Easily Create iTunes Store Account Without Providing Credit Card Details

Easily Create iTunes Store Account Without Providing Credit Card Details

The database of free applications in iTunes store is going on expanding with innumerable updates and latest applications. Almost all iPhone or iPod users try to get a free account on iTunes store so that they can download and install any free application in the iTunes store.

To sign up in iTunes store, you should have a credit card and this is a main problem that most of users have to face. Most of the applications can be downloaded by US users only and this is another serious problem.

However, now you can create iTunes account without giving details of credit card. Your account will be created as an US user in iTunes store.

  1. Firstly, run iTunes on your PC.
  2. Go to home page of iTunes Store.
  3. Select your country as US. You can select it at the bottom most part of page.
  4. Go to Top Free Apps option then Get App and then Create Account.
  5. Enter random address details of US country and then click Continue button.
  6. Now, a page for payment mode will be displayed. You have to select “None as your payment option.
  7. Finally click on Finish button.

From now, you can download unlimited applications in your iPod/iPhone using your own iTunes Store account for free without credit card.

Note: – You must follow the above instructions as given. You will surely miss “None” option for the payment mode when you create your account straightly from logon box. Furthermore, you’ll have to then provide then your credit cards details compulsorily for creating your account.

Capture Screenshots in iPhone 3 G without Installing Any Other App

How to Capture Screenshots in iPhone 3 G without Installing Any Other App

iPhone 3G device has been introduced with pretty useful inbuilt feature for taking screenshots of any particular application which is running on iPhone 3G. With this inbuilt feature you could now instantly take iPhone screenshots, and there is no need of any third party application for this.

This feature can be frequently used by bloggers while posting something regarding to Apple iPhone devices. Also it can be used by common people for making presentation and for several other purposes.

Instructions to take screenshot in iPhone 3G device

To take a screenshot, you have to hold down home button and then just press the top button. Your device screen will be flashed which indicates that the screenshot has been taken. This screenshot image will be stored into your folder of photos.

You can get this feature only in iPhone 3G models. If you are still using older versions, you should upgrade your iPhone older firmware to iPhone 3.0 Firmware. After upgrading your firmware, you can enjoy this newly launched feature along with various other extra features.

Download A Free Quick Search Box For Mac

Google has recently released a Quick Search Box especially for Mac. The QSB is a highly potent and flexible tool that can do a lot of different things.

It is an open source Google application that enables users to search data on computer and internet on MAC. The Google Search Box allows users the flexibility of launching applications and performing search results with effortlessness.

The Google Quick Search Box is quite comparable to Windows edition of Google Desktop. Yet there are a few differences. The chief difference between Google Desktop and Google Quick Search Box (QSB) is that the Quick Search Box allows the user to launch applications which is not achievable in Google Desktop.

What is really unique about QSB is that it is one of the very limited Google products which were developed first for the Mac. This product is now being translated to other platforms. The QSB also share a developer (Alcor) with an additional and comparable Mac utility called the Quicksilver which

Installing QSB helps the user reorganize and simplify his work flow. The QSB is a rather multifunctional tool in that it provides ready access to the files and folders, launches applications, searches the web, and provides quick access to the Google Docs files. It also provides numerous other tools. The user can personalize QSB to suit his needs. There are a countless basic options that allow the user to general settings, keyboard shortcuts and also adjust the application theme.

The user may also modify a few settings from the options in the results section. The user may select “Hide QSB when it becomes active” option to ensure that QSB disappears whenever another item or is selected. The drop-down menu in the ‘number of results’ allows the user to select the number of results that appear in QSB when carrying out a search. There are various more modifications allowed in notifications, themes, and searchable items that help personalize the QSB.

[ Freely Download QSB For MAC ]

My Home Directory Lost Its Name In Mac, How Can I Resolve It?

