Load Transponder From Lyngsat By Downloading DreamBoxTools To FTP And Telnet

DreamBox Satellite Decoder is available with multiple free utilities for its users to build a configuration in their DreamBox Satellite Decoder such as DreamBoxEdit including another simple and rich utility of DreamBoxTools from SatHunter, which simplifies the setup of GUI.

After downloading DreamBoxTools, install it by following some default steps on your Windows personal computer. There is no need to reboot your computer after launching the utility and it will be ready to use.

There are three main functions in DreamBoxTools named “Transponders”, ’Telnet’ and “FTP” that are used to interact with DreamBox decoder virtually for the purpose of configuring the data, downloading or uploading. First make For more information on how Beyond best-driving-school.com can bring excellence in driver safety to your company, just email us:Accredited company car & van driver training courses:Beyond best-driving-school.com are a Lantra-Awards Approved Training Provider for 4x4s and ATVs. sure that your PC and DreamBox are connected with each other via straight cable of Ethernet. On the setup field, enter the respective decoder”s Internet Protocol address that you have noted down from your TV screen.

After completing this task, move further to each tab depending on your choice and usage. For example, users can choose FTP. After choosing FTP, user will be enable to search all the directories and sub-directories to edit or load CCcam.cfg file sharing card as a conventional method of FTP or an alternative method to CCcam.cfg editor.

Telnet tab allows users to change or configure internal settings of Dreambox, such as MAC address and command line etc. The users will have the ability to update satellite lists loading from Lyngsat with the enabled configuration of satellites and the Transponder features.

DreamBoxTools does not consume more than 1 MB space in your hard disk and users can download it free of cost from Sathunter. Users are welcome for donation if they found this information useful for them.

Easily Create iTunes Store Account Without Providing Credit Card Details

Easily Create iTunes Store Account Without Providing Credit Card Details

The database of free applications in iTunes store is going on expanding with innumerable updates and latest applications. Almost all iPhone or iPod users try to get a free account on iTunes store so that they can download and install any free application in the iTunes store.

To sign up in iTunes store, you should have a credit card and this is a main problem that most of users have to face. Most of the applications can be downloaded by US users only and this is another serious problem.

However, now you can create iTunes account without giving details of credit card. Your account will be created as an US user in iTunes store.

  1. Firstly, run iTunes on your PC.
  2. Go to home page of iTunes Store.
  3. Select your country as US. You can select it at the bottom most part of page.
  4. Go to Top Free Apps option then Get App and then Create Account.
  5. Enter random address details of US country and then click Continue button.
  6. Now, a page for payment mode will be displayed. You have to select “None as your payment option.
  7. Finally click on Finish button.

From now, you can download unlimited applications in your iPod/iPhone using your own iTunes Store account for free without credit card.

Note: – You must follow the above instructions as given. You will surely miss “None” option for the payment mode when you create your account straightly from logon box. Furthermore, you’ll have to then provide then your credit cards details compulsorily for creating your account.

Stream Favorite Songs From Last.fm On MAC For Free

“Amua” is a special application for the status bars of Mac OS X. This application allows a user to play the favorite songs through the streaming of “Last fm” web radio. In fact this is considered as a superb alternative to the actual “last fm player” featured at their website. In short Amua can be a hot pick for all music lovers across the world. But in order to avail the advantages the user should have the Mac OS; as it is not applicable for other operating systems.

There is no need to spend time searching for the song name that is playing currently. There is an icon on the application bar featured at the top right hand corner of the computer screen. You can take a look at it for this information and keep using other applications running on the same system. In order to get the Amua menu you should click on the mentioned icon. It further allows you to handle the regular commands for the radio and also the streaming.

The option of detaching song information is also available on the same Amua panel. You are free to drag them with mouse anywhere on the computer screen. This way you can keep yourself informed which song is being played on the system. This is free software to be downloaded over the Internet.  “GNU General Public License” covers the terms of Amua.

