Change Your Google Notifier Settings


You can make your Google Notifier work the way you prefer by choosing among the numerous options that it offers.  To choose the desired options, you need to either click on Notifier menu icons or go to Preferences. For instance, in case you do not use Gmail and do not wish to be informed regarding the new mails, you can simply disable that particular feature.

Below mentioned are the settings which are available in Preferences.

Gmail Tab

  • Choose whether or not to be informed about a new Gmail message.
  • Choose a preferred email client (like Entourage or Mail) so as to compose new mails.
  • Choose a sound for receiving notification of a new message.
  • Display/ do not display the count of unread emails within the menu bar.
  • Display/ do not display a pop-up while notifying about a new message.


Account tab

  • Change the email address that you use while signing in.
  • Set the Notifier to start automatically whenever you logon to you Mac.


Calendar tab

  • Choose whether or not to be informed about an upcoming Calendar event.
  • Choose a preferred sound for being informed about an upcoming event.
  • Display/ do not display the count of upcoming events within the menu bar.
  • Display a pop-up when a scheduled event approaches closer.


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