Tricks to Change Image of Folder Thumbnail Preview in Windows Vista Explorer

Windows Vista provides you multiple choices for selecting the preferred type of display of files and folders. In this OS, when you open “Windows Explorer” window, you can select to display all the files and folders list in Tiles view, Medium Icons, Large Icons or Extra Large Icons.

Windows Vista OS displays a preview thumbnail on the folders icons with the help of the contents present inside the folders. These contents are usually image and picture or any file type icon if no graphic file is present in the folder.

In “Windows Explorer” window, the facility of previewing thumbnail picture on the icon of folder listing lets you to get a fast and ample glance about the file contents inside of the folders. However sometimes, the preview image of the thumbnail is not the one of that you want. In such types of cases, you can modify it or you can define yourself an image to be used, to be located and displayed on folder icon.

In order to do this you have to follow the steps given below: –

  1. Go to “Windows Explorer” and then at folder parent level after that right click on that folder of which you want to change preview image. Now select Properties from the menu which appears.
  2. Just click on Customize button.
  3. Just below “Folder pictures” section, you have to click on “Choose File” option.
  4. Select “Browse” on the dialog box appears, and then you’ll need to select an image to represent the folder, plus to display on the folder icon, and then click Open.
  5. The picture selected by you will be displayed as thumbnail preview image on the icon of the folder instantly.
  6. To relapse the setting or to remove the modifications you had done, just click on Restore Default button.

Here is an alternative method:

  1. Firstly, copy the picture in .JPG or .GIF extension from that folder, which you want to preview.
  2. Simply, rename the image file name as Folder. For instance, Image xxxx.jpg must be renamed as foldername.jpg, which is corresponding to the folder name.
  3. Set the selected folder-picture file as hidden to avoid displaying it while listing out folder’s contents.
  4. To relapse back the original Windows Vista assigned folder pictures you just have to delete the foldername.jpg file.

Note: – File extensions like .BMP and .PNG are not supported for the alternative method.


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