Changing File Saving Default Format From Docx Into Doc In Word Document 2007

Word 2007 has introduced a new default format of file i.e. Docx. It is a format in which it will be saved and it is supported by XML and uses the ZIP compression in order to reduce overall size of file. However, you may don’t want to save the file under docx format, as many people are using Office 2000/2003/XP and Microsoft Office Compatibility may not be installed. So the new format of file is not fully compatible to the existing word versions. In order to change the .docx file format follow these steps:

First click Office button, which is located on left corner in word 2007 at the top. Secondly, on the menu, you should click Word Options as located at the bottom. Then click save as option as shown on the left panel. Then you should choose “Word97-2003 Document i.e. (*.doc).  Then click ok button in order to save that setting.

These simple steps if followed properly will give you file format .doc instead of .docx. I have given some effort for trying to locate these options in its totally new interface, e in order to get more fruitful regular piece of works.


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