[ Download Amua ]

Track Facebook Activities Login Without Logging Into Facebook In MAC

Fmenu is a drop down list which shows you all the latest events on your Facebook account. Fmenu is very quick and it takes about 35 seconds to scan Facebook. FMenu is a kind of menu that provides you with notifications about the various events in your Facebook account.

Track Facebook Activities Login Without Logging Into Facebook In MAC

> Fmenu is compatible with Leopard.
> The log in and log out functions are now better than ever.
> Updates are now automatic using sparkle.
> Now, changes in your internet connections can be detected in a more effective way.
> While using Fmenu you can remain connected to Facebook through your Mac’s main menu bar.

Fmenu is very stable with Tiger, though some Leopard have often given negative feedback that the application tends to crash very often.

One of the minor problem in application is that if your Mac is into hibernation while Fmenu is still running then it will simply fill up the screen with numerous notifications. I hope this will be fixed at the earliest !

[ Download FMenu ]

Utility To Track Changes In Webistes And Files On MAC

Almost all Internet users have some favorite sites which they visit quite frequently and look for updated or changed content on those websites. One of the ways to keep updated about the changes in the website is by subscribing to the sites Feed / RSS. Webmasters who understand the importance of RSS offer RSS service, but there are still a lot of webmasters who do not offer RSS feeds on theie sites. In such case it becomes a waste of time to visit the site over and over again to look for changes, especially when there are no changes in the destination website.

This problem, is solved with a software known as the Changes Meter. Since this is MAC based, once installed in your Mac it will automatically notify you about any change be it a minor or a major one in the sites you register with it. The notification is graphical which helps you understand things better. All changes are notified by a pie chart icon in the menu bar of your Mac system in a colorful manner so that you can stay up to date about the particular site. The software can also be used to track static files on your system or any other system on the LAN or intranet.

After installation it notifies you any change through its Roster window where all the urls which you have visited are stored. The best part is that it also stores all the disabled urls so that you can be aware of their status and don’t have to waste your time in visiting them. It also records the last visit date of the website by the user and also the last changes on that site or the file.

A configuration option is also available which helps you in choosing the checking option of any particular URL and you can set tracking intervals, where the software checks for the changes automatically after set interval. This saves a lot of time for any user as it avoids you to manually check the status.

[ Download Changes Meter ]

Last.fm Client For MAC OS X – iScrobbler

For all Mac operating system users there is a great application which is currently available for download. This application is iScrobbler, a multimedia tool that enables users to listen to their favorite FM channel, or Music of their choice. iScrobbler is a MAC alternative to the windows “official” last.fm client.

Once installed, it will look for the music collection of the user and is smart enough to build an automated profile based on the users preference and sends it to the iScrobber website. After that whenever the user will run this software, he or she can see the music of their choice listed in the software which was previously gathered from the profile of the user.

Users can then listen to any type of music depending on their mood. The songs and music are categorized in an organized manner for the convenience of the users. Hence users can enjoy music of their choice through live streaming from the Internet.Which means you do not need to have anything downloaded on your system. It is a great feature if you travel a lot and do not carry your personal laptop with you.

This software also has preloaded FM channels and contains the facility wherein the users can add new channels of their choice. It’s a great application as the users don’t have to search for their favorite song over the Internet through their browsers from different sites; as they can simply click on the iScrobbler icon and get what they are looking for.

It saves a lot of time and also helps an individual to listen to their favorite music with just a click of a mouse. iScrobbler is free to download and is available on the official website and some other links. So go ahead and enjoy this superb software in your Mac operating system and make your life more entertaining and have lots of fun.

[ Download iScrobbler ]

Auto Rename Sequential Back-up Files

If you take automated sequential back-ups, you’d not want to replace the old backups with the new ones, instead you’d want each one of them to be saved with a unique identifier. Some of the best ways is to append incremenal numbers at the end of back-up file name or add time stamps.

If you are a MAC user, then you can use Rotate Files to tackle this problem. This software is an automated action designer which works with all the renamed folder and files and also with the files which are generated while backing up the system.