Resolving Mac crash due to renaming of the Home directory

Mac users who have made the mistake of renaming their computer name (the one that shows as my computer on the desktop) know what mayhem this simple act can kick-off. Typically, after you have renamed your computer, all of your previous program preferences are removed, along with all of your emails, music, etc. and all you end up with is an empty desktop – similar to the one that is there on a brand new Mac OS.

It also makes your Mac system refuse to boot the next time you start up the PC, or it might simply direct you to a generic temporary directory such as /tmp. The primary reason for all of this is that Mac runs on a Linux-like kernel where the computer name – in the administrator user account – as something sacred and not to be tampered with. Although there are no straight-cut resolutions to this problem, you can try the following.

First, try renaming your directory to the original name, and not move any of the files and programs. This should fix the issue. However, if it does not – you will have to snoop around the system to locate the file that has all of your preferences stored in it, and tweak it – as this is the file that all the programs link to in determining their preferences.

Typically, your renamed account is created in the Users folder, and you will find all of your previous preferences in that folder. And, this is something you will have to work with.

One simple way to avoid this problem in the future is to always use a user account with limited privileges for all your day-to-day work, and keep the administrator account only for major system changes. This is, in general, a good practice, no matter what OS you are using.

Search Websites More Effectively From Within Your MAC

When you are searching for any particular site you are looking for, you always have to open the explorer of your Mac system and type in the search criteria. It is sometimes a time consuming way and to cut down the time spent for this, the ground breaking software called Monocle has been introduced.

This software can be defined as a search tool. Once installed, it stays in the menu bar and you can launch it with a stroke of a key. This software also gives you the option to alter between different search engines like e.g. Google, MSN or Wikipedia. These search engines are widely used so they are preloaded in the software but the best part is you can load your own new search engine in this software.

Another cool feature of this software is that, it gives suggestion link related to your search criteria which on the other hand makes your search more accurate and compact and you get exactly what you are looking for. These suggestive links provide you with a brief introduction, each time you search.

You can also alter the theme of the software and choose the color of your preference in different search engines. For example, for Google you can choose the color yellow and for yahoo you can choose red. This makes the search process more user-friendly. After all being a MAC product it should become more easier to when it comes to User Experience.

Another feature called the magic engine is also available in this software, which enables you to choose a particular word for a specific search engine, when you type the magic word; the search engine launches itself making this software more interactive. The latest version of this software is available on the web. So go ahead and download this cool software for your Mac operating system.

[ Download Monocole ]

Free Application Launcher Software For MAC That Lists All Applications

For all the Mac users, there is a piece of good news as a brand new software called the Tiger Launch is now available in the market which will provide the users of Mac with maximum flexibility so that they can enjoy the utility of the systems in an easy manner.

This software is basically an application launcher software, which once installed will display all the applications that are installed in the system at the top in alphabetical order. It will help in easy and hassle free launching of any application that the user is willing to use on the system.

Sometime it happens that the user is not aware of certain applications which are installed in their computer and they download it over and over again resulting in unnecessary usage of the hard disk and also making the system slow functioning. But this software will enlist all the applications already installed in the system, be it new or old.

It also helps preventing the dock getting cluttered resulting in problem for the user. It keeps the dock clean and also helps the user to launch certain applications which are installed many years ago and are stored in any subfolder. It’s great software which helps the user to take full advantage of the system and also keeping the system simple and easy to use.

It can be installed in a computer which is having the Mac X operating system or any later version of Mac. This software is now available online from where the user can download it easily and make life easier.

[ Download TigerLaunch ]

Bulk Upload Photos To FaceBook Using Mac iPhoto Plugin

In our previous posts, we’ve covered topics like:

How to bulk upload photos to Facebook in Windows

How to bulk download photos from facebook in windows

Today lets look at iPhoto, an application that adds bulk upload photos to Facebook feature to MAC OS X 10.4 or later versions.

