Affordable CRM For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and it is a business system for managing interactions with potential customers, current customers, lead management, sales, marketing, and more. There are multiple CRM software systems that are offered to businesses (both large and small) however each one varies drastically in efficiency, price, and available features. One popular CRM software offered to businesses is called AIMcrm.

General information

AIMcrm is a customer relationship management software for small and medium sized businesses. There are several features for CRM programs that many CRM software products get wrong most notably the user interface, ease of use, and overall price. Let’s take a look at how AIMcrm withholds under scrutiny.

Positive features

Some great features about this program is its excellent filtering and manipulation of data. It also has tons of features pre-configured such as integrated billing, mortgage, and insurance applications. On top of that it has live support.

Negative features

There are not many negative points about this software however one small problem is the interface. While it is not overly difficult, it still takes a while to get used to mainly because there are simply so many features and incoming data.


The price is fairly inexpensive for such a powerful tool. At only $55 a month (and no extra fees), it is quite affordable however users must sign a contract for a set period of time.

Overall opinion

All in all AIMcrm is an excellent CRM software program for small and medium businesses and offers outstanding features for a small monthly fee. While the user interface might take a bit to get used to, that is simply due to all of the information and manipulation features that AIMcrm offers.

Visit AIM CRM Software

Free 1-Year Download IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO With Free 1-Year License Code

Advanced SystemCare Pro application is designed by the IObit solutions. The company claims it to be the world’s best system utility to boost the performance of computer. This application is an easy to use, award winning and effective system tool to accelerate and safeguard your PC. It provides a consistent automated service for PC maintenance using anti-spyware, system clean-up and privacy protection abilities.

Features of SystemCare PRO:

  • Turbo Boost removes excessive background process to accelerate your PC.
  • Boost your computer’s overall performance and trustworthiness to experience the feeling of new PC.
  • High-performance Disk Defragmentation performance with the help of SmartDefrag disk optimization.
  • Next-Gen Registry Deep Clean as well optimization is designed for optimum performance.
  • Ensure PC speed with superb performance by releasing the inherent power of the PC

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO costs $29.95 for one-year license. You can also obtain this paid version free of cost as a part of promotion offer

To obtain a free copy of this software you just have to visit the promotion site and register your email address here.

After installing this application enter the below mentioned account name and license code:

Account Name: ascyccgjg

License Code: EABC-EABC-F0FF-E950

You can get this IObit Advanced SystemCare v3.7 PRO from here. To turn on the software, release Advanced SystemCare and then click on “Upgrade” button on the left bottom and click “Enter License Now” after that enter the license to activate.

We feel that this is an ideal package for people who are looking for speeding up their systems.  Not only does it act as an anti-spyware, it has a lot of system cleanup and security features.

Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

PostworkShop, through Budapest-based software development – Xycod, is really an effective, extensive and easy-to-use artistic graphic treatment application, that is made to change your picture in to a good oil painting or perhaps watercolor, pale sketching or even pencil sketch, abstract art work or perhaps old-time-style photograph, through the use of natural looking creative filter systems. Postworkshop comes in three types – PostworkShop Basic Release, PostworkShop Artist Edition and PostworkShop Pro Edition.

PostworkShop Basic Edition that has fifty inbuilt creative styles usually expenses $19 per solitary permit. In order to advertise the actual progressive PostworkShop graphic application, Xycod is currently offering PostworkShop Basic Release at free of cost.

To get the free copy of PostworkShop Basic Edition visit the promotion

After that click, “Buy” button of PostworkShop Basic Edition. Now at shopping cart enter the following coupon code- CPN4890710839 and then press “Enter” to get an access the $19 discount for downloading the full version of PostworkShop Basic Edition. After that fill up the whole form and press “Checkout” and “submit” to get the copy of software.


Use the following links to download.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Mac.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Windows.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition is enhanced protection software and it is based on cloud technology, which provides complete protection shield against spyware, virus, and rootkits. It is having real-time connection with Panda labs for Online Collective intelligence servers to safeguard more quickly against the latest spyware variants while slightly influencing PC performance.

It is designed to turn off the Autorun feature that will help to safeguard users from infections that multiply by means of flash drives. Additionally it consists “Automatic USB Vaccination” to retain users from drifting down to destructive activities. Several users do not mind paying out to obtain superior antivirus to keep away from spyware, virus, spams, and harmful activities and provides them peace of mind. But why to pay, if you are able to obtain this fantastic antivirus for free, which costs $29.95?


Users will therefore need to type their first name, last name and a valid email id and after that click the Continue button. After filling all, the information users have to confirm and verify email id by click the link in your inbox.

 After that, users will be redirected to a new website where they will find one-year activation key for your antivirus software. After installing their copy of software, they have to activate their copy with this activation key.

