Important Steps To Change Or Modify Currency With Symbols In MS Office Accounting Express or Professional

Accounting software developed by Microsoft is named as Microsoft Office Accounting (MSOA) which is especially aimed for the small businesses. This software was knows as Small Business Account (SBA) formerly and it is the firm competitor for the Intuit QuickBooks. The Microsoft Office software for accounting purpose is presented into two versions – One is Office Accounting Express which is available for free and the second is Office Accounting Professional meant for commercial purpose.

Currently, you will fid both Office Accounting software as Express 2009 or Professional 2009 as the latest version only in USA and UK markets. Because of this market limitation, the currency and symbols of each currency gets affected which are included in this application.

Microsoft Office Accounting ?is able to work with the base currency and the transaction currency. The Professional edition with these features firmly supports the purchase and the sell out transactions in international currency. By default, the United States (US) version of Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 uses US Dollar (USD) as the base and has the symbol $. While, the default UK version has the base currency in British Pound Sterling (GBP), having the £ symbol for it.

However, users from countries rather than UK and US, like India, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan and etc may perhaps need to make use of another currency and its symbols Rupee (Rs), Japanese (¥), Euro (€), and etc. Now, if you are one of them, then you could now create a “fake” currency with the help of a simple base currency hack for the Office Account Professional.

With this hack, you could swap the default parameters of base currency with your new preferred currency and its symbol. Just go through the following step by step guide to modify or edit parameters of the base currency. You could use the following setting to the Office Accounting Professional along with Office Accounting Pro 2009 or or above version.

1. First, open Office Accounting Professional, and go to the Company which will be situated in the menu bar. Just click on it and select Preferences from the drop down list.
2. Now, in this step, you just have to tick in the check box named as “Use Foreign Currencies”. It will enable the support for foreign currency.

3. Click on the OK button and the setting will be saved.
4. Now, go to Company menu. Select “Foreign Currency” click “Currency List”.
5. Choose USD (which will be for US edition) or else select GBP (which will be for UK edition) from the list. The selected currency should be active with tick alongside.

6. Now, click on the Edit option.
7. You could change here “Three-letter Currency Code” to your preferred one. For example INR for Indian Rupee or EUR for Euro.
8. You have to change the “Description” for each in order to reflect fresh currency.
9. If applicable, you could change the Symbol for your fresh currency.

10. Hit “OK” and save the setting.
11. Now, go back to the menu bar and select “Company” and then “Preferences”.
12. Here, turn off or disable support for the foreign currency. To do so, simply uncheck “Use Foreign Currencies” option.
13. Hit “OK”.
14. From now, you will be able to use the new created currency with its symbol in your Microsoft Office Accounting Professional.

The Express edition of the Microsoft Office Accounting doesn’t supports for the foreign currency, so you can’t apply the above hack to Microsoft Office Accounting Express edition. Use the following trick to change the format of the base currency in the Office Accounting Express 2008 or 2009 or above version.

• Method 1

First, download Office Accounting Professional trial version and install it. Enter the latest MSOA Pro tryout key and upgrade the Express edition to Professional trial edition. The use the steps given above and change the currency in MSOA successfully. When the evaluation period ends, the Professional edition will be reverted back to the Office Accounting Express. Download Office Accounting Professional trial version.

• Method 2

You have to edit or modify the base currency directly into SQL Server database so that it will be easily reflecting to the fresh preferred currency. Microsoft Office Accounting stores the data into the SQL Server.

To apply this setting, execute the “SQL Server Studio”. It should be installed in the system separately. Now, connect to the database engine namely MSSMLBIZ.

Select the “New Query” option from the toolbar. Now select the database of the specific company for which you have to modify the currency. Enter the following SQL into the New Query window:

update CurrencyTable set IsoCode=”XXX“, Symbol=”Y” where supportingTableId=79

You should replace the “XXX” with your definite currency code of the 3 letters. Replace Y with your preferred currency symbol. Now, run the SQL statement and the change will take effect.


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