Amazon’s Bold Strategy With The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was announced on September 28, 2011 and has been the buzz on the internet ever since. With some incredibly unique tablet features, this new e-reader not only combines innovative features that other competitive tablets offer, but it offers them at a significantly reduced price. Released on November 14, 2011 to eagerly awaiting fans, it quickly sky rocketed to the top of charts.

The Kindle Fire sells for $199 however many people have long since suspected that it cost more for Amazon to make the Kindle Fire than it actually cost consumers. After much speculation on this rumor it was finally confirmed by an analyst who completely dissected all of the parts of the Kindle Fire. The total cost of the Kindle Fire for Amazon was found to be $201.70.

So what is Amazon’s plan with the Kindle Fire?

It is expected that several million Kindle Fire units will be sold in the year 2011 alone so how does loosing almost three dollars on each unit benefit Amazon? Well, their intention is not to make a profit on the Kindle Fire, they plan on making a profit through all of the extras for the Kindle. With millions of customers using the device they will be exposed to new apps and other paid services for the Kindle Fire that should help Amazon recoup their losses.

This tactic is vastly different than Apple, Barnes & Noble, and many other tablet and e-reader device companies. Where other companies charge significantly more for each device and make their profit that way, Amazon is hoping to undermine its competition by trying a brilliant, albeit risky, new strategy.

What areas has Amazon cut costs on the Kindle Fire?

RAM – where many  tablets have 8GB of RAM, Amazon cut costs by reducing theirs to only 4GB.

Memory – here the Kindle Fire has only 8GB of memory, pitiful compared to the iPad which starts at 16GB and can go clear up to 64GB.

Additional features – to minimize costs Amazon didn’t include any of the features that other competitor tablets had such as Bluetooth, expensive wireless chips, and a camera.

Shipping – Last but not least is shipping. Usually companies will ship their devices in fancy boxes with tons of stuff inside however Amazon did its best to minimize this completely. With a simple wall charger and cord, the Kindle Fire only costs about $2-$3 each to ship.

So has Amazon’s new strategy paid off?

Amazon has not released any statistics or information on the sales of the Kindle Fire nor any information on their subsequent earnings through other accessories and apps for the Fire. This information will hopefully be released sometime in the future so it can be seen whether or not Amazon’s strategy was worth the risk or if it simply hurt the company.

Kindle 3G – Features and Hacks

Many people believe that the Kindle is a simple e-reader which retrieves its books from However many people are not aware of the unique features that this simple device offers.

On top of just being able to download books and magazines, this device can actually browse the internet. No it can’t handle video’s or any extensive web elements, but simple websites with mostly text on them are easily pulled up. Googling is a snap as you browse about on FREE 3G internet, and other sites work great as well.

Want to find out when the next movie is playing, or search for a great restaurant? Check on your Kindle! Many people underestimate the 3G capabilities of the Kindle and would be pleasantly surprised to see that it can do most of the functions that smart phones can without having to pay the monthly bills associated with them.

What Kindle Should I purchase?

You will see that there is a slight price gap between the Kindle 3G with ‘special offers’ and one without. These special offers are actually ads that appear when your Kindle is not powered on, and for some people they can be quite annoying. If you want to save money, then purchasing the Kindle 3G with special offers is the way to go especially since there is a hack that can remove those pesky ads (as seen below). If you don’t want to deal with jail breaking your Kindle, then purchase the one without ads and save yourself the headache.

What else can my Kindle do?

If free 3G internet access and unlimited e-books/magazines wasn’t enough, then you can satisfy your greedy appetites by indulging in the Kindle’s other features. For one, this e-reader has an incredibly long battery. It’s advertised to have a battery life of two months, but really the  battery lasts for only a few weeks with continuous use, which is still a significant amount of time for any wireless device.

Another unique feature is that you can store/play music files. There are two small speakers on the back of the device and, while they are not the best, they are able to play your music at a fairly decent volume level.

One last feature is that you can put different text files onto your Kindle so that you can read them. This is perfect for college students and others who have tons of notes to study but don’t feel like carrying them around everywhere.

