Vlc Does Not Support Audio Video Format

While trying to play videos on VLC you may encounter this problem:

No Suitable Decoder Module:
Vlc does not support the audio or video format “undf”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.”

There could be two reasons for this:

  1. The media file you are trying to play is either incomplete or corrupted. If this is the case, then please try getting a clean copy of the media file or re-downloading the file is the solution.
  2. The other reason could be because VLC player does not have the required codec to play that media file. If this is the problem one of these two solutions should work:
    1. Check the version of VLC and if you have outdated version, download the latest version and install it :  – Click to Download.(To know how to uninstall a program, go to ‘Note‘ at the end of this post)
    2. If the file does not play, even after downloading the latest version, then download this codec pack : “Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP)” and install it : – Click to Download

Try running the media after you’ve installed CCCP and they should work fine.


These posts should help you uninstall a program:

  1. Uninstall programs that are not removable.
  2. List and Uninstall programs.
  3. Uninstall or remove a program in Windows (Microsoft Windows).

Free XML SiteMap Generator For Websites to Download Unlimited Pages

For WordPress Blogs :

If you have a blog which is set up on WordPress, then please use this plugin : Google XML Sitemaps, which is by far the best plugin you can ask for.

It’s an easy task to install plugin. This post explains how plugins can be installed Manually  or automatically.

For Other websites which are not on WordPress or any other CMS:

I’ve used these services and I’m listing them in order of my preference:

I was able to generate full XML Sitemaps with these, without any limitations. There were a few other sites, which did allow to create XML Sitemaps, but had limitations like:

  • XML-Sitemaps.com (upto 500 URLs free, you can upgrade to Pro version)
  • Web-Site-Map.com (upto 4000 free, did not find a link to Pro version, so not sure if they have one)

An Overview of Why Bandwidth Monitors Are Essential For Businesses

Why do you need a bandwidth monitor?

The internet has become the life essence of many businesses and almost every business in existence today utilizes the internet in some shape or form; whether its sending emails to clients, employees researching information, updating information, selling products, or more.

With the rise of the internet came the rise of such sites that are….well distractions for people in workplaces. If you own a business or have employees working for you, catching them slacking off while using Facebook or watching YouTube videos is probably a massive pet peeve for you. But how do you prevent them from doing these activities when you are not around?

Thankfully all computers connect to the same internet and this can then be monitored by tools called bandwidth monitors. Bandwidth monitors are essential for business owners and allow them to ensure their business is running at maximum efficiency.

What exactly do these monitors do?

Bandwidth monitors are not just for ensuring miscellaneous sites are not visited, but they also provide security and data analysis to ensure that other areas of the network are made efficient.

With online threats abundant, it is important for businesses that utilize the internet to protect themselves against DNS attacks. A successful DNS attack could shut down a network for days and cause countless hours of work and lost profits.

Additionally bandwidth monitors allow successful analysis of traffic and internet usage. As many businesses are bound by tight (and expensive) bandwidth constraints, making the most out of what they have is essential – and a main reason why many utilize bandwidth monitors.

Bandwidth monitor features: traffic reporting, extracting user information, traffic analysis, traffic monitoring, and more!

How much do bandwidth monitoring tools cost?

Now that you see how essential bandwidth monitors are, the question you are probably wondering is how much these monitors cost. First off, as with most programs, you can find free programs and then you can find paid ones. There are pro’s and con’s to each however finding the right one can be a difficult task. Below are a few bandwidth monitors with a few of their key features.

Bandwidth Monitor Pro
Price: Free for 30 days.
Key features: This program has an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly set it up and customize the settings. There are notifications that will alert you of a multitude of things and it is great for IT professionals and business owners.

Download Bandwidth Monitor Pro.

Rokario Lite
Price: free
Key Features: This is the free version of a paid version described below. It has several great features such as customizable elements, real-time updates, helpful graphs, a theme designer, and more.

Download Rokario Lite.

Rokario Professional
Price: £9.75
Key Features: This paid version has all of the features as the free version and much more. With programmable notifications, HTTP and Data server broadcast, customizable web output, log functions, click through mode, and more, it really makes up for the small cost with its functionality.

Download Rokario Professional.

Automize Your Web Tasks With iMacros

What is iMacros?

Oftentimes tasks on the internet will be repetitive and similar in nature; whether it’s filling in forms, transferring/copying data, clicking, or performing some other menial task, people often get tired of the repetition. IMacros is a user friendly program that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It also runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. This program is a browser based recorder that can record/replay actions and also allows you to edit the macros script to perform your own defined functions.