Bulk Upload Photos To FaceBook Using Mac iPhoto Plugin

1> iPhoto installer package can be downloaded from here. Once you’ve downloaded and installed iPhoto, open iPhoto and you’ll find a tab ‘Facebook‘ in it’s export panel.

2> Select a photo or a complete album which you wish to export (you have a preview option), and click on the “Facebook” tab. The photos will be previewed here.

3> Now select the album in which you want these photos going in. You can create new albums too.

4> IPhoto supports features like adding captions and tagging friends.

5> When you are done with adding caption and tagging friends, click on Export tab and all your photos are exported to Facebook. They’ll be marked pending, you’ll have to login to your Facebook account and review them before they are visible.

[ Download iPhoto ]

Tweetie – A Free, Simple And Powerful Twitter Client For MAC and iPhone

Tweetie is a simple, yet a powerful twitter client for MAC OS X.

Managing twitter conversations is very easy with Tweetie. If you have had a long conversation with your friend, you won’t lose track of it, as with Tweetie, by double clicking you’ll get the complete conversation history. I seriously think, this is one of the best features and recommend it to be officially included in twitter. Otherwise, you know it’s quite a mess if you have to search through a pile of messages for a particular conversation with a friend, and it’s a headache if you have loads of friends and you twitter very often.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Composing a twit is made easier. Open as many independent compose windows as you want. Fill each one of them with your thoughts and use keyboard shortcuts to send the messages.

Want to keep yourself updated with the hottest discussions happening on twitter right now? Tweetie’s one click solution to search through the current most popular topics will come handy.

Twitter is very public – what ever you type in, can be read by everyone who’s following you. However, if you really want to have private conversations, then you can make use of Twitters Direct Message service. Tweetie gives a whole new dimention to Direct Messages now as all your messages will be stored as threaded discussions. So, it’s more like live chat, rather than Twitter’s direct messaging service.

There are a lot of other features Tweetie offers, like you can drill down to a user detail, read up all their tweets and replies to those tweets. Bookmarklet is integrated with twitter and also you can change your preferences to make sure Tweetie works the way you want.

Tweetie is available for iPhone as well !

Tweetie is free to use, but is ad supported. If you want to get rid of Tweetie, then you’ll have to buy a license, which costs you around $19.95.

[ Tweetie for MAC ]

[ Tweetie for iPhone ]

Multimedia Player For MAC OS X

If you are looking for a high quality, portable, stable multimedia player for MAC OS X, then download VLC Media Player. VLC media supports various formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DiVX, DVDs, VCDs, mp3,s WAV, ogg and a range of other standard formats.

Multimedia Player For MAC OS X

VLC player is free, and Open Sourced. So you get the source code, which you can use to customize further it to suit your needs.

It can be used in the client server mod to stream and receive network streams. It can stream DVDs, digital satellite channels, digital terrestial television channels on live videos on networks.

[ Download VLC for MAC ]

Free Sync Tool For Mac OS X Between Address Book And Facebook Contacts

Address Book cards, one of the best ways to organize contact data on your Mac OS X. If you are active on Facebook, you can now use AddressBookSync, a free application for Mac OS X, which can be used to sync the data of your Facebook friends onto your Mac OS X address book.

There are more advantages if you have a phone that supports Address Book Synchronization. You can sync up profile picture data, with contacts on your phone, which will result in profile pic showing up when you get a call from any of your friend. You can also use the same to synchronize birthday dates and other local information about them on to your Address book.

Free Sync Tool For Mac OS X Between Address Book And Facebook Contacts

However, since Facebook’s TOS does not allow access to it’s users e-mail id’s and phone numbers, you won’t be able to sync their e-mail id’s and phone numbers.

A very handy tool if you have a lot of friends on Facebook and you want to keep your contacts updated with their latest pictures and other information which Facebook gives access to.

Facebook is a good start, but I’m sure this can be further improved for other social networking sites as well.

[ Download AddressBookSync ]