Get A Free Serial Code For IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

Get A Free Serial Code For IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

IObit SystemCare Pro is a Windows utility, which provides comprehensive tools to enhance the performance of system. This application featured with anti-spyware protection, privacy protection, and performance tune ups including with system cleaning feature. This is an automated all in one PC healthcare system.

This award-winning precision tool fixes several errors and bugs such as stubborn errors, clean out clutter, internet bugs, personal security, computer performance, enhance computer performance and etc.

IObit advanced SystemCare utility costs $29.95 to buy. However users can get it for free by going to the offers for PC Authority downloads. You can get free copy of this Windows utility by visiting to the PC authority offers. PC authority is giving the license key for IObit advanced SystemCare pro 3.6.1 to its only registered members.

In order to grab the free copy of IObit advanced SystemCare pro, you have to register yourself as a member of either PC Authority Software Store or PC Authority Downloads. Once you become the registered users, you can visit to the offer page to get a free copy of the Windows utility. You can jump to the offer page via this link.

The IObit advanced SystemCare pro supports 32bit and 64bit Windows 7 and Vista. At promotional stage, you just put your username and password to get the license code info of the Windows utility. This is a complete package of system healthcare including several tools and tune-ups features for the system.

Download LogoMaker version 2 To For Free with Genuine License Code

LogoMaker version 2 Is Available To Download For Free with Genuine License Code

A logo symbolizes the brands name and promotion. The attractive and unique logo could be the imperative elements of any business or venture. Logo symbolizes the company identity in the market. Usually people identify the company by their unique logo and that’s why companies try to make their logo unique and attractive.
The special and innovative logo will help company to stand out from the crowd. LogoMaker is a powerful logo maker application, which provides users tools to create compelling logos without spending dollars to get it done by other firm. There are several outsourcing companies available that offer logo creating service to companies against huge amount of service charge. You can save substantial amount of money by using LogoMaker handy application.
With this application users can create unique logo from the new templates or edit the predesigned templates. Moreover, Logomaker comes with 500 modifiable logos and templates categorized by interest and industry. These all preloaded templates are professionally designed to cater for the requirement of the users.
Users can modify and edit these logos and create the new logo of their company. Additionally, LogoMaker has 2,500 objects and shapes for creating logos. Users will get all features that required for creating and designing the unique logo such as vector base shape editor, drag & drop, graphic engine for text & image manipulation, blur type, transparency, shadow, depth structure, shininess and many more.

Prominent features of LogoMaker

• Text and object editing effects: Transparency, shadow, gradient, 3D, reflection mirror, blur and etc.
• Interactive interface
• Polygonal, regular, wavy, projective, and concave text
• Advanced alignment tools
• Image adjustment tools such as grayscale, emboss, and invert
• Complete layer control
• Attractive, transparent and solid color background
• Export to JPG, PDF, TIF and other file formats
You can download LogoMaker 2 for $29.99 with genuine license key.

Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code

Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 For Free With 6 Month License Code



 Have you used different internet security software and still not sufficed? Here is one of the most popular internet security applications named East-Tec Eraser 2010. This utility is especially designed to protect your private and confidential information including clean all clues of internet activities quickly. You will definitely wish to keep your browsing history or data to be secured or keep away from the others reach. That’s why this utility is the best option to do so.


Compelling features of East-Tec Eraser 2010

• Delete or remove entire evidence of your online and internet activities such as visited web pages, photos, video clips, movies, e-mails, chatting conversation, and others.
• Remove the traces of documents and images that you have accessed earlier
• It supports highly-popular web browsers such as Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
• It support wide range of programs such as news, messengers, email, players and others
• Delete cookies of your system
• Permanent deletion of all digital information for secure browsing or transaction over the web
Usually, it costs $49.95 for 1 year license key code. However, users can grab the free copy of 6 month license serial code easily. You just have to complete the registration form of the PC Authority.
• Initially, visit the promotional site page to complete the registration process
• Shortly, an email will be delivered to your mail account from the EAST Technologies Support containing a link to get free license key for 6 months.
• Click on the link and you will see a new webpage

 Download East-Tec Eraser 2010 from here.

Trick To Extend ANS Rearmwindows 7Activation Grace Period

Trick To Extend ANS Rearmwindows 7Activation Grace Period

The all new Windows 7 is going to carry on the trend of trial software which has been started with the release of Windows Vista. You can now install Windows 7 with no product key but only for free usage of 30 days evaluation period. Throughout the activation free grace period of 30 days, you won’t have to activate Windows 7 edition. You can make use of Windows 7 of whichever edition along with full functionality.

