**Update** –  This service is terminated.

LiveChat2IM is an application that allows you to chat with other users paying a visit to your website, blog with their regular IM accounts like Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and MSN. This service basically involves the upload of a widget on your website or social networking sites like hi5, Piczo, My Space or blogs to enable visitors to your site to directly chat with you via this widget. The key advantage of this service is its immense compatibility with most of the major internet messenger services like Google, Jabber, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. With its user friendly interface, all you need to do is sign up for an account with LiveChat2IM, upload its widget on your site and simply watch visitors coming in contact with you through this widget.

Uploading a widget of LiveChat2IM on your site enhances its authenticity and makes your services more reliable in the popular opinion of your visitors. This service is most apt for large e-shops who have to maintain a strong online presence 24 X7. LiveChat2IM widget on your site is a signal of your twenty hours technical support to the online queries of your regular consumers or random online visitors. You can further upload varied IM accounts to allow multiple visitors holding various accounts to direct their questions to your team. To access this service on your site, you do not require any additional software. Once you create an account, you may be able to access the IM widget within a span of few seconds.

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