Facebook versus Google Plus

With more and more users turning to the internet each day, social networking sites have become highly popular. No site has surpassed Facebook in popularity, but recently a new contender has stepped up to the challenge: Google Plus. There are many features which mimic those of Facebook, but it also has some new ones that many consider vast improvements. Below we will compare and contrast the pros and cons of each social networking site to find out which one is superior.


Google Plus


  1. Google Plus Circles offer a unique way to group your friends and contacts.
  2. Google Plus games are not obnoxious and are not pushed by everyone, making it easy to go about your business without being interrupted.
  3. Posts can be edited on Google Plus, making it easy and convenient
  4. Better security/privacy features but apparently you cannot use an ‘alternate’ or made up name or your account will be deleted.
  5. Here the chat box can be resized to fit your needs.
  6. No apps here…..yet!


  1. Facebook doesn’t have anything similar to circles, people are your friends or aren’t your friends.
  2. Facebook has a wide variety of addicting games but the notifications/invites and spam can be really annoying when you aren’t interested in the games.
  3. Your post is concrete here, forcing you to delete it and repost if you’ve made a simply typo
  4. Here you can have whatever name you want without fear of being banned, however the other privacy features are still lacking and often abused by malicious internet users.
  5. The chat box here cannot be resized, only minimized.
  6. Facebook apps are often spammed and obnoxious.


As you can see by the corresponding features there are quite a few elements that are pulling towards Google Plus, but will it be enough to draw die hard Facebook users towards their social networking site? Google Plus is still new and doesn’t have the ‘big name’ that Facebook does, and doesn’t have near enough users yet. While the features for Google Plus are unique, new, and surprisingly fresh, Facebook will surely counter their new threat with upgrades and new features of their own.

Google Plus’s arrival into the social networking site was bold, but only time will tell if Google Plus will make Facebook the next MySpace or will it die off as other contenders have.

Battle of the tablets: Apple vs. Blackberry

There are die hard Apple fans and hard core Blackberry followers. The tension between these groups is so thick you could slice it and it is all because of the latest tablet computers that have been developed by these corporate giants; the Blackberry Playbook and the iPad 2. Each of these groups claims that their tablet computer is ‘the best’. With fantastic features on each of these different models, it can be hard pressed to stand on one side or the other. So this epic battle of tablet devices wages on as many seek to answer the question: “Which one is better?

We all know that Apple devices are famous because of iTunes and the App Store. This gives any Apple device a +1 automatically. Also, with their new iCloud feature coming this fall there is an even bigger draw towards Apple products.

In order to get a thorough viewpoint on which one is better you need to, of course, examine the specs. Below is picture comparing visually comparing the two devices, and below that is a table comparing the specs side by side.

Playbook on the left, iPad 2 on the right.


I Pad 2 Playbook
Tablet Size 9.7 inches 7.0 inches
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Camera 0.7 megapixel rear camera 5 megapixel rear, 3 megapixel front

Operating System

iOS BlackBerry Tablet OS

Media Output Capabilities

HDMI only HDMI and business presentation


$499-$699 $499-$699


As you can see, despite all of the hype about Apple, iTunes, and all of the other features of the iPad 2, the Playbook hits back. Hard.

So the winner is….


Blackberry Playbook order online in India.

Epson WorkForce 635 All-In-One Printer, Review, Price, Availability

This great Epson printer WorkForce 635, is the jack-of-all but master-of-all too. It performs all functions scan, fax, print and resolve most of the world’s urgent problems like global warming, Mideast peace etc. increasing the level of quality work, it is WorkForce 635 which brings to you the world’s quickest automatic one and two sided print speeds in its class 1, two sided printing/copying and two sided Automatic Document Feeder [ADF].

The WorkForce utilizes 127 Extra High Capacity Black ink to take you through the toughest of jobs at speeds of 15 ISO ppm [black] and 7.2 ISO ppm[colour]. It also uses 127 Extra High-Capacity Black ink to give you 2x more prints per cartridge, so that you do not have to change the cartridges very often.

A few distinguished features of the WorkForce 635 are:-

1] Saving on time- this is possible because you will be using WorkForce 635, the world’s quickest all-in-one printer in both one and two side printing.

2] Save paper –Because of its automatic two sided printing facility, you are able to save at least 50% of the paper supply.

3] Print twice as much –You get about 2x more prints with its 127 Extra High-Capacity Black ink cartridges.

4] Less hassle because it has a built in capacity of 250 paper tray, so you will not have to change paper very often.

5] Front USB Port –Insert thumb drive and upload files directly to you PC.

