Change Windows XP Logon Screensaver And Create Logon Message Box

Windows XP OS is still the well-liked and most accepted Operating Systems amongst people regardless of the imminent confront posed by Windows 7, and on a little less a scale from Windows Vista. However, there is a trick to change the standard logon messages and the conventional logon screen.

You can modify the logon type by composing some modifications to the registry. Before you start, keep in mind that severe problems might arise if you adjust the registry wrongly. Therefore, backup the registry previous to making any alteration.

To customize your logon screen, you will need to primarily modify the logon screensaver. You can amaze your friends by means of an excellent and attractive logon screensaver.

To change the logon screensaver just follow these steps:

  • Open “Start” go to “Run,” type regedit then hit OK.
  • Registry editor window will be opened, navigate to the following registry sub key:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

  • Double-click on the SCRNSAVE.EXE present in right window.
  • In the dialog box of Edit String, enter the screen saver name that you would like in the Value data box and next click on OK button. For instance, if you would like to utilize the Mystify screensaver as a logon screen saver, enter ssmyst.scr
  • Exit the Registry Editor
  • Now the selected screensaver will appear when the system starts.

You may put in a popup message box that will operate as a gentle reminder or a greeting message each and every time before logging into your PC. The message box will pop up just before the login screen years. You may include some funny sentence for example: “Welcome to Thomas’s Computer”, “Happy Using Me” etc.

To put in a message box at startup follow these steps:

  • Go to Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the following registry sub key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon
  • There is huge number of registry keys necessary in support of the logon. To insert a text box, find the registry key named as LegalNoticeCaption and right click and select Modify. Here you can type in the title for your message box.

  • Now find out one more Registry Key, LegalNoticeText. Modify it and enter the message you wish to come into view inside the pop up message box.
  • Exit Registry Editor

  • The pop up massage box will appear when the system will be restarted


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