Click here to view an example of iMacros at work extracting data: Extract Data via iMacros (2 MB Downloadable file).

What are the different variants of iMacros and what do they cost?

For iMacros, there are three different versions: the free edition, the pro edition, and the scripting edition. Most people will generally settle with the free edition because well…its free, but there are some who have advanced iMacros needs and will need an upgraded version. Below are the three different editions with links and prices.

Free Edition – This edition is an add-on for Firefox and is completely free. It gives you the basic tools to record online processes, replay the recording, edit the script, and much more.  This should be more than sufficient for any personal use.
Price – Free
Link – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/imacros-for-firefox/

Pro Edition – This includes a few extra features such as: iMacros web browser, password encryption,
Price – $199.00 USD
Link – Free 30 Day trail of the Scripting and Pro edition: http://www.iopus.com/download/imacros/

Scripting Edition – This edition offers a bit more user options and is only a fraction of the cost for competing software. This edition allows iMacros to work with Windows Scripting Host, Visual Basic, and more. These features make it simply to have iMacros perform complex automated tasks without any interference from the user.
Price – $499.00 USD
Link – Free 30 Day trail of the Scripting and Pro edition: http://www.iopus.com/download/imacros/

Now, obviously you are going to use the free edition, unless your parts of a business or you’ve got some other obscure reason for purchasing the more expensive versions. Once you’ve got the free version installed click here to view a screenshot of iMacros. You’ll see that there are several parts boxed in red and numbered. Below we’ll explain what each one of these are:

  1. This is the icon to open up iMacros on Firefox. When you click it will open up iMacros on the left side of your web browser.
  2. This is the iMacros tray; in here are your various demos, iMacros scripts, and your options.
  3. These are your demos. Click here to see a screenshot of the various demos that come with iMacros.
  4. These are your actual scripts that you’ve recorded yourself. To play them simply double click or highlight one and then click ‘Play’.
  5. This is your options. From here you can Play/Record/ Loop your script for a specified number of times, edit your script, and more. Click here to see what the script editor looks like.

The demos that come with your free download will give you an idea on how to properly use iMacros. Once you get more familiar you can edit the scripts, and even create your own.

Remote Desktop Sharing Applications

List of Best Desktop Sharing / Remote Desktop Access Tools

Desktop sharing and control applications are widely used by a lot of people, especially when troubleshooting computers from remote locations.

Here it’s assumed that your computer is up and running, and is connected to the internet. If your computer has booting problem or if you have internet connection issues, then you cannot use these tools.

These are real handy tools that you might want to have on your systems. There are several benefits of using these applications as per your requirements including some negative aspects.

Advantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • It enables you to have control and perform any task on your computer remotely. If you are on the go and want to get some files from your office computer, then you can use these applications to get your work done.
  • Moreover, it is used for troubleshooting by having your computer being accessed professionals remotely from other location and helps you resolve the problem without having to visit your place personally.
  • It enables quick sharing of various files and other data with complete control like sending commands to print or any other operation.
  • Connection process is very stringent as it requires password and ID of both users while getting connected in some applications.

Disadvantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • Sometimes it is a little dangerous or vulnerable to use these facilities on computer, as its security is at stake. Although most of the applications provide secured connections, some of the data could be stolen easily by the hackers.
  • Moreover, hackers can easily breach the security wall of each system while using these applications and send virus or bugs to the computers.
  • Thus, transferring sensitive and imperative data must be done in highly secure manner

Different Types of remote access applications:

There are innumerable paid and free applications available in the market to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you could choose the best one. However, there are some other factors that a play vital role in selecting the one you need such as budget. One of the most renowned desktop software applications is TeamViewer, which provides complete interface access to its users and allows them to get connected to others.


  1. Mostly all applications are free to use with access to limited functionality. In order to unlock more advanced features, users will have to pay the amount mentioned in the official package of the software they are using.
  2. High Internet connectivity is must to get linked to the required computer and avoid problems like disconnection or slowness of data transfer.
  3. Some applications are modified and developed to be used on Smartphones such as iPhone.

TeamViewer – It establishes connection between your computer and your partner’s computer within no time. It gives you complete remote access to your partner’s computer. It is free to use only for personal purpose, but when it comes to corporate use, you have to pay some fees, in order to use the extra features of corporate account.

