Till What Age Can I Get Divorced ? Oldest Divorce Case ?

If you are not happy with your married life, it’s better to dissolve it instead of dragging it along. You can take / give a divorce to your partner, after stating the grounds for the same.

As one of you asked me, there is no age limit to go for divorce. The oldest of the cases I’ve come across is that of Mr. J.M. Kohli, who got his divorce at the age of 80 ! Though he had applied for divorce in 1982, it’s almost close to 30 years and now he got the verdict (isn’t justice delayed, justice denied ??).

There will be a lot of similar cases which you can easily find online, if you start digging around, I just quoted one which I had come across.

Who Is A Better Driver – Ayrton Senna Or Michael Schumacher

The thought just crept in and I was curious to know what the world thought. The comments speak for themeselves. One of the best ones I liked is:

Michael : Good

Senna: God

One thing to notice in this video is, Senna is driving a car with manual gear shifts, and Shumi is on a pad shift, and Senna is quicker than Shumi at some sections. Wonder how Shumi would perform in this kind of condition and car.

Funny Emails

I get tons of funny emails and hilarious emails every day. Mostly they sit in my gmail inbox and rot there. I just decided to fill in some life to them and hence came up with this site :


At www.blackpawn.com you’ll find fresh and new funny emails every day. Hope it serves as your stress buster by providing you a good laugh at things that are really funny.

Read funny emails

Was The Indian Rupee Symbol Voted And Selected By Unfair Means ?

Was The Indian Rupee Symbol voted and selected by corrupt methods?

Was the governement unaware of the power of RTI, and did they expect the RTI activists to be silent while making such a huge decision for the nation?

Why is it that the government fails to deliver as expected, always?

Since the moment the winner of the Indian Rupee Symbol has been announced, people (read RTI acitivists) are actively campaigning against it, because they believe that the competition was not held in a fair manner.

If you read this post: you’ll find why these activists are against the decision. However, there has been no formal communication about this from governement yet.

If you too believe that a grave mistake has been commited by a few corrupt bureaucrats, then show your concern by joining the Save Indian Rupee Symbol community page on Facebook.

For more information, visit this site: Save Indian Rupee Symbol.

Is Dhoni Married ? Shakshi Rawats Pictures ?

I recently got a mail which said our Indian cricket team captain is married, and there were pictures of Shakshi Rawat, who supposedly happens to be Mr.Dhoni’s wife!

Not sure if he’s married or if he’s engaged, but DnaIndia reports that he’s married.

Since DNAIndia is an authority source it is safe to assume that our Indian Cricket Team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is married :).

Congrats and good luck Dhoni!

link: http://www.dnaindia.com/sport/report_team-india-turn-spectators-at-mahendra-singh-dhoni-s-wedding_1405069

Are Teachers Important In A Students Life ?

Passing through a primary school in a remote village, I happened to glance upon the numerous quotes that were painted in bright colours on the school walls. I admit it was just a glance at the beginning, which later took the form of curiosity as I began reading the contents aloud. “Trees are our real wealth,” “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” “Your house is your first school,” and so on. Finally I stopped at one saying which read “God gives you life, but a right teacher gives you the right direction in life.”

Reading this set my mind thinking and I sat down to speculate. It is very true that it is your teacher with whom you spend a majority of your time, who can truly guide and shape your personality. This teacher-student relationship is such a wonderful experience. How many people would even have given this a thought? Going back to the Gurukul system days, let’s just try and put a few things together.

That was a period when the child living with the teacher/guru, would be a part of his family for a particular period of time till the completion of his education, which comprised not only of various subjects, but of ethical and moral based education too. The guru in turn imparted his knowledge to the students. Thus, the student learned to respect not only the teacher but fellow-students as well. And they also learned all this through proper practical experience.

But what a contrast to today’s education system! Forget about teaching morals and ethics, the students literally spit out fire when the teachers correct them. They just await a chance to take revenge on the teachers. But the teachers are no less; they too have no respect for the students too. There used to be a time when the Guru was considered to be great, but not the student himself is great! He feels he knows more about the teacher but fails to understand the greatest importance of his teachers.

Now a teacher’s responsibility does not end with teaching the child Math or science, his true responsibility lies in making or breaking a child’s whole life. Often a child looks up to his teacher as a role model and adapts himself to his teacher’s style. It is under the skillful tutoring of the teacher that the students flourish and bloom. An apt teacher leads to a well developed, level headed and cultured group of youngsters of tomorrow.

And it is a great honour to the teacher when his student brings him a good name. But it is very unfortunate that most of the teachers fail to imbibe in the students basic values of life. The teaching profession has infact lost its sanctity for now every thing stands on money and money alone. If the same situation continues, then our Indian culture where we see the teacher/Guru as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh war, will be confined to the books only!!!

Who Is Ghanta Singh? Listen To Ghanta Singh Online. Ghanta Singh’s Pictures

If you are RadioOne listener, then there is no way you would have missed Ghanta Singh. Any time of the day, what ever mood you are in, where ever you are, you burst out laughing the moment you listen to Ghanta Singh’s prank calls!

I was really curious to figure out who this character is. A few keywords here n there, a bit of sneaking on couple of blogs, I got some of his pictures and found tons of his prank calls online.

If you want to friend Ghanta Singh, try sending a friend request to his Facebook Profile, not sure if he’ll add strangers, but definitely worth a try :).

Listen to some of Ghanta Singh’s wittiest prank calls online.

And here are some pictures of Ghanta Singh:

If you are wondering what life with Ghanta Singh will be like, then this link should help you figure 🙂

Who’ll Be Bangalore’s Next FreshFace ??

FreshFace competitions, by the social networking sites, seems to be very popular these days. First it was Ibibo who came with the concept, and now the much more popular, India times or itimes has come up with a similar competition.

The Bangalore round is on the run now and being the ‘Namma Bengaluru huduga’ I wanted to blog about it and encourage all the participants who are in.

If you are a Contestant and if you’d like to be featured on this site, do leave a message in the comment section, stating how I can get in touch with you or you can mail me all the details you’d like to put up, to gautam.hn at gmail.

For more details you can visit : http://freshface.itimes.com/freshface.php?ctype=bangalore

Bengaluru, has it what it takes to beat the contestants from the other three cities.

I wish great luck to all our Bengaluru contestants.


Chetan Bhagat’s Complaint On 3 Idiots

Everyone who’s read Chetan Bhatgat’s Five Point Someone knows “3 idiots” is nothing but a movie script stolen from Chetan’s FPS. But our bollywood is famous for this, we’ve seen, heard or know this for ages now.

Though there is nothing much we can do in regards to this, the best we can do is spread the word and show the ‘Real Idiots’ that they are supposed to give credit to those who deserve !

Read what Chetan Bhagat has to say and leave your comment on his post  : http://www.chetanbhagat.com/blog/general/a-book-a-film-and-the-truth

Landmark Forum Delhi, December 2009

I was wondering if anyone is attending Landmark Forum this December, that is December 2009. If any of you readers are planning to attend or have a seat reserved, please do let me know (via comments), I may need bit of your help !

Cheers in Advance !