Windows XP Tricks – Changing All the Folder Views and File Views Simultaneously

Sometimes when you are looking at a folder which has got hundreds of files, having the Folder View or File View as Thumbnails or Tiles can be quite exasperating. You would prefer it better as List View or Details View, so that you would not have to scroll up and down much, trying to find the files.

Similarly, if you are looking for music video files and if you are quite unsure about the names of your newly downloaded music files, you would better prefer the Folder View to be Thumbnails. The Thumbnails images might help you to quickly identify the file you want to play.

Well, let me tell you about the easy way in which you can change the folder and file view of your computers in a couple of simple steps.

Click on the ‘My Computer’ icon on your computer desktop.

On the top, select the “View” tab and select the folder view according to your preference. You get to select between thumbnails, list, icons, tiles and details. Once you make the appropriate choice, go to the “Tools” tab, and select the last option, “Folder Options”.

In the “Folder Options” box, you’ll need to select the “View” tab. Now, on the upper half, you will see quite a big button which reads, “Apply to All Folders“. Just click on that button.

Now when you go to any drives or folders of files, you will see that the default folder view or file view has changed, according to the one that you had chosen.


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