How do I get text files onto my Kindle

There are multiple ways you can get text files onto your Kindle, one of which is explained here. Or you could go to this site here and simply make whatever you want an eBook that you can then download onto your Kindle.

Many people have found this incredibly useful for school notes, cooking recipes, exam studies, and much more.

How do I get rid of the ads and put in my own pictures?

Those visa ad screensavers will really start to annoy you and I’m sure you’d love to have your own custom black and white photos instead. Unfortunately since you’ve opted into dealing with the ads by purchasing a cheaper Kindle the only way you can remove them is to hack them. Below are two separate hacks, one for the removal of the ads and one for your own custom screensavers.

To view the jailbreak for how to remove the ads and how to add your own pictures as screensavers, view this link.

The Hottest Electronic Device On The Market: Xbox Kinect

When it comes to innovative technology, Microsoft and Xbox hit the ball way out of the park when they launched their newest product; the Xbox Kinect. Their catchy slogan “You are the controller” speaks the truth and defines their product very well. With the Kinect, you literally are the controller and there are numerous options, combined with the amazing hands free technology, which appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

From gamers, to fitness seekers, movie watchers, and advent TV viewers, the Kinect has features that appeal to them all, making it one of the best consumer electronics available. The games combine movement with stunning video graphics and deliver an intense experience that gets everyone off the couch and on their feet. The completely hands free technology means that your every move is recorded and it also recognizes your voice so that you can give verbal commands from anywhere in the room.

For the people in the house who are not ‘gamers’ they can also benefit from the Kinect being installed. It gives you completely hands free control of your television. Allows you to sort through your movies, play live TV, and so much more! The versatile features on the Xbox Kinect make it the perfect product to market.

The Xbox Kinect has been one of the fastest selling electronic products in history. In the first 60 days of its release, the Kinect sold an amazing 8 million units. As of March 9th of 2011, there have been 10 million units sold. Those numbers are mind boggling. As I type this Microsoft is already working on new ways to expand the features of the Kinect so that it appeals to an even wider range of people. Facebook, Bing, Fun lab, and tons more new and inventive features are on their way for consumers!

Glycine Incursore 2 And 3 – A Classic Gift With Some Differences !

After watching a romantic movie, it’s time for some classic gifts ! The well known Glycine Incursore collection is back with their ii and iii models. Costs being comparatively low, they come with different dials and styles in automatic and manually wound movements. The pricing on a manually wound Unitas 6498 is practically the same as automatic ETA 2924. When such is the case, who would want to choose a manual movement one over an automatic watch?

But yes, there are still people who consider buying it. The only difference between the two watches is that the seconds needle [in the auto] against a subsidiary seconds needles in the manual model. They have a 44mm wide steel case [100 mts water resistant] with a metal bracelet or a broad leather strap with some dial options. a ‘standard’ basic model with a combination of Arabic and Baton markers and a ‘California dial’ that has both Roman and Arabic numerals is widely available.

They come in black, aubergine and dark blue colour dials and different textures, well and superbly finished right to the case. While some bring out a polished look, some bear a brushed appearance, making it seem that Glycine is out to satisfy its customers of all kinds. Mainly because if the people have come upto a stage when they choose brands like Glycine, then they are at a stage when sapphires are far more pleasing than minerals, for their superior quality/clarity and high scratch proof quality.

Glycine is depending on the value proposition of these watches mainly for people looking for a Swiss watch with a traditional sporty style at a competitive price. It is priced at 890 Swiss Francs for a leather strap and 990 Swiss Francs for a metal case watch!

AVADirect Nano Cube – Compact, Powerful And Reasonable – Perfect For Gaming

Here is the AVADirect Nano Cube, a personal gaming computer, assuring you high quality functioning. It contains some reasonable hardware qualities and one of the first mini ITX gaming systems that was released. It consists of hardware that goes from dual channel memory to the latest processors.

