Stop Motion Animation with Claymation Studio

Honestech has released the Claymation Studio that functions as a platform to let you create stop motion videos. If you do not know what stop motion animation is, you should definitely Google it. It is a technique for creating animated videos with still images, where you switch from one image to the next so fast that it looks as if the characters in the images are actually moving.

After taking photos with your camera, a digital camcorder, or your webcam – all you have to do is upload them on to your PC and then load them on Claymation. After this, you can arrange the still images in a desired order, and then perform a host of operations that the software provides to create the video. The program has a simply, easy-to-use interface and supports different media formats – which are just a few of the plus points of this well designed animator.

The program interface shows the sequence of the stills in the video – and lets you change this order with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, other handy features such as the onionskin (that overlays different frames at the ends to maintain a continuous) and the rotoscope (that lets you rotate and transform the loaded image into an inbuilt preset) makes this software an amazing tool for beginners and advanced users alike. And apart from letting you save your video in different formats, this program also lets import/record audio for the video.

Claymation Studio is compatible only on Windows platforms – and works well with Windows XP/2000/Vista. The system requirements are: processor of Pentium IV 1.8GHz (or equivalent) and a 128MB RAM. It costs $49.99, but you can a download a 30-day trial version from here.


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