Best Practices While Browsing Web-Sites On Internet – The Do’s And Don’ts

Tips for Browsing Web

Web browsing is one of the places though which the computer can get spyware or virus. There are numerous sites, which are just waiting for you to create some mistake, so that they can install some malware or virus on your PC. Therefore, it is very important for you to be careful while browsing the internet.

Choice Regarding Browser

Internet Explorer previously has experienced safety problems, which has made Firefox as a much better option with regard to safety while browsing the web. However, Microsoft has made a lot of effort for strengthening the safety of internet explorer. Hence, you can use Firefox or Internet Explorer and keep updating them frequently.

Firewall and Anti-Virus

It is recommended for you to use effective anti-virus application on your system and be sure to enable the virus protection. In addition to this, if you have window operating systems ensure to enable the firewall protection.


It you download data from an untrusted website your system might be affected by virus. Therefore, it is recommended to download data only from trusted and known websites. Most people get the virus while downloading music files from untrusted websites.

Recognizing Bad Websites

Recognizing a bad site can be a difficult task. You might come across many bad sites during surfing. Whenever you find an untrusted website mark it as a bad website and it is advisable not to browse such a site so that you can save your computer from virus. If you discover a website, which is terribly developed, lots of windows will pop-up and it is better to stay away from such a site. You must take the necessary precaution to quarantine or delete any spyware or virus.

Windows Update

If you are working on windows operating system, then it is recommended for you to download and install windows update whenever available. Many times these updates also increase the security matters.

Our Conclusion

It is better to browse web safely as it will prevent virus installation on your computer.  First, you should choose a browser, which will suit your security measures and install an antivirus software and enable firewall protection. Never download data or music from untrusted websites

IRC – The Most Popular Internet Chat

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is a highly popular web chat that has a complex setup. Internet users first connect to a specific channel in a server, and the servers are all separate and make up the entire IRC network. There are rooms, private rooms, and even private chats. The rooms and private rooms have multiple users, whereas the private chats are simply from one user to another.

What most clients like the best about IRC is the fact that the rooms, private rooms, and even their names can have various features that are customizable. Rooms can be ‘hidden’ which means they cannot be searched for or found, they can be private indicating they need a password to get in, or there can be a variety of other features.

Another great thing about IRC is its widespread popularity. There are many servers all around the world and many different chat rooms; you can find chat rooms for games, countries, general chatting, and much more! Various languages are supported, with even specific rooms for those languages! On top of that there are thousands of people on making it exciting to go into various rooms and talk with various people.

How Do You Get On IRC?

This is a complicated question to answer without first knowing about the different IRC clients available. There are many out there, each one enables the user to get on to an IRC server in various ways. For Microsoft Windows there is about sixty or so clients, for Java there is about fifteen, about twenty or so clients for MacOS, thirty some clients for UNIX, and still many more not mentioned already.

Here we’ll simply cover a few of the more popular clients: PJIRC, Mibbit, Leafchat, and mIRC.

PJIRC – This is a popular Java client that is generally integrated for games and in other websites. Their main website is here ( . From there you can view demos, and even download the latest version of PJIRC.

Mibbit –This unique client has tons of features. You can create chats for your web pages via widgets, you can connect straight through the web via the Mibbit website and so much more. It gives you unlimited options and is very simple to use! Their website is here if you would like further information:

Leafchat – As an open source client this is one of the best by far. It’s got a clean and simple interface that allows you to not only connect efficiently without a lot of clutter, but you can also connect to multiple servers as once which is very useful. It is a free client and you can download it from the leafdigital website at

mIRC – Last we have mIRC, an IRC client for Windows. It is by far the most popular out of all of the clients and is used by millions. It’s a little difficult to setup but overall it’s worth it because it has a ton of customizable features and addons. Visit the mIRC website here at

Do to the fact that there are simply so many different IRC clients you need to find out which one is best for your computer and fits your personal preferences. They all vary drastically but you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Anonymous Fights For Turkish Citizens – “Let Internet Be A Free Place”, They Say

Anonymous’s war on internet restrictions wages on in Eurasian country known as the Republic of Turkey. Anonymous is known for their stance on internet freedom, claiming that the internet is a free place where people can view whatever information and sites they wish. The Turkish government has now become a target for the international hacking group due to new restrictions that are about to be enacted on internet usage.