Let’s see what its unique features are, even with its compact size:-

  • Form Factor – Prior mention has been made that this is a Small Form Factor PC[SFF PC] measuring upto 8.7” X 5.1” X 13” only. Good things do come in small packages, but it is also attached with few drawbacks.
  • Processor – Users of AVADirect Nano Cube can choose between the Intel Core i7 or Core i5 LGA1156 processors. It is the i5 processor which has the default configuration, but you can opt for the upgraded one containing the i7 processor.
  • RAM[Memory] – It supports RAM upto 8GB and the default option is 2GB from Kingston. For a better performance, it is always wise to choose 4GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card – All kinds of graphic cards, inclusive of ATI and NVIDIA are supported by AVADirect Nano Cube. The users has the choice o f selecting any card like the GeForce GT220; NVIDIA GeForce GT x 260; the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240; or the ATI Radeon TM HD 4200 graphic cards.
  • Storage – This cube is accommodative with 2TB hard drives. Here the default configuration will fetch you only a 320 GB hard disk.
  • Optical Media and Blu-Ray – It comes with a dual layer DVD burner, but it is your choice if you want to choose an upgraded option, adding Blu-Ray compatibility to your desktop.
  • Price – It is priced at $821, but with the addition of some upgrade options, hard disk Blu-ray support and much more, the price touches $1700.
  • Warranty – It has a 1 year warranty on labour and parts.
  • Now to talk of its drawbacks – There is no doubt that this small factor desktop gaming PC is quite advantageous with its great features, bit it is not all satisfying, mainly because there is no fire wire port available with this case. Also, a point noteworthy is that there is problem with Fan Wiring and Noise, maybe due to the crammed up space and internal wiring.

The Cube can be altered and designed to suit the user’s needs and the AVA technicians are well versed in bringing about such alterations. But that is only if your intentions are to satisfy your gaming needs. Therefore it is not very helpful for home users. Like we say, looks may be deceptive; the desktop may not look very attractive, but sure offers many facilities.

You may find other gaming options but this mini gaming console AVADirect Nano Cube has earned a great fan club for itself. To put it in other words, this gaming PC integrates the power of a gaming notebook at the price and value of a desktop and thereby bringing to you the benefits of both worlds.

It is handy/portable enough to easily be carried to any friends house or a party, but powerful all the same, enough to mesmerize your friends and win the game. Small in size no doubt, but big in features. It has options for wireless-N network and all the current technology like Blu-ray and amazing large 2TB hard drives.

In order to obtain best results, opt for a solid state disk SSD for the quickest read/write speeds of any hard drive. But change is always welcome, and alterations can be made accordingly!

Portable Pico Projector From AAXA Technology With Upto 800 x 600 Resolution

It is sure good news that AAXA technologies is speeding towards bringing to people more and highly advanced Pico projectors. It was the success of their first model L1, which led to the launching of an improvised version –the L1v2 Pico Projector. This updated design enhances the functioning of L1v2, by improving the thermal efficiency of the PCOS laser light engine.

Its special 3-colour laser light source allows it to produce images with great colour saturation that can always be focused. It is specially created for professionals and entertainment, as it binds a revolutionary laser light source proprietary despecking technology, and a LCOS images together to obtain a 20 lumen output without any of the pixel headaches noticed in few other projectors.

You can consider it as one of the tiniest Pico projectors measuring 4.2inch X2.1inchX 1.2 inch, whose weight is just 170 gms and hat is inclusive of the battery. There may not be another suitable example for ideal portability. Further it also features 800X600 and 20 lumen output from 3 colour lasers bringing sharp deeply saturated images in any given condition, including bright ambient light.

The advanced v2 uses focus free projection of images up to the size of 50 inches onto any other surface, not leaving out curved surfaces, from all angles and simultaneous distant/close by surface projection. The battery capacity can be sufficient to keep the projector going for at least 1.5 hours. It also features audio streams for the MP3, AAC, and WAV formats, ad images in .jpg, .pug and .bmp formats.

It can also mange documents in .doc,.xls,.ppt and .pdf extensions. A USB drive can be used to feed such source files to the projector. You can avail accessories to connect the device to Microsoft Zune, Sony Playstation Portable, iPhone/iPad and various cell phones as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and LG. to book for this wonderful handy pocketsize device go to, and enjoy the benefits of its prior-launch price at $399 which would otherwise cost USD $499. It is available from December 1st 2010. True HD and 1080: functionality will be obtained in future releases only.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Would Be Devoid Of Honeycomb?

Reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy Tab, being a single-core tablet would not meet the basic requirements to run Honeycomb, tablet-optimized OS version by Google. Apparently the Galaxy Tab owners would only be expecting that they get an update with Honeycomb.

Managing Director of Enspert, Bobby Cha while talking to PCMag said that Honeycomb requires a Cortex A9 dual-core processor for proper functionality. Until now, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 is the only chipset that has incorporated this processor and will be appearing in a number of Android tablets at Consumer Electronics Show that is to be held in the second week of January.

Cha also said that 1280 X 720 is the minimum screen resolution prerequisite, and therefore the Honeycomb-based tabs will have 7-inch screens or larger.

It is quite obvious that Samsung Galaxy Tab is well below the required specifications as it incorporates a 1GHz Hummingbird single-core processor, and comes with a resolution display of 1024 X 600. Also, as suggested by Samsung, Galaxy Tab would only be updated to “Gingerbread” i.e. Android 2.3.


Meanwhile, Google chose to remain silent about the requirements of Honeycomb, and did not even clarify if version number that is being talked about is 3.0 or 2.4. However, this would not be good news for the owners of Samsung Galaxy Tab, especially for the ones who have picked a set just recently expecting to enjoy Honeycomb capabilities on it.

Last December, Google’s VP of engineering division, Andy Rubin demonstrated Motorola’s Honeycomb tablet, but he did not reveal any clear details. It is only known that the Android version will support large-screen apps as well as software-based back and home buttons. Additional details are expected to trickle out as soon, as gadgets manufacturing companies start unveiling their forthcoming tablets.

The Buzz is that Motorola’s new tablet “Droid Xoom” and LG’s “Optimus Pad” are likely to be announced at Consumer Electronics Show, 2011. Both have been incorporated with dual-core processors and they would of course have Android Honeycomb. Many believe that other tablet manufacturers might not make it due to Honeycomb resource requisite issues. 

Last year, with Android 2.2, the then latest version of Google’s Android OS, Google had indicated that it would not suit Android tablets. However, the same is been used so far in Samsung Galaxy Tab which is considered as one of the top Android tablets in the market. 

We can expect Android hacking community which is a decent-sized community to get involved and attempt to bring Honeycomb to Galaxy Tab. However, even if they are successful in doing so, it will possibly be loaded with issues. This is because, if the 1280 X 720 screen resolution speculations are true, and the user interface of Google’s latest Android OS will not support 1024×600 screen. Galaxy Tab will need to crop or downscale the interface so that it works well on the 7-inch display of the tablet.

Honeycomb is expected to be out in the market by the end of January. Let’s wait and see whether these minimum specifications of Honeycomb are just speculations or if the Galaxy Tab will really be left out.

HP’s Palm Pre 2 Will Have WebOS 2.0, Will Be First Available In France

It is indeed an opportunity to witness 2 of HP’s great launches this week– an upgraded version of the HP webOS earlier utilized by Palm for its smartphone, and the Palm Pre 2. The OS can be called Hp’s advanced version of the webOS, a boon that came by when it took over Palm in April for $1.2 M. This latest version is to be named webOS 2.0 to be released during the weekend together with Palm Pre 2 smart phone.

The Palm Pre 2 is expected to be opened in France to begin with the help of the French Wireless Carrier SFR. SFR’s details of the phone are that the device is proposed to come equipped with a 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. It is also to be a sleek phone with a slide-out keyboard. The price is yet to be revealed, and meanwhile you can check out some of it’s features:

The Palm Pre 2 comes with a 1GHz processor and a 5mega pixel camera. Multitasking becomes more easier as all the open windows are stacked up like a deck of cards. If you like quickies, then there are short cuts for updating status, emails, listing items etc,. Now you can search the web right from your phone. HTML 5 is in, and your Palm Pre is not behind in technology! Like watching Adobe embedded videos, the beta of Adobe Flash Player makes your life more easier. For all you office folks, the Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite is an attractive feature that allows viewing of Microsoft word, Excel and Power Point as well as integration with Google Docs and Dropbox.

