iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

Have you ever had a situation when your iPhone got stuck while booting up and stayed at the Apple logo? It give me a chill to even think of something like that happening. This issue is common for users who have tried to jailbreak their iPhones. If you are restoring date on your iPhone or trying to update, this issue can happen, infrequently of course. Learn how to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix_2

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

  • Connect the phone to your computer via a usb cable. Put your phone in DFU mode.
    • To put your phone in DFU mode, do the following.
    • Press and hold Home & Power button for 10 seconds.
    • Release the power button, but continue holding the Home button down.
    • You will enter DFU mode. A iTunes popup will confirm the same.
    • Restore your iPhone. If you have not backed up your data, then it is very likely that you will lose all the data.
  • To avoid this from happening, you can use some tools like Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix the issue.
    • Download and open Tenorshare ReiBoot.
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
    • Select ‘Exit Recovery Mode’
    • While this fix is meant to get your iPhone out of the recovery mode loop, there have been instances where the iPhone stuck on Apple logo has been fixed.

iPhone Hacks You Should Know

Those are the methods that you can use to fix the issue. Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comments below.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix

iOS10 Tips and Tricks – Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen

iOS 10 is around the corner and a lot of new features are bound to be added to it. Along with the new features are the new tips and tricks that you can use to customize iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad to suit your requirements. Learn how to remove or add widgets from home screen in iOS 10 on your Apple device.

With the launch of iOS 10, iPhone and iPad users can add widgets to the search screen. The search screen can be access by swiping left or right on the home screen or the lock screen.

Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen

iOS 10 features you need to know

Remove or Add Widgets from Home Screen – iOS 10

New widgets are being added in iOS 10. You can add the news widget, events widget or a calendar widget. You also get a music widget, a weather widget and many more.

First, you have to download the beta 1 version or enroll for the public beta that will be out in July. If you are not the risk taking kind, wait for the official iOS10 release in September.

Access widgets by swiping right on the home screen/lock screen.

Tap Edit>find the widget you want> tap the ‘+’ green icon next to each of the widgets you want to add.

Tap done when you are finished adding widgets.

To remove widgets, access widgets by swiping right on the home screen/lock screen.

Tap Edit>find the widget you want> tap the ‘-‘ red icon next to each of the widgets you want to remove.

To disable widgets on the home screen/lock screen, you can do the following:

Settings>Touch ID & passcode> enter your passcode

Scroll down to Allow access when locked.

Disable the toggle next to Today

It’s that simple! Enjoy trying out the different widgets in iOS 10!

Fix apps crashing in iOS 10 beta

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 – Fix

The much awaited iOS 10 is expected soon and the beta version is already out. A lot of users including yours truly have already started to try and test it out. One of the things that iOS10 has for Safari users is the Split-view mode. As iOS 10 is still in the beta mode, it is not really expected to run smoothly. Apart from the usual problems, one of the new problems is that of Safari running slow on iOS10. Here are some tips and tricks to fix it.

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 - Fix

Safari Running Slow on iOS10 – Fix

Clear history and website data

Launch settings app>Safari> Clear history and website data>Clear history and data. Confirm when asked.

Fix apps crashing in iOS10 beta

Close Safari tabs

Safari> Tap and hold on the tabs icon (bottom right corner)

Tap on close tabs.

Disable background refresh

Settings>general>Background app refresh> Toggle it off.

Clean Up your reading list

Go to settings>general>Storage & iCloud Usage>manage storage> Safari

Tap on edit on the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the red button on the left and then tap delete. Confirm when asked for it.

Reset network settings

Settings>general>Reset>Reset network settings>Reset network settings.

Confirm when asked for.

Finally, disable location services. This is a general tip and can also help solve other issues with the iOS10 beta.

That’s it! Hopefully, these methods will help you speed up the Safari browser on your iOS10 device. Let us know if you have any more solutions which have worked!

How to Fix Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta

With the new iOS 10 announced recently at WWDC 2016, Apple has claimed it to be the biggest ever iOS update ever made. Various users who have installed the iOS 10 beta to test it in advance have been having issues with apps crashing. This is normal, considering iOS 10 is still in its beta version. But there are some tried and tested methods that can help to fix the issue of apps crashing in iOS 10 beta. Try them out if you are experiencing similar problems.

Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta

iOS 10 Features you should know

Apps crashing in iOS 10 Beta – How to fix

  • Reboot your phone.
  • Check out app updates.
  • Make sure that you have the updated apps on your iPhone. This solves the problem on many different occasion. To update all apps, click on App Store>Updates>Update All.
  • Turn of background app refreshing
  • When WiFi or cellular data is on, apps keep refreshing. Turn this feature off. It will help conserve battery and to fix this problem
    • Go to settings>general
    • Tap on background app refresh and toggle it off.
  • Disable automatic app download
    • tap on settings>iTunes and App Store> Toggle off auto download
  • Delete an app and reinstall it.Finally, if none of the methods worked, reset your phone. To do so, go to settings>genera>Reset>reset all settings.
  • If nothing works, downgrade to iOS 9.3.2. A short guide on how to do so can be found here.

iPhone 7 Concepts that Will make you drool

Do you know of any other methods to fix issue of apps crashing in iOS10 beta? Let me know in the comments below.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs You Would Want to See!