The government of Turkey has set up a system that forces internet users to sign up for one of the four filtering packages. These filters will restrict internet sites and the government claims it is for the protection of younger web browsers. They claim that there are a lot of dangerous and harmful websites out there that young people need to be sheltered from. Anonymous, however, disagrees.

The international hacking group claims that the Turkish government is just using the protection of young web users as a façade and that its real purpose is to monitor web activity of all users. Anonymous is not alone in their beliefs. There are numerous critics that claim the government is trying to suppress dissent by restricting web access. Many Turkish citizens have taken to the streets with banners and signs to protest the national net filter that is going to take place. In support of the Turkish people, Anonymous has also taken action.

On June 10th Turkish government websites became the target of Anonymous’s justified attacks. They DDoSed these websites with an application known as LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon). DDoS is a computer term for distributed denial of service attack. When it is one person it is a DoS, when it is multiple people acting, it is a DDoS. The main goal of a DDoS attack is to render the website (or service) unusable. The most common method of DDoSing is by flooding the intended target with so many requests that it simply cannot process them all and the entire site bogs down so that any user attempting to access the site will experience significant lag and will likely timeout. Anonymous successfully DDoSed several Turkish government websites, forcing them to go completely offline. The government, however, wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

Just days after the websites were attacked, Turkish government officials found a way to possibly trace LOIC users. As a result 32 arrests were made in various cities around Turkey. Nine of the individuals detained, who were also minors, have already been released and cleared of charges. The rest are still being questioned.

The government doesn’t plan to enact these internet restrictions until August 22 of this year, but already they are faced with a strong resistance from both its citizens, outside critics, and internet hacking groups from around the globe. Unfortunately for the Turkish government their internet restrictions will likely attract the attention of more hacking groups like Anonymous and they may face a more aggressive resistance as the deadline draws near.

So are Anonymous and other hacking groups justified in their attempts to free the internet from “filtering” and “restrictions”? Indeed they are. While hacking and cyber-attacks are illegal, the Turkish government is not likely to listen to the peaceful rallies and protests of its citizens. Hopefully the government overturns their decision to restrict internet usage. The façade that they are using to cover up their true intentions is easily dismissed; parents are responsible for their children and should monitor their internet usage, the government has no business interfering and limiting internet usage of its citizens. The internet should be a free place where knowledge and information are at the disposal of the user, no restrictions should be put in place by government or any institute other of authority.

Facebook And Twitter Banned In France?!

France has stepped forward, taken an old law from 1992, and used it to banish the words Facebook and Twitter from news stations. No longer are new casters allowed to say “Follow us on Facebook” or “Look to Twitter for more information later!” In fact the best news stations are allowed to say is “Look to your favorite social media sites online” So why in the world would France use an outdated law to put the ban hammer down on those words?

Logical, Are They ?

Their reasoning actually seems logical at first. They claim that when a news caster mentions Facebook or Twitter its actually advertising the social media sites, and that in turn isn’t fair others. There are tons of other social media sites out there that news casters are not mentioning, so it’s showing preference to those two.

France has been criticized before for banning words. Back in 2003 the word “e-mail” was banned because France wanted to protect the purity of their language. It seems odd that those who are enforcing these laws do not understand that language is constantly developing and that slang and internet words are used every day by the younger generation as well as the older generations.

Although France claims that the banning of Facebook and Twitter has nothing to do with language purity they are adamant in their decision. Unfortunately what they don’t seem to realize is that the news is not favoring these sites, they are using the resources of the sites to spread the news to many more viewers who probably don’t have time to sit around at a selected timeframe and watch the news.