6] Protects important documents –because of the smudge, fade and water resistant prints, important documents can be stored safely.

7] Save energy – uses upto 70% less power than other printers.

TechCrunch had organized a competition, and the best commenter would win an Epson WorkForce 635 Printer. Unfortunately, I missed out seeing this on right time :(. Those of you who still would like to pick it up, can do so from Epsons product page. It’s Regular Price is$229.99, where as you can currently avail a discount of 22%, i.e. you save $50.00, which means you’ll pick up the product for $179.99.

Hosting And Cost Of Doing Business

If you see the image above, you’ll notice the dip in traffic. The server being down was the reason for the dip. If you run a small website, then the dip is insignificant. But just imagine the damage/loss you’ll incur because of the dip. The traffic on my site was down for almost a day. this is the problem if you host with small time web hosting companies.

I’m looking to change my web hosting company. I’m not sure if I should opt for dedicated server. The traffic on this site is not that high that I should opt for one, but I’m sure, with dedication and hard work, it’ll grow up to that level in coming months. Sooner or later I will have to switch on to dedicated server. I was checking out some web sites which review web hosting services, as it is very important for any webmaster to do a complete analysis of which web hosting services before they’dopt for one. I checked out the dedicated server section at WebHostingGeeks and they have a detailed list of the top services in the market.

They also have a section called green hosting, where they review the industries top green hosting services. For those who do not know what green hosting is :

Green web hosting is great for obvious reasons – with the backing of a respectable green web host, you can feel good about your role in saving the earth, since green web hosts use alternative / renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste and purchase RECs to power their datacenters.

I would like to hear from you folks about your personal experience, please leave your

Negative Things / Disadvantages About Apple iTouch Before You Buy One

If you are here, you mostly are a smart shopper and trying to do your research thoroughly about iTouch, before you buy one, I have only one thing to tell you – Just run to your nearest Apple shop and pick up an iTouch for yourself !

Even if you search hard, it’s very difficult to find negative reviews about iTouch. You may find a few here and there, but on a large scale everyone praises iTouch including me !

My only two concerns are :
1> The battery costs $79 if you have to replace it, but again, before replacing a battery you have 500 recharge cycles, which means by the time you head to replace the battery, you will have a lot better Latest Apple products in the market which you’ll end up buying 😉
2> and the second concern is, though iTouch it has a solid screen, you should ensure that you don’t crack it. Coz, if you manage to, then there is no replacement for it. You’ll have to buy a new one !

With that said, I highly recommend that you get go ahead and get yourself an iTouch right away !

Best Backup and Synchronization Software

For most PC users, backing up your files is a lot like going to the dentist – we have a tendency to put it off till we actually have to. By that point, it’s regularly too late and the damage might have already been done. The excellent news is that there are now some wonderful Windows backup software products available that make backing up comparatively straightforward and painless.

So simple that PC users at each level can customarily and mechanically protect their crucial info from disaster. I have attempted some famous backup software to ONLY backup files to my backup drive mechanically and ultimately I decide to use 2BrightSparks SyncBackSE

Features of SyncBackSE :

Copy locked or open files ( XP / 2003 )
Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
Robust FTP engine & AES encryption
Fantastic feature set and customization
Generous Licensing Policy
Intensive Help Paperwork

The SyncBack enables users to maintain backup copies of their files and folders or to synchronise them, so that both locations always have a total copy. As an example, a user can have a notebook and a desktop PC. In a work trip, he could be making and changing files on the notebook. When he returns from the trip, he’ll have SyncBackSE synchronise those changes with the desktop.

According to 2BrightSparks, the software offers numerous kinds of actions that allow users select how older and newer files are going to be processed, and which files should be excluded. Features include standard file comparison based mostly on the date and size, and optional MD5 checksum, that will detect even the smallest modifications to files. SyncBack also supports prepared projects, sophisticated FTP backup with encryption, zip compression of backups, and network login and simulation runs.

Though the SyncBack software is satisfactory for several users, corporations may wish to use SyncBackSE for its added features, the company recounted. For example, the Fast Backup option makes the software perform quicker on many general levels, for example directory scanning. SyncBackSE also uses a totally new and improved compression engine which is at least twice as quick, has better compression, and no boundaries on the dimensions of the Zip file or the amount of files in the Zip file.

A new FTP engine also improves performance and compatibility with FTP servers, and offers new features like MODEZ transfer compression. The safety of the commercial version in addition has been augmented using 256-bit AES encryption. SyncBackSE is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Normal Chinese. My experience with SyncBackSE After the 1st backup which took quite some time to backup 15GB of info, the following incremental backup takes only seconds!