I’ve always got innumerable requests to make a list of TeamViewer alternative software. One known problem with TeamViewer is that it throws ‘Commercial Use Suspected’ even when used legitimately.  You have two options then: 1> Reinstall TeamViewer, 2> Remove TeamViewer.

I suggest, why not try one of the software listed below, and then later make a decision ?

LogMeIn – It is another most popular free remote access application version.  It provides you complete access to other’s computer, which allows you to give commands like print and transfering files between computers easily. LogMeIn ignition enables iPhone and iPod users to have quick access to their computer from their devices.

TightVNC – It is a traverse platform remote desktop control application. It allows you to set the server on your computer afterwards you will be able to control it remotely via VNC viewer.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – It is already comes with Windows OS bundle, which is goo the Windows users to perform remote access operation with this free applications. It has all imperative and required features needed to control computers remotely.

Ultra VNC – It is more advanced and powerful open source desktop control application. It enables you to have complete access to display/interface of other computers via network connection.

CrossLoop – It is a free application that provides vital screen sharing facility to the users for technical purpose. In order to include more features, users have to pay some amount as the update fee.

Here are some paid Desktop sharing applications:

ISL Light – It is paid and commercial use desktop sharing application for various platforms such as Mac and Windows. It is quick and powerful tool, which connects computer within 30 seconds to the other one, across the world. It serves to deal with all your business needs.

ISL Groop – Online Meeting – It is also available only for commercial purposes and there is a fees that you’ll need to pay, in order to use it. It enables users to remotely train and display anything data in real time. Its best used to arrange online meetings.

Radmin – It is highly used application for commercial purposes. Additionally, it is one of the award winning secured desktop sharing applications easily available in the market. It will ensure that you are connected with other computers in real time at a much faster speed.


In a nutshell, all these applications are identical to one another, and you can use the one that suits your needs. Choosing the right application mainly depends on users’ needs and the budget that they have. Some of them have more advanced features and can be loaded with additional utilities that enhance their performance for the betterment of organization and professionals.

Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader

How to Restore To The Last Viewed eBook PDF Page in Adobe Reader?

These days everybody is switching over to E-Books and it is very difficult to remember next day at which page you left reading to start again from there. Maximum books are projected in eBook formats and those they contain hundreds or thousands of pages, which could be difficult to remember where you stopped and you could end up turning the thousand pages one by one.

With the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader,” you can read the eBooks, as there is an option to navigate the page from where you left reading last time. However, you might also be wondering that how to reopen or navigate back to the page that you are currently reading before closing and re-opening it without even memorizing the page number.

The following are the steps to follow enable the inbuilt feature.

Open the PDF file in “Adobe Acrobat Reader”

Now go to the “Click” and then pick on Preferences, from the Preferences Tab Click “General”

From the Preference Menu you will find Categories, click on Documents there and then Check the

“Restore last view settings when reopening documents”

 For Save Changes Click “OK”

After completing the above-mentioned steps whenever you will open a particular page after closing, it will always take you to the last opened page.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Offline

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Full Offline Standalone Setup Installer

As the form of challenge to instant messenger, Yahoo has introduced a new upgraded version, and it is called as Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta 1.

The new version of Yahoo Messenger has been built with couple of new attributes, consisting of social gaming like Happy Manner, happy harvest, Draw My Thing, Pool, Balloono, Fishville, Mafia Wars, and it directly connects and manages social networking website such as Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Features of Yahoo Messenger Beta 11:

Keep in touch with anywhere in the world: You can connect with the various social networking sites as it allows you to view the status, comments like the updates from Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Post One Status to Multiple sites: Since you are able to connect with multiple social media websites using this new Yahoo Messenger, you can simultaneously write a new status message on all of them at one go.

Chat with FaceBook Friends: Just like adding Window Live id, now you can also add FaceBook friends to your Yahoo contacts and chat with them.

Rich Experience across the devices: With this version of Yahoo Messenger, you can make video calls, share pictures and videos between PCs.

Contact from anywhere: You could start Instant messenger in PC, and then you can continue using them with internet enabled devices such as Android based mobiles and iPhone.

Quick Access to recent interaction: You can recover latest instant messenger discussion from any computer, where you have signed into yahoo messenger.

Download Yahoo Messenger here.

Download Direct offline installer here.