The best part of the software is that once it is installed, it starts adding up sequence numbers to the files received by it, and it does not have restrictions for the upper limit of the file in the sequence e.g. while backing up your system, Rotate Files allows you to set maximum files in a particular sequence. You have an option to retain the older files of the same sequence or forward them to the trash bin.

The user can also customize the sequence set value and also the sequence step value with the help of the software. Options are available to force the files to be deleted permanently without having them to move to the trash bin. The sequence size can also be altered through this software.

You can also create new workflow and add the rename finder items action.  Rotate files is proving to be a very useful tool for business people or home users who back up their system frequently. The latest version 1.2.2 is now available for downloading and it’s free. It will run in any system having Mac OS X or any later versions. It also works on both the Power Pc version and the Intel based Mac systems.

[ Download Rotate Files ]

Search Within Your MAC System Effectively

When you are running too many applications at the same time and you need another application to load, it gets a little complicated as you have to minimize all your current applications or may have to close them resulting in loss of data. With iSeek you can search anything instantly.

The solution for this problem is available now with brand new software called the iSeek. Mac users can launch or search for a particular program or application without closing the current applications which are running on the system.

Search Within Your MAC System Effectively

Once installed, iSeek enables you to search for any application instantly. It is located in the menu bar after installation and has a search field in which you can type in the application you are looking for and click on ok button. It instantly delivers the application or the program which you are looking for.

It is user friendly software and makes the experience of computer browsing very easy. It has another great feature that is; it can search a name of a website once you have typed in the name of the site in its search box. The usage of this software is not limited in your system as you can also use it in the field of Internet making this software usage more unique.

It also keeps the record of your search so that next time if you need it, you can retrieve it easily through this software which stores all the past data of yours. This software can be installed in any Mac X operating system or any later version of Mac X. It is available on the Internet for download, so go ahead and take advantage of this superb tool.

[ Download iSeek ]

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Search Websites More Effectively From Within Your MAC

When you are searching for any particular site you are looking for, you always have to open the explorer of your Mac system and type in the search criteria. It is sometimes a time consuming way and to cut down the time spent for this, the ground breaking software called Monocle has been introduced.

This software can be defined as a search tool. Once installed, it stays in the menu bar and you can launch it with a stroke of a key. This software also gives you the option to alter between different search engines like e.g. Google, MSN or Wikipedia. These search engines are widely used so they are preloaded in the software but the best part is you can load your own new search engine in this software.

Another cool feature of this software is that, it gives suggestion link related to your search criteria which on the other hand makes your search more accurate and compact and you get exactly what you are looking for. These suggestive links provide you with a brief introduction, each time you search.

You can also alter the theme of the software and choose the color of your preference in different search engines. For example, for Google you can choose the color yellow and for yahoo you can choose red. This makes the search process more user-friendly. After all being a MAC product it should become more easier to when it comes to User Experience.

Another feature called the magic engine is also available in this software, which enables you to choose a particular word for a specific search engine, when you type the magic word; the search engine launches itself making this software more interactive. The latest version of this software is available on the web. So go ahead and download this cool software for your Mac operating system.

[ Download Monocole ]

Get Updates About Software Installed On Your MAC Automatically

For all the Mac users, new software is available now called the MU Menu. This software shows great performance once installed; it will check for new updates of your Mac X operating system so that you can keep your system up-to-date. With the help of this software, you can take a sneak peak of the updates which are available at the official website of Mac.

While browsing, this software also lets you know brief information on the particular update so that you can have a general idea regarding the update which you want to install. The important and attractive updates are highlighted in red so that you can know which update is the most useful for a fellow Mac user. The highlighted updates indicate that these are downloaded by many Mac users which make them the most popular ones.

There are other attractive features of this software. It will display the applications which are installed in your computer and each fact provided will be thoroughly updated. If you download a new update, this unique software will let you know about that by changing its color. The notification or the change of color will appear in the MU Menu icon bar. This software can be downloaded in systems which are having the Mac X operating system or any later version of Mac. The latest version of this software is version 21.2, which is now available for download over the Internet. So go ahead and enjoy the software.

[ Download MU Menu ]