It searches for new and updated / modified files and copies it over to my backup drive. Why I selected SynBackSE? One word, fast! Unlike the famous prize winning Genie Backup, the incremental backup takes so long as the standard backup. The file scanning technology is kind of slow and I do not need that. This could be an extremely basic, simple to use and awfully fast backup software for both newbs and sophisticated users. Strongly recommended for folk who backs up information daily. Incredibly , this software is developed by Singaporeans!

[ More Info About SyncBackSE ]

Computer Slowing Down By Day ? Registry Problems ? CCleaner Is The Solution

I do recommend good, personally used and tested software every now and then, whenever I bump into good ones. This time around it’s CCleaners turn. I admit, it is one of the best, freely available freeware, which comes handy for everyone, novice to expert.

If you are looking for a free, system optimization software, then CCleaner is the tool where your search ends. If you have unused files on your system, CCleaner deletes/removes all of them, whch will ensure your Windows runs faster. CCleaner frees up some valuable space on your hard disc space.

If you are an active internet user then CCleaner is a must ! Clears your internet history and also ensures it wipes all the temporary and unnecessary files, off your system. It also has a fully featured registry cleaner. You have an option to take back up of your registry file, which ensures you can revert back to your previous setting, if anything goes wrong (which has never happened for me so far 🙂 ).

CCleaner is free, light weight and takes less than a few minutes to free your computer from all your bogging speed issues.

[ Download CCleaner ]

Airtel Call Home Rocks So Far !!

Reliable Calling Sucks … yes, read my review on reliable calling and learn how bad the experience with Reliable Calling was and also their ‘Sucks to the Core’ customer service. By the way, I still haven’t heard from them even after sending them like a million emails.. !

I decided to try Airtel Call home, and this time I’ve been really happy with the package Airtel Call Home has offered so far.

No call drops.

Superior audio quality.

Instant call connection, no need to wait.

A detailed summary of who you have called and when you have called can be tracked from your account.

No – ‘Sorry not able to understand the number you have dialed’, which is a common problem I had with Reliable Calling.

Airtel call home is slightly costlier than reliable calling, but is worth every single penny.

**I’ll update this page as my experience with Airtel Cal Home progesses.

** Update **

Learn how to make cheapest calls to India from US …


The sales of the Indica V2 picking up on the cab drivers front ,thanks to its excellent mileage compromised a little with the maintenance (which I am sure lease plan company would have taken care of). Amidst this gloomy scenario “Tata motors” tried to launch a new hatchback “family” car which would be pleasant to one and all with its stunning new looks and so much of horse power buckled in below the bonnet, and I am left flabbergasted. My only exclamation – WOW !!!

The new “Indica Vista Quadrajet 1.3” is the “passenger” car for the Indian Roads !!!

Read on to find more details.

The first glimpse of the Vista is just like an Indica , more speculation reveals the real picture .The car measures nearly 3.8 meters in length, 1.7 meters in width with a best-in-class 2470mm of wheelbase which means ever more interior room. There is a new central character line on the hood, a sharp new crease line that run across the length of the car just below the beltline, a fuss-free ‘clean’ front bumper with classy circular fog lamps.

Interiors and Comfort

Talking of the ergonomics of the car – seat height adjustment and the steering column adjustment are good features made available for the pricing of the car.

The quality especially has taken a huge leap but even though very decent, its still not the best in its class. The interior panels gaps are still there and the plastic quality lacks the premium feel.

Tata designers have used a multiple textures and soft grain plastics to drive home the desired feel good factor about the interiors . Some of the plastic bits in the car, especially around the door pads are positively down market and there are still parts which dont fit together as well, like for example the steering wheel shrouds and inside door opening levers which feel flimsy.

The biggest ergonomic change is the placement of the instrument console which is now in the middle of the dashboard just like the Chevvy Spark or the Nissin X-Trail with some calling it a disaster while some swearing by in-driving passenger involvement it provides. The ergonomics is quite user friendly and just needs some getting used to feeling. The instrument cluster incorporates a tachometer and fuel gauge at the either side of the large speedo and various other tell-tale lights. The instrument panel lights up in a gorgeous white light while the electronic odometer fonts light themselves in blue digits.

Engine, Performance and Gearshift

The Fiat’s little wonder 1.3 Mulitjet (Called Quadrajet for Vista) yet. The engine is tuned more for low and mid-range than top end rush and develops 75 ps and 190 nm of torque at barely 1750 rpm!

The drive is very smooth with great torque even with the a/c on and four people inside the car. What it lacks is that extra thrust when the car hits the 2000 rpm provided in the Swift VDI. But for the daily routine drive the car can pull off excellently with great fuel efficiency.