Backup Flash Drives With USBFlashCopy

Download USBFlashCopy to Automatically Backup Flash Drives

Taking backups of files and folders from portable devices manually on systems will seem like a very challenging task, especially to those people who do not have sufficient technical know how. In order to make their lives easier and simpler, automatic backup application, for instance USBFlashCopy could be an excellent solution.

USBFlashCopy is compatible with windows operating systems, and it is a very helpful back-up instrument that is the takes back-up of all USB drives, storage data cards and other portable storage gadgets. It takes place immediately when the users plug them to their computers.

USBFlashCopy can be obtained free for domestic use. You can purchase this software for $39.95, which will have extra features. The silent mode enables backups of files and folders quietly in the background, without even demonstrating the back process.

The USBFlashCopy is quite compact in space, which is approximately 300 KB, and it does not require installation or any registry entries. You just have to download this application from here and run it from any drive or folder.

With USBFlashCopy, you just have to plug your USB flash drives to your computer, you will therefore prompted to choose on options like New profile, Use default profile, Never back up this media, Enable silent mode etc.

If you are person who uses external storages quite often, it might be a very helpful tool for taking backups. After configuring it for once, all you need to do is plug in your USB device, and the backup will take place automatically. In addition to being a good instrument for backups, it can also save you considerable amount of time.

Opera 11 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Download Opera 11 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Opera development team has always been on a constant endeavor two provide best internet browser for their users, and now they have passed another milestone by releasing their next version of their popular browser, which is the Opera 11 Beta.

The development team has just released their testing version for users to examine the new attributes prior to their final release. Just like the prior version, this version also consists of many new features, interesting improvements, and enhancements for internet users.

Features of Opera 11 Beta:


Tab Sticking: Allows users to move one tab above another tab to generate a group.

Safe Address Field: This address field conceals the complexness of lengthy URL, and provides users effective control of security while browsing.

Extension Support: it has the extension support, which allows user to add new attributes easily and customize them accordingly.

Better Performance: WebPages load more quickly, and even the complicated apps perform more efficiently.

Enhanced HTML5 Support: Facilitates new requirements and HTML5 solutions, which implies that rich dynamic web apps, and more importantly the multiplayer games could be supported by it.

Extended auto-update: New auto-update technique makes sure that extension and opera apps will remain up-to-date all the time.

Plug-ins On Demand: An option has been added to posses plug-in like Flash player only with click.

Enhanced Email in Browser: The new Email control panel provides users with the option of control over the email listing order.

Faster Installation: Opera 11 Beta is 30% smaller when compared to the previous version Opera 10.60, and therefore the users can download it rather quickly.

The Opera users with be totally fascinated with this new version, as it offers them with enhanced functionalities and advanced security options

Download Opera 11.00 Beta for Windows

Download Opera 11.00 Beta for Mac OS X

Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Apart from the DNS servers, which have been provided by the Internet Service Providers to fix websites names to internet protocol, addresses in order that the internet browsers recognize the network route to get access and download website information, there are numerous free Public Domains Name Servers, which are accessible for end user.

Therefore, end-user is capable of turning to other DNS servers to make internet surfing rapidly by fixing web address fast. Moreover, several DNS servers, which are provided by internet service provider, can be overloaded, unreliable, and slow more likely to down as well as timeout whenever fixing website names, triggering internet browser incapable of displaying websites or slower opening of web page.

Internet site visitors can easily boost the DNS server configured setting of the program by utilizing the most convenient and reputable DNS server. In order to make the most effective DNS setting, measure the reliability and speed of DNS server. There are numerous tools, which are capable Follow a few simple steps to get the information you need about The New school-delays.com , a private university in New York City. to automate the procedure to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of DNS servers.  

DNS Benchmark provides user the awareness of what is happening with the system current DNS server by automatically evaluating their overall performance with numerous popular public DNS. DNS Benchmark executes the detailed evaluation and assessment of the functional performance and reliableness of any group of up 200 DNS. Automatically this tool recognizes all DNS servers.

The entire listing of DNS name server is recognized, assessed, graphed, statistically researched, and reported its overall performance. The recognisation includes consists of evaluating each server for cached research, uncached research, dotcom research, credibility, rebinding safety, and its redirection conduct: whether it results an error for bad website name, or redirects a internet browser to a advertisement page, which might be merchandised by lots of people.

DNS Benchmark is a stand-alone program and readily available free. Installation is not required and utilizing this program is an easy as hitting the “run” button. Since the results could be very comprehensive and DNS overall performance assessment can be simply categorized in accordance with the speed.