Buyers from US and Canada, patience is a virtue you are in great need of because you will have to wait for another few months more if you wish to buy this phone. Users in North America however are a bit more lucky as they a re able to obtain the device on Verizon Wireless Network, at the same time make full use of Verizon-Skype partnership and make Skype to Skype calls through this new device.

Whether webOS will manage to come back with a bang into the list of leading mobile operating systems, is something which has managed to create a great interest in its users. But all that is yet to be seen. The Palm Pre 2 will be the first device to ship with webOS 2.0 with a new name Mobile OS[probably to enable usage on many Palm smart phones], assuring you of interesting facilities like ‘true multitasking’, stacks [for organizing apps] Just Type, HP Synergy Exhibition, enabling users to run apps designed specially for the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock] and support for Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 Beta in addition to favorites new tagging option,Skype Mobile [on the Verizon version only], text assist, integrated Quick Office, VPN Support, a redesigned launcher and full support for Bluetooth keyboards ad SPP peripherals.

The Pre 2 portal is now open presenting a 3.1 inch 480×320 HVGA Multitouch display, black enclosure, Exchange support, built-in GPS, ambient light, proximity sensors, an accelerometer, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 16GB of inbuilt storage and much more.

The New Sound Dock Series II Digital Music System

Bose has now come up with the new Sound Dock Series II digital music system. Bose has revamped its award-winning forerunner Sound Dock and has provided added features. There are two variants available in color ‘Black’ and ‘Silver’ and the approximate cost of the music system is $300.00 in US.

The Bose Sound Dock Series ll digital music system brings to fore an exclusive amalgamation of small size and great performance. The specifications of the product are: Power rating: 100-240V @ 50-60Hz, 1.5A, 81-100VA, Dimensions: 6.65?H x 11.91?W x 6.48?D (16.89 cm x 30.26 cm x 16.47 cm) and it weighs around 5.46 lbs or 2.07 Kg.

The music system comes with features such as compatibility with all iPhone and most iPod models and improved remote which controls basic iPod functions including playlist navigation. It also comes with an auxiliary input which can be used with other sound sources, e.g., MP3 or DVD/CD player. It also boasts of a fresher look with an even contoured design.

The new Sound Dock Series II digital music system comes with the same award-winning performance of the original Sound Dock digital music system but gives the user added features. The great acoustic design provides efficient and great quality audio reproduction in spite of the sleek and small size of the music system. The .iPod charger available with it charges docked iPod/iPhone whenever system is plugged in, even if the system is playing. The Volume control buttons are located directly on the system for easy accessibility when remote control is not readily available. The specialized Bose digital signal processing circuitry in the system ensures that even at low volumes there is more control over the sound leading to a highly consistent and lifelike reproduction of the music.

The whole gamut of accessories along with the latest technology of the music system ensures a vivid sound experience.

Put A Box Widget On MySpace, Blogs And Share Your Files

Widgets are small windows that keep you updated on the latest updates on web. They can be easily dragged and located any where on your desktop or website / blog. widget is the latest widget designed to give utmost ease to users at the time of sharing and collaborating their files on their site. This widget lets you easily share files, documents, pictures, presentations, videos, audios and much more on any blog or website. You can send across files through any system located in any part of the world on a blog or a website through a single line of code.

The only requisite for accessing this application is an account with Widget. After creating the account, you can keep creating and stocking your favorite videos, files and audios in a folder. You can further share these saved files by pasting a code on your blog or website. To get the code you have to follow the below steps:

• Click on the folder that contains your files from the menu bar in the widget.
• Then click on “Get Widget”
• Next, select the color of the widget from the options menu. Then select the desired head of the widget that would appear on the blog or your website.
• You will see a code appearing. Copy that code and paste it on your blog / website. widget has sorted easy ways for business organizations and professionals to share their important files with their colleagues. Additionally, it is extremely easy to use. You need not install any plug-in or software to access this application.

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