It is no surprise that Apple intends to shake up the smartphone industry with the upcoming iPhone 7. The design will remain similar to the previous iPhones, but the tech would be a first among iPhones and many comparable smartphones. Some of the upgrades include a dual camera, smart connector to say the least. Check out the iPhone 7 concept designs that are doing the rounds.

While the tech certainly has massive upgrades, the design does not feature much changes (at least not until iPhone 8 that would come out in 2017-18). But that shouldn’t stop us from drooling over some amazing concept designs for the iPhone 7 that have been spotted on the web. Check out the iPhone 7 Concept designs you would want to see!

iOS 10 features you should know!

iPhone 7 Concept Designs

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_1

  • This concept design looks gorgeous, with the curved display and the free flowing screen.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_2

  • Now, a modular phone with something like this would be great. Not so sure about the touchscreen option for the buttons though

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_3

  • Absolutely stunning! Looks a bit too big to fit in my pocket. I would be more worried about dropping the phone than ever before.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_4

  • Thin and fab. A size zero concept that looks surely to bend if I keep it in my pocket.

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_5

  • Does it come with Augmented reality and Iron Man style tech such as HUD and Holographic displays? That would be cool!

iPhone 7 Concept Designs_6

  • Looks a bit too similar to the Samsung Galaxy phones, or is it the other way around?

Top 10 iPhone facts for the iPhone geek!

Any interesting concepts catch your eye on the web? Show us in the comments below!

8 iPhone Hacks You did not Know

The iPhone is one of the best phones out there in the market now. But what surprises me is that not many people know the full potential of their iPhone. There are many neat, nifty features packed in your iPhone that can make your iPhone experience cooler and better. There are the usual hacks, and then, there are these top 10 iPhone hacks which you probably didn’t know about. Go ahead, give it a try. You will be surprised.

Customize apps on iPhone without jailbreak

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8 iPhone Hacks You did not Know

  • Etch-a-Sketch

If you have fat fingers, you will love this one! If you made a mistake typing, or editing pictures, just shake your iPhone. The shaking should clear the screen allowing you to start again.

  • Invert Display Colors

Bedtime browser? Just invert the display colors via the accessibility panel. It is a lot easier on the eyes and you can browse without waking up your wife or kids.

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know

  • Instant AutoFocus off

Turn off (or on) autofocus with a tap. Just hold the screen in camera mode until the “AE/AF Lock” displays.

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know_

  • Use Siri to check tweets

Siri can check your tweets for you. Just ask her ‘What ABC (your name, friend’s name, a company, some feed you are following) is saying’ and you will get a list of tweets.

  • What does your iPhone know about you?

The ‘Frequent Location’ on your iPhone knows where you hang you the most. It will show them to you any time!

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know_3

  • Airplane Mode Charges your battery faster!

Switch your phone to airplane mode and your battery will charge faster!

  • See timestamps for messages

Just swipe left on the text screen to see what time you sent or received a text message.

  • Quick Access to numbers

Just hold the ‘123″ button and slide to the numbers you need. Your iPhone will revert to the original keypad.

Top 10 iPhone facts you should know

So, that is our list of iPhone hacks for today! Do you know any? let us know in the comments below!

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

With iPhones having bigger storage capacities these days, we feel that we will never run out of space on our iPhones. But with so much space available, we do not consciously monitor what we are installing and what we have left behind on the storage. More ever, too much of clutter will cause problems such as apps crashing, the touchscreen freezing and random reboots in the worst cases. But fear not. You don’t have to uninstall your favorite apps or delete photos to make space on your iPhone. Here is how you can free space on iPhone without deleting photos or apps.

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

iPhone 7 Features for the iGeek in you

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps – How To

  • Delete Other Data
    • Other data is data such as cache, cookies, your browser logs and history. Each and every app you use will leave behind some ‘other data’ on your phone. Over time, they accumulate and become quite large. Delete them to gain valuable space.
    • Go to Settings>general>Storage and iCloud Usage>Manage storage.
    • You will see the list of apps that have consumed space. Delete the ‘other data’ of apps that you would not want to store. Facebook is one of the biggest culprits in this section.
  • You can also do a reset of your phone.
    • Firstly, backup your device via iTunes
    • Reset your iPhone via settings>general>Reset>Erase all content and Settings
    • Restore your backup via a Mac or a PC and your device is as good as new again.

Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps_2

  • Clear Safari history and website data by going to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data.
  • Remove Offline data
    • Settings>General>Storage and iCloud Usage>Manage Storage
    • Tap on Safari>Edit (from top right corner)
    • Tap on the red button behind the ‘Offline Reading list’>Delete>Done.
    • You can also remove offline data manually by doing the above process and selecting which data you don’t want. Tap on delete and done when you have made your choice.

