Entrepreneur With A Start Up Business Plan – Head To Rock The Post

Social networking often brings to mind Facebook, Google +, or some other similar website where you connect with friends and family. Not many people think about connecting with people who need time, money, and the support of other helpful individuals to accomplish great tasks, but a new business social networking site called Rock The Post is about to change this.

Rock The Post takes volunteering, donating and investing to the next level and integrates it with social networking and blogging. Instead of people asking for donations and volunteers at stores and street corners, they are now able to share their story to thousands and thousands of people via a post on Rock The Post. The people at Rock The Post can then choose to donate their time (or money) to the person’s cause and become a part of something greater.

There are many successful stories on Rock The Post and a multitude of posts that were recognized, donated to, and closed due to the completion of the projects. Some posts are heartbreaking and pull at every fiber of humanity for people to assist, others are innovative and inspire people to donate / invest as they realize it will be great, and many posts are a combination of the two. One man on Rock The Post simply needed a life coach or a consoler to talk with him and help him figure out some things in his life, another post was a request for money to help get a brewing company started, and yet another was on a woman with M.S who needed some funds for a blog to support her family.

To join Rock The Post you simply have to complete a short registration and you are accepted – no fees or other miscellaneous questionnaires. Once you are registered you can then create your own post, speak about your business plan and request help, or you can browse through the multitude of others and assist a person in need.

The truly magical thing about Rock The Post is that there is no set donation amount. Even if you just donate a dollar to help these individuals, it lets them know that there are others out there who believe in them and who want them to succeed. Additionally your time is far more valuable and you can be part of something great by volunteering an hour or two to another individual.

At Rock The Post every minute volunteered, every penny donated, means the world to someone and can change their lives forever. To find out more about Rock The Post, view some of the posts on their site, or register, go to their website here: Rock The Post .

Google Music Now Up And Running

Google is well known for bringing innovative services to its consumers and while it has its flops, such as Google Plus and others, it will often times bring forth some truly amazing sites for consumers. Google Music is one such site.

Earlier this year Google announced that it would have its new project being tested in Beta stages. Its project, now known as Google Music, was a way for consumers to not only store their music in cloud storage, but also for them to get in touch with artists around the world in a simple and effective interface. Google Music was also aimed to help aspiring artists connected directly to their fans by publishing their own music and marketing themselves. Now Google Music has emerged from its beta testing and is a fully functional music phenomenon.

With wireless devices galore and no time to spare, people often find it a hassle to transfer their favorite music from one device to another over and over and over again. Google Music is aimed at simplifying this process. It allows consumers to store up to 20,000 songs up in their cloud storage and will automatically sync devices to the cloud so the music can be accessed from anywhere at any time!

If free cloud storage wasn’t enough of an incentive, then perhaps the sheer selection of music will be. Google Music offers one of the largest selections of music for consumers to listen to and purchase (at incredibly affordable prices). With thirteen million different songs for people to choose from, there are occasionally songs that are not available there so Google Music allows people to upload all of their songs to complete their music collection.

Another unique feature about Google Music is the fact that Google has managed to get some incredibly exclusive music recorded by popular artists that can only be found on Google Music. As part of their grand premier of Google Music you can find never before heard music from live concerts of The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhyme, and even new music from Pearl Jam and many more!

Last but not least Google Music provides a place for upcoming artists to bypass recording companies and connect directly to their fans. Google Music allows these artists to create and design their own artist page and promote their music either for free or for a profit! If the artists decide to charge, then they can set their own prices.

Overall Google Music is truly an innovative service. Not only are a majority of the features free, but those that do cost are incredibly affordable and worth the price! Now that Google Music is out of beta stages consumers everywhere can enjoy this fantastic combination of music, affordability, and innovation.