I mean think about it, how many younger people sit around and watch the news? A few yes, but many more are on the computer on these social media sites. People are on the computer all of the time. These are common images that you see everyday:

Twitter And Facebook Making News Channels More Famous:

It is not the news sites that are giving popularity to Twitter and Facebook, in fact it is the other way around. News stations are using these sites to grow and expand, getting more and more viewers through multiple media outlets. These sites also bring the new stations more followers. With the constant updates, viewers are more likely to go to a TV and watch a breaking news story which in turn brings money to the network and new station.

So how is banning these words going to do anything other than harm the new station and bring more criticism towards France. It even brings even more attention to Facebook and Twitter. With both of those sites mentioned in the news due to this ban, they will likely receive more followers. The methods of the officials are old fashioned and need to be updated. Society is ever changing and evolves with technology, the laws governing the society need to evolve as well.

Unfortunately until France changes its laws Facebook and Twitter are still

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus with One-Year Subscription License

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus with One-Year Subscription License

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus is a highly effective internet security application, which offers real-time, active, complete defense against internet sites that can endangers the user identification along with their PC. The McAfee SiteAdvsor plus is continues improving with innovative phishing protection, hyperlink looking at inside e-mail along with instant message and “protected mode” for you to turn off conversation with dangerous websites while searching and browsing.

Features of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus

Secure Research – SiteAdvisor’s safety evaluations appear alongside search results while using well –known search engines such as Google, AOL, Yahoo,, Window live messenger.
Innovative phishing Protection – Helps you avoid from deceptive sites, which seek to steal your own information.
Link Looking casino at – Assessments the security regarding backlinks within popular e-mail as well as instant messaging applications along with cautions of any hazard before time.
Know In Advance – Alerts inform you about threatening Internet sites in advance.
Advanced Protection – A mix of repository checking out as well as real-time examination helps discover fraud sites that make an effort to rob your own personal data and identity.
Secure Browse – Whenever browsing, a tiny option within your internet browser toolbar changes color according to SiteAdvisor’s security outcomes.
Protection Mode – Password-protected establishing enables you to disable reddish discussion with harmful `red´ websites as well as downloads, wherever they are appear.
Always Upgrading – Daily updates are put in automatically, when a new version of McAfee is available.

Visit promotion page of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus, and then select the “Download Now” button

If you have a McAfee account then log into it or register for a new account. Then click on My Account>Online installation>Download for DMsetup.exe

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player "Square"

Internet Explorer9 VS Adobe Flash Player “Square”

Beta version of IE9 of 64-bit (x64) has recently been introduced publicly and after the release of IE9, it is tremendously getting popularity among the web users. The x64 edition of IE8 could not grab much attention in its operatioan as it is lacking a support in plug-ins and add-ons and compatibility issues although it was already containing a 64-bit version with regards to programs of 32-bit with Adobe Flash Player which need compatibility layer to work.

Adobe has recently released a trial version of Adobe Flash Player named “Square” with the combination of functional release of IE9 with native support for all major web browser of 64-bit desktop OS as Windows, Mac and Linux.

As per the information available in the , Flash Player “Square” has been improved and enhanced version of Internet Explorer to support directly and for faster delivery of hardware-accelerated graphics and is actively user friendly. Flash Player version of 64-bit is available for MAC operating system X platform and Windows and is compatible to all of its contents.

However, it is notable that the trial version of Adobe Flash Player “Square” is to enhance IE9 support and highlight 64-bit in Flash Player. There is no specific release of “beta version” of Flash Player. Users need to install the updated version of the Flash Player manually for keeping the “Square” branch up to date from the download page of Adobe Labs of “Square” as they will not get any notification for updates for final versions of Flash Player in future. Moreover, in future, if users want to install the finally updated Flash Player version, then in order to do so, they need to uninstall Flash Player “Square” manually.

In the middle of the 2011, Flash Player will be getting formed into a legal corporation of these IE9 and 64-bit hardware yielding support to stick to the released official version of Flash Player.


