Change Your Web Browser With Just A Single Click

These days users can enjoy benefits from a number of free web browsers available in the market. Some of these web browsers are Opera, Safari, and Firefox etc. If a user just has a single browser installed in his system, he might face some problems regarding displaying the web page and sometimes some of the web pages might not open. For this reason it is always advised to have at least two web browsers installed in your system.

Having multiple web browsers in your system is always advantageous, but it might come with its own problems. One such problem is setting the default web browser. Changing one web browser to the other as a default one is pretty time consuming. These days a utility known as the Browser TraySwitch is available that helps the user perform switching of web browsers easily and efficiently.

The Browser TraySwitch, a utility that comes for free allows its users to change the default web browser of the system with clicking the mouse only once. After being installed and run, the utility doesn’t launch any interface but places itself in the system tray. The utility reads and adds all the browsers to its list and the user can easily select the desired one from the list.

The advantage of making any web browser as a default one is that on clicking any web link, the link is opened with the browser selected as default. Thus we see that this tiny utility comes of great help to its users.


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