That’s it! By doing these above steps, I managed to get nearly 4gb of storage space, as well as speed up my iphone’s operation. This is how you can Free Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps. Do you have any other methods/tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

Customize apps on iIhone without jailbreak

Customize App Icons on iPhone without Jailbreak

The iPhone’s default theme looks great as it is, but there are some of us who want to add our own personal touch to the phone and truly make it one of its kind, in the interface department at least. While most iPhone users get their devices jailbreaked to do this, not everyone is willing to do so. If you are one of these people, here is how you can customize app icons on iPhone without jailbreak.

Customize App Icons on iPhone without Jailbreak

Top 10 iPhone Facts You Should Know!

Customize App Icons on iPhone without Jailbreak

The platform that allows you to do this is the iSkin. It allows you to install themed apps on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. The platform works well with iPhone, iPad and the iPod that runs on iOS 7 or later. Best of all, it is free!

iSkin adds the themed app icons to your home screen, and doesn’t overwrite the existing ones. To overcome this, move the stock applications to a new folder and hide them once iSkin is up and running.

  • Launch the web browser on your iOS device that you want to dress up and visit the iSkin web page.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Browse all themes’ under the ‘Install iOS themes‘ section.
  • Pick the one that you would want to use.
  • Scroll down and tap on the ‘Application Icons‘ under Install theme. This will apply the theme icons to your apps on the Home screen.
  • You can select the apps that you want to theme in the ‘Show Quick Actions‘ section. You can also change the name if you wish.
  • After you have selected the icons you want to theme, tap on ‘Install Icons
  • Tap on install to confirm when asked for it.
  • After the installation procedure is complete, you will find the new icons on your Home screen!

That’s it! That is how you can Customize App Icons on iPhone without Jailbreak. I haven’t found any thing that is buggy with the theme as yet. If you do not want the themed app icons, you can easily delete it via Settings>Apps?General>Profile>Delete Profile.

iPhone 7 features you need to know!

So what do you think? Let us know your favorite theme and if you have any issues in the comments below.

Top 10 iPhone Facts you Should Know.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the first iPhone was launched, in 2007. The smartphone changed the way we look at phones and forever revolutionized the smartphone industry. It boasted of innovative features and has been the leading phone of its time, and now. Here are the top 10 iPhone facts you need to know.

Top 10 iPhone Facts you Should Know

  • The iPhone was the result of a long study of the combination of a touchscreen and a tablet computer.

Top 10 iPhone Facts you Should Know 2

  • Apple and Motorola launched the ROKR E1 phone on September 7, 2005. Apple was however, unhappy with the phone.

Top 10 iPhone Facts you Should Know

  • Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the MacWorld Convention later. The iPhone was first shown to the world in a fully functioning model on June 29, 2007.
  • The first advertisement for the iPhone was showcased during the 79th Academy Awards convention on February 25, 2007. The ad was titled ‘Hello’

iPhone Battery Drain Issue After iOS 9.3 update – Fix

  • $1 million was the price of the iPhone.com domain name. That is was Apple reportedly paid to Michael Kovatach on July 1, 2007 to acquire the rights to the domain name.
  • There are 13 iPhone models released since 2007.
    • iPhone: 2007
    • iPhone 3G: 2008
    • iPhone 3GS: 2009
    • iPhone 4: 2010
    • iPhone 4s: 2011
    • iPhone 5: 2012
    • iPhone 5s, 5c: 2013
    • iPhone 6, 6 Plus: 2014
    • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus: 2015
    • iPhone SE: 2016

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  • With a 20% market share in the world, the iPhone takes away nearly 90% of the profit of the smartphone industry.
  • Innovative features such as mobile payment system, Touch ID etc first arrived on the iPhone. With it’s iSight Camera, the iPhone is widely considered to have revolutionized image quality and clarity.
  • The iPhone 7 will be the next iPhone from Apple and will be launched in a special event in the first or second week of February. All Apple phones have been launched in September.
  • The upcoming iPhone 7 is reported to have dual cameras and a lot of features that are a first to the iPhones. Check out some features that you can expect on the iPhone 7.


So what do you think? What are your expectations from the new iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone – Fix

Are you an ardent Facebook user on your iPhone? Do you feel it is loading too slow on your iPhone on iPad? Or is Facebook not loading on iPhone? Don’t worry, follow these smart tips to fix the problem as if it never existed before!

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone - Fix

iPhone Battery FIX after iOS 9.3 Update

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone – Fix

  • The easiest step is to quit the app and relaunch it
  • Turn on/off WiFi or data connection a few times.
  • Sometimes, all those cookies and websites history that is saved on your phone from those browsing sessions can cause your Facebook application to slow down. Clearing them will help.
  • If you use Safari, do the following: Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data.
  • If you are a Chrome user, do the following: Chrome>Menu>Settings>Privacy>Select the data you want to clear>Clear.
  • Another alternative that fixes the problem always is to uninstall the app and install it again.
  • Restart your phone or try resetting all the settings with a factory reset.
  • Update your Facebook application if it is out of date. Check on the app store often for a new update, especially if you have auto updating turned off.
  • Change the DNS settings on your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, that can be a problem.
  • Finally, if none of these work, report the problem to Facebook and pray that the tech geeks at Palo Alto do something about it.

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So, that’s that! These are some of the ways to fix the issue of Facebook Not Loading on iPhone. Which of them worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!