Uninstall Your IE9 Browser

How To Uninstall Your IE9 Browser

IE9 is a wonderful and amazing browser. Its performance is now much better than its previous version of IE8. Basically, this browser was mainly for developers and mostly the common user of this is not much satisfied with its performance. So most of the people like to get back to IE8 or 7 as these Internet Explorers are more user friendly.

The main problem with IE9 browser is that it is very difficult to uninstall it. Although IE9 contain many new features then IE8 but still there are many drawbacks in this as frequent crash, page not found, not compatible with some websites, not able to open e-commerce web sites and

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many more like slow loading of the pages and worse.

If you are also one of IE9 users then here is the solution for your all problems of IE9. Install Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you will be able to revert back to all the features of IE7 and/or IE8 you were previously using on your computer.

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

MSN Status Checker allows you to find Blocked or Invisible MSN Messenger users

Mostly users login to their accounts in invisible mode so no one can see their status. Nowadays every chat messaging service providers have featured their users with this option. This feature is quite interesting for those people who want to be available (online) yet appear offline status.

However this is annoying for those who want to chat when they login to their account and come online. However there is option to find out invisible MSN messenger users instantly in MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger using MSN Status Checker.

Since Microsoft has disabled the feature to trace out the offline/invisible/ blocked user’s status using third party application services. Nevertheless you can use MSN Status Checker utility online tool, which displays users from your list who are currently online in invisible mode.


It is completely free online tool to check MSN users status. You need to enter your friend ID and press the Enter button. MSN Status Checker finds out status of your friend and shows you report within seconds.

Few times it shows incorrect results due to inability to get access user’s account database. One more thing to know that this tool will not work in case user has selected this option from setting menu “only people in my list can see my status and send me messages”.

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

YouTube has officially started delivering video clips in stereo audio mode and HD (High Definition) resolution for presenting a better viewing experience to the viewers. Now, viewers do not have to use &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch trick anymore to view high resolution videos on YouTube.

YouTube now has a link for users to view a supported video clip in high definition resolution. The link for watching high quality video appears beneath the video’s view count if high resolution display is supported.

If you are presently viewing the video clip in high definition, a link for viewing the video in standard quality will be displayed. This helps the user to easily toggle between standard quality and high quality video as sometimes streaming a video in higher definition might not go smoothly and the video might stop in between for buffering.

However, if you are a YouTube account holder, have a speedy internet connection and wish to watch all YouTube video clips in high definition mode always, you are now able to do so. YouTube has an option within the user account settings which allows you to set high quality as a default for video playback.

The video playback resolution by default is set as normal, which basically means lower quality. To make the changes in the video playback settings and set YouTube to play videos in high quality always (wherever available and supported), you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Account page on YouTube.
  • Under the section “Account”, click on the link “Video Playback Quality”.
  • Choose the radio button corresponding to the option which confirms that you have a fast internet connection and asks YouTube to play videos in high quality whenever available.
  • Click on the button “Save Setting”. This will make the changes effective immediately.
  • If you wish to revert back your selection, you can select the option for choosing the video quality dynamically depending on the connection speed. Alternatively, you may also choose the option for confirming that you have a slow internet connection and asking YouTube not to play videos in high quality.

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

While browsing, if you find a website interesting, you can add it to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer or to your Bookmarks list in Mozilla Firefox. Any newly added website will be placed as the last entry within the Favorites list as well as the Bookmarks lists.

You will notice the same thing happening when you add a favorite site to a specific folder in Favorites or Bookmarks. You will have no issues with this until the list is small. Gradually, as the list of your favorite sites increases, it will become quite difficult for you to locate a bookmarked site from the huge list if you do not sort and organize them systematically.

Both the browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox provide you with an option of sorting your Favorites or Bookmarks list in an alphabetical order. The process of sorting the list is quite simple.

For sorting Favorites list/ Bookmarks list in IE/ Firefox, click on “Favorites”/ “Bookmarks” menu and move your mouse pointer to an empty space in Favorites list/ Bookmarks list. Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select the option “Sort By Name”. Now, you will notice that the list of your favorite/bookmarked sites is been arranged in an alphabetical order.