Excellent Trick For Changing Display Settings In Windows Safe Mode

Many users might have come across dread BSoD problem in their system. Blue Screen of Death/Doom (BSoD) or a “Stop Error” is nothing but a blue colored error screen which is displayed by MS Windows Operating System whenever it encounters any kind of non-recoverable critical error.

In such a case most of the users attempt to troubleshoot Windows by going into the Safe Mode. Being a diagnostic mode, it offers reduced functionality and runs windows by loading only the necessary files and drivers. Within the Safe Mode, many drivers including manufacturer’s display adapter or accelerator GPU driver are not loaded.

Hence, the screen resolution offered in the Safe Mode by default is just 800×600 which does not completely show or display many of the components such as desktop icons and Start Manu on the screen. Moreover, it seems as if it is impossible to change the display setting including color quality and desktop resolution.
If you try to increase the resolution of the screen to 1280×800 or 1600×1200 by accessing “Display Settings” (under Personalization in Windows Vista) or “Display Properties” (incase of Windows XP), the Windows running into the Safe mode does not make the changes effective.

Nevertheless, you can still make changes to the display settings like color quality and screen resolution while in the Safe Mode without using any third party program or registry hack. You just need to follow simple trick mentioned below.

  1. Right-click on the blank space on the Desktop and select “Personalize” (in case Windows Vista) or “Properties” (in case of Windows XP) to open “Display Settings” or “Display Properties” respectively.
  2. Now slide the slider bar from Low to High in order to change the resolution but remember not to click on the “Apply” or “OK” button right now.
  3. Click on the option “Advanced Setting” and now press “OK”.
  4. You will notice that Windows running into the Safe mode has applied the new settings and changed the screen resolution accordingly. You will also see a dialog box “Monitor Settings” with a countdown timer prompting you about the reconfiguration of the desktop.
  5. Just click on the “Yes” button to maintain the new settings.

As another option, after clicking on “Advanced Setting”, go to the tab “Adapter” and click on the button “List All Mode”. Choose the appropriate mode with the color quality and screen resolution size as per your preference and click on the “OK” button. Windows running into the Safe mode will make the changes effective.


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