Best Free Software To Record Screen Activities And Audio From Computer

Caution: This software, by far is the best and freely available, yes true opensource / freeware tool to record all on screen activities along with Audio.

From business presentations to marketing demos, to creating fun videos to doing some serious teaching and training, camtasia is a fantastic screen capturing / recording tool. Only catch, you got to pay for it. I wanted a free alternative that would do what camtasia does, and my search ended with CamStudio.

CamStudio is not just free, but its Open Source, under GNU’s GPL. If your requirements are moderate, then Camstudio beats Camtasia any day, but however after having used both, I personally feel Camtasia, any day is a much better tool compared to CamStudio when it comes to making professional videos.

It’ll be harsh on CamStudio if I say “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys”, because in this case you pay nothing and get quite a  load full. What is better fitting for this amazing software is that; “Best things in life are always free” 🙂

With CamStudio you can record all your screen activities and related audio activity from the system. You can also record audio from your speakers. All the recorded data can be stored in two formats, either in the form of industry-standard Audio Video Interleave (AVIs) or can also be saved as Streaming Flash Videos (SWFs), this is an advantage as SWFs consume more bandwidth when compared to AVI’s.

CamStudios, home build Loss less Codec ensures the video is crystal clear. Their codec is well optimized too which results in smaller file size when compared to videos made by other popular codecs.

You do not need any prior programming experience to record a video or capture a screen shot. There is an extremely useful ‘help’ section which answers most of your questions.

Haven’t tested the CamStudio 2.5 yet, but it claims to support multiple languages, mouse-button-based visual feed back, recording from audio speaker (wait .. thought they already had this feature 😉 ).

Now if you come across the question : “How Do I Show The Technical Support People What’s Happening on My computer?” — simply record what exactly is happening and share the video with them 😉

[ Download CamStudio ]

WinPatrol – An Effective Free Tool Which Sniffs Malicious Objects On Your System- Part 3

How to install WinPatrol:

WinPatrol is one of the easiest to install software. You’ll hardly see any changes in the system while Installing. Scotty on gaurd, gets added to the system tray once WinPatrol is installed. This is the only visible change. There will be nothing added to the pro0gram files and also nothing on the desktop, or toolbars. So much of a relief for those who love deleting all unwanted desktop icons.

WinPatrol - A Tool That Sniff Out Malicious Mysteryware
WinPatrol - A Tool That Sniff Out Malicious Mysteryware

Double clicking the scotty icon brings up Winpatrol, though which you can investigate each tabs at your own pace. There is a help button associated to each tab or page, which will provide more information about that particular page and/or tab and will guide you in a better way to optimize your computer.

WinPatrol is FREE in the real sense, but you can also get a PLUS version for a one time fee of $29.95, which will help the developers of WinPatrol improve the software, making it more robust and hence much better.

With WinPatro PLUS you get access to the ‘secret’ knowledgebase, which sheds information on the programs and files that play around with your systems’ integrity. If there are any hidden registry startup keys, WinPAtrol Plus shows it. And you also get Real time Infiltration Detection with WinPatrol PLUS.

Its not mandatory that you need to get the PLUS version, as most of the important tasks are handled by the free version of WinPatrol. If you are one of those like me, who do not mind spending a dime or two for the good cause, then go ahead and get the PLUS version :).

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2> Part 2 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system
3> Part 3 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system

[ Download WinPatrol 2008 Install Edition | USB Flash Edition ]

WinPatrol – An Effective Free Tool Which Sniffs Malicious Objects On Your System- Part 2

What are Some of the interesting features of WinPatrol:

1. It can remove and disable startup programs. Removing and Disabling Startup Programs
2. There are a lot of IE and Most other Browser Helper Objects
3. WinPatrol lets you schedule tasks
4. A Services Manager that lets you decide and investigate the services that are important and running
5. Expose Hidden Files
6. Options – Host File/Start Page Monitoring
7. Monitor BHO’s and Tool Bars
8. Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks
9. Monitor, Stop and Control Window Services
10. Detect and Lock Changes to File Type Associations
11. Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system
12. Delay Auto-Startup programs for quick bootup
13. Multiple System Report Options
14. Access to WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase – PLUS version only
15. Real-time Infiltration Detection – PLUS version only

1> Part 1 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system
2> Part 2 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system
3> Part 3 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system

[ Download WinPatrol 2008 Install Edition | USB Flash Edition ]

WinPatrol – An Effective Free Tool Which Sniffs Malicious Objects On Your System- Part 1

How would you like computer to behave like an alarm, when a program tries to install something unexpected or probably something nasty like keeping tabs on programs running on your PC? Quite fascinating to think about right? .. this is now possible with the help of WinPatrol.

WinPatrol does this ‘guard job’ where in it alerts you when any unexpected thing is happening. Its goal is to help you understand better what programs are running on your computer and to alert you to any new programs that are added on your system without your knowledge.

It actively monitors your systems startup groups i.e. the registry and startup folder, cookies and active tasks. It provides you with options to enable or disable Startup programs, and also lets you delete cookies based on keywords which can be achieved by cookie monitoring option. Another interesting feature available is the WHOIS lookup tool.

I have personally used a couple of traditional security programs,which scan the hard drive and search for previously identified threats. These programs do a good job of explaining what the threat is and also the severity, the exact location and so on and so forth. These information makes sense to a computer savvy person. If you are not much of a computer person then a better way to explain things to you is in the form of screen shots. Most of the traditional security programs do not have such a feature, but WinPatrol beats the mass here. It keeps screen shots of all the critical system resources on your system and if there is any doubtful change occurs to the critical system resource without your knowledge, WinPatrol alerts you.