Amazon Turk – Slave Work Or Good Money

Making money online is most peoples dream; staying at home, sitting at their computer in their P.J’s and making a profit is the dream life. Thankfully if you’ve got the skills you can do just that! There are a wide variety of sites out there that enable you to use your talents and work from home; freelance sites such as Digital Point, Freelancer, oDesk, and many more. Another site that allows you to make money online is Amazon Turk.

Amazon Turk is a site where people can both request jobs (known as HITs), and perform these HITs. There are many pages of different HITs that a requester can accept and they can view any qualifications needed, the price, and a brief description of the HIT before you accept it. Another thing that is predetermined is the time allotted to complete the HIT. Sounds like a decent set up right? Well there is a catch.

You see, these jobs, or HITs, are generally something really small and menial. The people who post these jobs are mostly businesses who are looking to get some cheap work and who pay pennies for the HITs. Some hits include something like transcribing a simple video or copying text from a photocopy just for a few cents which doesn’t seem like much however you really need to look at the overall hourly rate.

If you do a HIT that is takes only two minutes to do but that you get paid just five cents for, that’s only $1.50 per hour! And what’s crazy, is that tons of people do these incredibly cheap HITs for a bit of spare cash. More and more businesses are turning to this service as a way to outsource menial and repetitive work at a mere fraction of what they would make paying their regular employees.

So can you make any good money on Amazon Turk? Of course, in fact there are actually a few people who make a decent amount of money off of HITs because they have a system that allows them to quickly analyze whether a HIT is worth it or not. On top of that they find the ‘good’ HITs that are worth a few dollars and immediately take them.

Find out more about Amazon Turk here at their website: https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome

Create a Group Email Address Directly from Your Inbox

Mailing lists are a great way to keep in touch with groups of people. Unfortunately, creating a new mailing list isn’t always easy. For small groups, like family, friends, or a sports team, we often resort to long reply-all chains rather than taking the time to set up a list. Fiesta (fiesta.cc) is a new service that aims to change that, by making it super simple to create mailing lists.

To create a list using fiesta, just send an email to the members of your list and CC the name you’d like to use. For example, to create alist for your family, send an email to the group and CC [email protected]. For your soccer team, use [email protected] instead -you can use any list name you want. The list will be created as soonas you send your email, but you’re able to add or remove members atany time.

The really cool thing is that fiesta ties the name of your list to the sending address. That means that you don’t need to worry aboutregistering a unique list name – your [email protected] list is different than everyone else’s [email protected] list.

This service isn’t great for one-to-many lists, as any member of the group is able to send mail to the list. It’s perfect for private group communication, though, like for families, sports teams, clubs, or businesses.

Web On The Move – Which Internet Gadget Should I Buy ?

Web on the Move

Thanks to modern technology we can all stay connected to the web while we’re on the move. Mobile broadband has transformed the way many of us stay online and with services becoming better all the time there has never been a more suitable way of enjoying what the web has to offer.

Picking the right device to stay mobile with though can be a little trickier. There are now so many different gadgets that allow you to connect to the web on the move that deciding on the right option is difficult.

Which device for me?

In the last few years, the development of the smartphone has become a major force when it comes to people staying connected to the web on the move. Modern smartphones are ideally suited to getting online, as many are now as powerful as some of the full size computers we used to use. The downside is that they’re quite small, so if you need a keyboard and screen to stay productive then this could be awkward.

However, thanks to the increased competition in the marketplace, this has also meant that laptops have come down in price dramatically over the last few years. The great thing about a conventional laptop is that it gives you the extra freedom of a larger working area, so if you need a machine that will allow you to get things done quickly and easily then this can be a better way to go.

Consider too one of the many netbook deals that are on offer these days. This smaller version of the laptop will often come with slightly less power and specification than a traditional laptop but makes up for that with a design that is more suitable to staying connected on the move. In particular, you’ll find that they weigh a lot less and that’s a real bonus if you’re travelling with one.