The Windows 7 activation utility will remind the user about the number of days left to enter a valid product key for the 30 days after which it will block the usage of the operating system. Actually, Windows 7 can be provided with a surreptitious ‘rearm’ product key for resetting the free evaluation 30 days limit. With this rearm key you can extend the activation-grace period or expiry date of the evaluation period for one more 30 days officially.

Microsoft offers 3 opportunities to ‘rearm’ the operating system. It works as an element of tool designed for system administrator for restoring and resetting activation state Win 7 to the factory state throughout the early OOB grace period.

Accordingly with the ‘rearm’ hack, you can extend the grace period activation of Win 7 used for up to 3 times more, and it operates more efficiently with no product key and with no activation for 4 months. The rearm hack has to be carried out only when the activation grace period is going to expire soon. ‘Rearm’ hack on Windows 7 is carried out with the help of similar steps and commands that are available in Vista.

Following is step by step process to extend the evaluation period to 120 days:

  • First of all, install Windows 7 free activation grace period available without product key.
  • After installation, apply the Windows 7 used for 30 days.
  • When the expiry date of the free evaluation period closes in, start your Windows 7 and then launch Command Prompt.
  • Enter any one of the commands into the cmd given below:

slmgr.vbs –rearm

sysprep /generalize

slmgr /rearm

rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows

  • Restart Windows 7, and use for 30 days more. Just enjoy the new activation period as well as there is no requirement to crack it.
  • When this period reaches to the expiry date just go over the ‘rearm’ trick again and enjoy another 30 day usage of Windows 7. However, the rearm command could be run for only 3 times.

Fool Your Friends By Altering Your Voice Via AV Voice Changer Software 6.0.31

Fool Your Friends By Altering Your Voice Via AV Voice Changer Software 6.0.31

AV Voice Changer Software is mainly used to manipulate or change your voice to special pitch and tones for some reasons. You can make use of this software to conceal your identity when voice chatting or making PC-to-Phone call or an internet call to somebody else.

The AV Voice Changer Software is an expert in changing your voice and offers different tasks related to voice changing. Furthermore, this application can also generate voice dubbing, voice-over plus voice messaging. Anyone can use this software for sending voice mails, voice messages, presentations, video clips, e-Cards, etc.

An in built Voice Recorder is provided to capture and record audio and voice. This helps to the users who want to record their voice chat sessions. In addition to this, one more helpful function of the AV VCS application is the in built MP3. This program plays audio files into lots of formats, and it also morphs songs for providing some new experiences and styles in digital music entertainments.

AV Voice Changer Software edition 6.0.31 is a latest version of this software and obtainable for free trial period. Working of this trial version is quite convenient with several ordinary VoIP programs, e.g. Net2Phone, Skepe, Vonage etc.

This software is also companionable with the majority of the instant messenger programs for example Yahoo Messenger which is accompanied by Voice, Windows Live Messenger , AIM, Skype etc.

Download AV Voice Changer:

version6.0.31 | 12.93MB

Gold version 6.0.31 | 11.82MB

Diamond version 6.0.31 | 16.02MB

Download Partition Wizard Home Or Business Edition At Free Of Cost

Download Partition Wizard Home Or Business Edition At Free Of Cost

The Windows Vista, Windows server and Windows 7 already have inbuilt partition Manager (Disk Management) incorporated with useful features and functions. However, some of the users would like to try third party partition tools in order to avail more services and advanced features. Disk management is not the task that you have to perform frequently. Therefore, you have to be vigilant while choosing the third party partition tools. Partition wizard Home and Business edition is completely free partition manager that supports Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Partition Wizard allows users to execute difficult partition operations such as copying partition, resizing the partition, format partition, partition recovery, hide partition, explore partition, etc.

Compelling Features of Partition Wizard Home and Business Edition:

  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/windows 7 operating system (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • There is Extend System Partition in order to improve computer performance.
  • Support RAID
  • Best Disk Management tool to manage disk operations in order to improve performance.
  • Users can easily create, edit, and delete partitions.
  • Disk copy feature to protect and transfer data.
  • Easy way to convert FAT format to NTFS format.
  • Copy Disk wizard feature allows users to copy one partition to another one without reinstalling Windows.
  • Partition copy feature allows users to copy complete hard disk to another hard disk.
  • Explore NTFS/FAT partition
  • Disk Map Feature allows users to view the changes on disk in categorically manner.
  • Hide/Unhide partition, change the properties of partition, and set active partition.

There are two version of Partition Wizard, Home and Business edition that supports server operating system such as windows server 2000, 2003, 2008 in 32 and 64 bit. However, users have to avail the services of these two siblings of partition wizard. The name of these two siblings of partition wizards are – Partition Wizard Server Edition which costs $119 and Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition which costs $299.  The partition wizard home edition is available to download free from here.