1> Part 1 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system
2> Part 2 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system
3> Part 3 – Reviewing WinPatrol – An Effective Free tool to sniff out malicious objects from your system

[ Download WinPatrol 2008 Install Edition | USB Flash Edition ]

Dells Ultra Protable PC – Inspiron Mini 9 for just $399

The world’s second largest personal computer maker, Dell Inc, introduced an ultra-portable PC. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ($399 with Mircrosoft Corp.’s Windows operating system ), which weighs about 1 kg and has an 8.9 inch screen that can present most webpages fully, without scrolling from left to right.

It has a built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a webcam, and is bundled with Dell Video Chat. The ultra-portable comes in Alpine White and Obsidian Black. Dell’s product debuted five months after the HP Mini-Note, whose starting price is almost $150 more than the Dell device. Dell is aiming its products at travellers and social-network users.

Source: bloomberg as sent by Aswin

Best, Effective, Free, Light Weight, IP Messenger for LAN

IP Messenger is a light weight, less resource utilizing, extremely simple to use LAN messenger which is available for various platforms. No server set up hassle, nothing of that sort will trouble you. Configure it once and you are all set to use it without any hiccups.

There are options like lock which will let you know if the user you sent the message to has read your message. A message pops up and tells you when the recipient reads the message.

One feature I did not like about IPMsg is that when you have long conversations, the trial keeps on increasing, and the cursor does point to the last message instead points to the first message, which means that we’ll need to scroll all the way down to read the latest reply, or another easier way is to delete the quoted content everytime you reply.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this version and may be there is a newer version which addresses the issue I’m cribbing about.

There are some nice and cool features like file/folder transfer is really easy – drag and drop does the trick … again if you are sending multiple files at a time, the recepient cannot save all the files at one go. He has to save the files one at a time ! Limitation or was it my older version of IPMsg? :). Did I mention, the file or folder transfer is really quick. Better than mailing those 🙂 .. I haven’t read anything about the File size limitation though …

You can send messages to individual users, multi cast message to selected users or even broadcast the message to all users in your network.

RSA/Blowfish encryptions makes sure the files or folders you are sending across are secure. FQDN support available for Broadcast setup.

All in all, the simplest and most effective solution for IP Messaging between users within LAN.

Download IP Messenger.

Personalize Laptops According To Your Scent Taste And Color

Laptops are getting personal these days and are replacing personal computers gradually. The world is gradually lapping it up. ASUS has come out with another way to personalize your laptops, they are now letting you celebrate your individuality with ASUS F6 series of laptops. The scent from the laptop will make sure its owner is happy always, as we all know that scent plays an important role in setting up mood and whats makes it better is that you get to choose your style. There are 4 different editions, each with an unique design and scent available to choose from, which is generic to match most of the users taste and character. The different captivating designs are : Musky Black, Aqua Ocean, Morning Dew and Floral Blossom.

Oh well there is only one catch, the fragrance may not last life time. May be they have options to refill it every time it runs out 🙂 .. it depends on how much u use it …

F6V Specifications are as follows :

Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology
– Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400
– Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset
– Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN Network Connection
Genuine Windows Vista®
– Genuine Ultimate
– Genuine Business
– Genuine Home Premium/Home basic
DDRII-667/800 DRAM support, up to 4GB
13.3” WXGA Color Shine LCD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470, external 256MB DDR2 VRAM
SATA 120/160/250/320GB
31.2 x 23.19 x 3.2-3.52cm

Did You Hear About Kodak Easyshare v1073 : An Average Camera With Extra-Ordinary HD Capabilies

With touchscreen devices getting cheaper and making their way into every possible gadget, cameras aren’t being left out. It’s Kodak’s turn now.

The EasyShare V1073 is an 11MP camera with a 3x optical zoom. It is thin enough to fit into a shirt pocket easily, but that also makes it a little difficult to hold with a single hand. The touchscreen also makes it difficult to use the camera with just one hand. The power and shoot buttons are positioned close to each other. The 3-inch screen doesn’t have great quality-it is pretty difficult to use outdoors even with the brightness turned up high.

The quality of photos isn’t too different from its predecessors. The colors in the photos are pretty natural but the sharpness will likely be a little too much for most people’s liking. There is image stabilization, but images still end up a little blurry in well-lit scenarios. There is vary little control given to the user, so there is not a lot you can experiment with.

One of the key features is the HD 720p video recording resolution. A typical 25 second clip is 43 MB in size. The quality of the video clips is pretty impressive. The touch screen makes a few other features easily accessible. For example, you can actually type in a tag for every single photo that you shoot using an on-screen keyboard. The high definition video recording is a feature that will interest many.

It’s priced at $300 which sounds very fair price for a camera with so many unique features.

A brief look at Dictionary Apps for Linux

Even though it’s been almost a week since am OpenSUSE up to the point of writing this, I was still hunting for a dictionary/thesaurus for KDE. Also there are a ton of Firefox extensions for dictionary but I prefer a stand alone one that pops with a Ctr+Alt+W.

Also since I don’t have/want OpenOffice (I don’t find much use for it), I could not use the Thesaurus and Dictionary (Ooodi) it provides and Stardict is a no no (It was meant for Gnome).

I added a few of the repos from here (the backport and community repos) and jDictionary turned up in software management. Doesn’t gel with the KDE look, but it does the job, has a thesaurus too.

JaLingo :: OS independent dictionary application

I searched on Sourceforge and I found JaLingo. Very neat piece written in Java, running it is bloody simple. It supports quite a few types of dictionary, I chose to download some of the Sdictionary types.

In comparison to JaLingo, jDictionary allows one to download dictionaries (a limited set available though) within the program, which is very convenient. But Jalingo has a nicer interface and provides for a “drop zone” that you just drag and drop words into and it will show you the meaning and you have the wide variety of dictionary support formats.