Another option

The other route that is proving to be increasingly popular is that of the tablet computer, which first appeared on the technology scene when Apple released its original iPad device. This is something that has been designed with the traveller in mind as they’re light and functional but also offer all of the benefits of mobile internet on the move.

Of course, Apple devices are not cheap to buy, but the good news is that there has been a wealth of rival tablets released onto the market and many of them make for an ideal purchase if you want to stay connected. Lookout for tablets that run the Google Android operating system as this has a proven track record for reliability and features while also being installed on many of the cheaper models.

Which one to buy?

Before you buy any mobile internet gadget though, it’s perhaps best to first decide what you want to use it for. If you’re simply browsing the web on the go then a great deal on a smartphone running Android makes a good bet. However, if you need to be productive on your travels then either a netbook or a tablet device is an ideal option too.

No matter what you buy though, the good news is that there are now more deals around than ever, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get connected and save some money too.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of broadbandgenie.co.uk and mobilephonegenie.co.uk, the independent comparison websites for cheap mobile broadband and best smartphone deals.

Delete Older Blogs From Blogger Account

Delete Older Blogs From Blogger Account

Bloggers can create and post many blogs as there is no limit on it. If excessive blogs are clogging-up a blogger’s dashboard, then managing the new blogs may become inconvenient and difficult.

Generally, this occurs when a new blog is ready to be either edited or posted. However the cause could be anything, but there might be a requirement to remove few older blogs from your blogger account.

Few simple steps to remove blogs out of the blogger account are as follows:

  • Login to blogger account with your login information.

  • Now, on the “blogger dashboard”, select on: “settings” tab.

Users can also try selecting on either “New Post” or “Customize” tab in the Navigation-Bar while viewing the blogs to be erased. In such cases, select on “settings” tab.

  • Now, select on the “delete blog” button on the top right corner of basic settings window page.

  • Now, select on “Delete This Blog” button to affirm the permanent removal or deletion of this blog from bloggers account.

Note: Before Deletion of the Blogs make note to save those blogs by downloading them on your local computer systems. There is an option provided to Export blogs on navigation bar with “Export it” button and the exported blogs are available in “.XML” format.

Search Engine To Search For Just PDF Files

Free Dedicated Web Search Engines to Locate PDF files only

Nowadays, most of the enlightening tutorials, magazines, e-books appear in Pdf formatted files. These Pdf files are mostly being utilized worldwide as they are quick, convenient and safe.

Due to the ongoing rise or demand of these Pdf files on web, frequently newer Pdf search-engines are getting established. Pdf search engines are the only committed “search engines” to locate Pdf files.

Individuals cannot get any other files from these Pdf search engines, because their database accumulates information only about Pdf files and downloads web-links that are PDF based.

Hereafter individuals do not have to rely only on other web-search-engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Start utilizing these Pdf format based web search-engines to locate PDF files quickly.

One among the best PDF file locator is “P.D.F Search-Engine”. It is completely devoted to Pdf files, e-books and PDF document related search locator.

It has a huge database of at least 2, 85,000,000 E-books and is continuing to add numerous files to its album each day. It’s very unusual for not getting PDF files on PDF search-engines.

Individuals are just required to type in the values or name of the Pdf file that they are trying to locate and click on the “Search-Books” option. It will automatically display the catalog of search leads.

Users can either wish to download PDF files and save them as html files or PDF file for future use. Theirs no limit on downloading the number of files, so users can download any number of files

Googles E-BookStore And Apps For Android And Apple Devices

The eagerly awaited release of Google’s electronic bookstore is here at last! It will now be available in the US from a latest Google eBookstore which enables users to read and purchase e-books. Since the name is Google, you can certainly expect most of the great publishers as Penguin, Macmillan, Simon and Schuster, Hachette Book group and Harper Collins, to put their books on the stands.

With the brand name Google, this search giant brings to you much better offers than the regular eBookstore. To begin with, this great service provider depends on Cloud technology, where you can read any of your books with the help of any device which can give you an internet connection. Reading, and buying as well as storing e-Book is made possible in the cloud and accessing your e-Book collection would be just as simple as your messages in gmail or photos in Picasa with a password-protected Google account.