The gear shift quite pleasing not the best though ,fits the car best . The shift is quite easy. The clutch is not very stiff and is very responsive.

The performance not even a mere match of a Swift or a palio when comes to unleashing the horse power ,but a very well refined engine for routine driving keeping the economy factor into consideration.

Ride and Handling

The new sub-frame mounted stiffened suspension is quiet and works unobstrusively even when going over larger than average Indian potholes. The all new semi independent twist beam suspension at the rear has a big role to play in it and it also eliminates the alignment issues the Indica is plagued with.The handling is failsafe at city speeds although there is a bit of body roll.

Freeway drive : Bangalore to Mysore.

The car could easily move through the traffic at honorable speed with very less effort, thanks to the improved maneuverability, the hydraulic power steering. Picked up some thirty odd kilometers in forty minutes hit Kanakpura nice road first space to check the beast. She quickly picked up 80 kmph in third gear all windows up and now no signal of the diesel car roaring .A peaceful drift to 100kmph in 4th and 120kmph in 5th ,everything going smooth . But what happened to the “Tata’s” they still dint refine on the steering control the vehicle wobbles above hundred very unusual for a car that heavy. Next thing I prayed for was to avoid a truck on the right lane and still cruise in the same speed , quickly maneuvering to the left but a BMW 7 series just zipped by in the lane ,putting me in shivers . I trusted the “TATA” for at least the braking . TATA I wished it was driving my “Swift” that day . It took roughly about 20 secs more than the swift would be in control from 120kmph – stand still luckily the trucker moved at the same speed without slowing . First lesson learned about the car at high speeds.

I had the chance again this time to unleash the power of the car , drifted the car at speed of 140 kmph (keeping in mind the lesson ) ,the car depressed me with its unsturdiness . the car just looses its peace and quietness . The whole car wobbles and your confidence of driving is sent down the nerves. I realized from then on , the car is made for the Indian roads for better economy driving conditions .

The journey then went on good, car pretty stable at 120 with little wobbling . Hit mysore in an hour and fifty minutes .


The build of the car could have been a little better but nonetheless satisfactory for the pricing and safety standards. Excellent fuel efficiency , approximately 14 kmpl of diesel in city driving conditions and 17 kmpl on a long trip . Seating comfort is excellent with spacing in the rear seat managed meticulously. Boot space more than satisfactory for the hatchback segment. Suspension not very satisfactory for the long trip journey. The entire package for 5.7 on road is something the TATA’s are able to battle in the frugal diesel engine market.

Overall a good economy car for the passenger drive.!!!

This makes me skeptical of whats in store for NANO – the common man car….

-Mithun Sheshadri

Relaible Calling Sucks – Which Calling Card Should I Buy To Make Calls To India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka

US trip is very common if you work in any software company these days, and any desi who lands in US will be confused as to which calling card they need to pick, to make phone calls back home.

If you have friends in the US, then it is not a problem as they would have tried out most if not all the options, and will be in a position to guide you to pick the best service available.

Note: I’ll update this page as and when necessary and when things change.

I had two options, either Airtel call home or reliable calling. The first calling card I tried was Reliable calling https://www.reliablecalling.com . Unfortunately, I made a wrong choice to start with.

Reliable calling had a Christmas offer running, it cost only 3.9 cents / min and Airtel call home was priced at 5 cents / min. I thought I’d go with the cheaper option to start with and bought a $10 package.

My first call was fine, but later that night the actual problems started. To get through a single call I effectively had to make a dozen attempts. I could barely hear any thing from the other end, even if I did manage to get through the call. Essentially, I had to try 15 – 20 times which included 3 – 5 drop calls to make one successful call!! Half the rime the IVR failed to recognize the number I was trying to reach – I was greeted with this message “I’m Sorry, I’m unable to understand the number” !

I’m not exaggerating, seriously !! Guess they have failed to implement a decent IVR ! What’s more frustrating is, Reliable Callings customer care sucks.  No one bothers to respond to any of your mails !

Lesson learnt – All that’s cheap is really not worth a penny !

Look at this call summary and you’ll realize that I’m not kidding :

Relaible Calling Sucks - Which Calling Card Should I Buy To Make Calls To India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka

Relaible Calling Sucks - Which Calling Card Should I Buy To Make Calls To India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka

Now Airtel has their republic day offer running, and my roomie suggested to pick up Airtel as he’s never had any problem so far.

This week will be trying Airtel Call Home package and see how exactly it works out for me.


Airtel call home is way much better than reliable calling.

Learn how to make cheapest calls to India from US …