benefits Of CSS Templates ?

Benefits of CSS Templates

There are lots of pros and cons of CSS templates, but the pros are primarily discussed in this article. Schematic table based designs are lagging way behind than CSS templates for development of the websites. Using of CSS templates are being recommended by most of the WWW (World Wide Web) companies. In the very first place, to design a web tables are not recommended and thus the table based designs are going to be replaced by CSS templates.

The pros of CSS templates are mention below:

CSS Flexibility:

Coding and presentation in the CSS layout are separated. For the website there is an external style sheets, if any designers make any change or improve the layout through the style sheet, then the following pages will also update accordingly. Let us suppose that to manage the appearance of padding, paragraph and margins a simple class is used for paragraph. Now if any designers have to change its appearance, then updating the style-sheets only will make the changes for all the other pages. Thus a CSS template is so flexible that the designers can save their valuable time and use that for productivity.

Rendering of CSS Codes:

The volume of codes required for table based design of websites was much, much higher than what is required for CSS layouts. Thus the reduction of codes gives a host of advantages for the users, making the performance of the website higher and simpler. There are many users who have dial up connection rather than broadband, so the reduction helps those users to load their WebPages faster. With the help of the CSS templates, the size has also been reduced, which reduces the time of loading of WebPages, making it quick and efficient in working

CSS Accessibility:

The main field on which any designers give more importance is accessibility, so that the user can interpret the WebPages properly and efficiently. It will be very difficult for any users to read and understand, with the screen reader, a webpage designed based on table and it is quite impossible to get the logic out of it.

No one can even imagine reading the tables column by column whereas there are table inside of another table. This is the problem not only to and the user, but also for the developers. If a developer misses out something from that table then he will be dammed to find that mistake. CSS templates make this work simple, logical and understandable by all.