Google e-Books are compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Web Browsers and many supported eReaders. Then Google has stated that free apps for Android and Apple devices can be obtained in addition to the full featured web reader. This permits readers to shop and read on the go. Also, users have a choice to either purchase the e-Books right from Google or from other private bookstores and retailers. Of course, these outlets must have a prior understanding with Google. Then Google assures you of enjoying the same benefits and usage rights, irrespective of where you purchase e-Books.

Right after the release of Google’s eBookstore, news is out that Amazon too is all ready to release a web-only version of its Kindle app, enabling its customers from its Kindle eBookstore to access books from web browsers. it also has ideas of offering free apps to its users not only on Kindle e-readers but also for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices etc. e-Books at the Google new store cost approximately the same as the other stores, charging between $9.99 and $14.99. This just shows how prepared e-Books are for a high level technology boost.

Tough competition is bound to make e-Book reading better and easily accessible. A sincere reader would have no problem if he would not have to make choices regarding Google e-Books. You can browse and search through the biggest e-books collection in the world with more than 3 million titles to choose from. You have them on sale too! Let’s say best sellers like James Patterson’s Cross Fire; Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, or evergreen classics like Gulliver Travels or Great Expectations, any title you just name it and you have it right there!

You have various devices that are adaptable t Google e-Books –everything from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smart phones reachable to the e-readers. You can search, purchase new books from any of their partners [private] as Powell’s Alibris and members of the American Booksellers Association and keep them all on the same shelf regardless of where you got them from.

Google Books have grown well and wide since they first established in 2004, and have successfully digitalized over 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers more than 40 libraries in over 100 countries and more than 400 languages ever since! They have set out to direct competitors to Amazon’s Kindle Store and Apple’s iBookstore. Earlier, there were rumors that Google files were not readable on the Kindle. In fact they are readable but with a slight conversion!

Free, Temporary, Private Cell Phone Mobile Phone Number

Disposable Virtual Phone Number To Safe Guard Your Personal Number

Giving away your personal number to an unknown person or someone, who cannot be trusted, might be awkward. Certain places like events or contest you are asked to fill in your personal number. This might later result in you receiving unnecessary calls, irritating and possibly affecting you personal life. Is there a way to protect your personal number from such people?

There is a free-service which will help you to overcome this problem. This free-service called as “inumbr“, generates a temporary phone number and will forward all calls to a fixed line or a mobile that is defined by you.

iNumber software also allows a person to talk to another without having to share the number. Open inumbr web portal and generate a new temporary phone number. Now any call received on this number will be directed to your defined fixed line or mobile. The number generated from inumbr facility can also be set to expire within a stipulated time like within a month, week, day or hour.

The best feature available with this service is that one can also configure two numbers to maximize the probability of individuals reaching you. Every single call to this inumbr facility will be directed to a phone be it a fixed line or mobile according to the precedence being set. If a user is not reachable on both the numbers then a recorded voice mail of the caller will be mailed to the user’s mailbox.

Other best features with inumbr are as follows:

1. It filters and blocks calls from the telemarketing companies.

2. Allows a caller to record a small greeting so that a user can decide either to reject or answer a call, after hearing the greeting.

3. Provides a detailed record of all received calls with details such as the duration, calling number, timestamp etc.

inumbr facility is operational only in US as of now and is available within 23 us cities for now. A new plan to make this available within other cities and Europe and Canada is on the rolls. This service is presently in maintenance, but few old subscribers can continue to use this service. A new subscriber wishing to be informed about the availability of this service can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated about the services.

inumbr free-service is the best solution available for users trying to avoid annoying telemarketers, promotional service, anonymous calls. This service provides the best protection for your personal number safeguarding your identity too.

[ Visit iNumber ]