Check Available Space In Your Hotmail Account

There is new scheme that has been incorporated in Hotmail, which automatically increases available space on your Hotmail account when your inbox is out of space. When you open your hotmail account, you will be shown message “Ever growing unlimited space limit” on your account home page. 

This new feature provides as much space as your inbox needs.  This is unarguably best feature for those who frequently use their mail accounts in order to receive and send huge numbers of mails. Users are now free as their problem regarding space has been acknowledged and resolved by Hotmail team directly.

It’s pretty good that your account space automatically increases as per the need, but what if you desire to know how much space is left or used? How much space you have been allotted by Hotmail?  Previously, users could easily find out their used and left space on their account, but now it is replaced with text “You have ever growing storage”.

You can still check your Hotmail account available storage space by following the given few methods

Method 1 – Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector is an add-on for MS outlook, which can be downloaded for free. It enables users to access Office live mail and Windows live mail accounts via MS outlook. Additionally, it allows users to sync mails, tasks, contacts, and notes of Windows Live calendar. In this MS outlook connector, all the available space is allocated to every section, so that you can easily find out the usage space of Hotmail accounts.  Users will find out the storage information of Hotmail at Mailbox Cleanup function.



Outlook Connector (x86) for MS Office 2010
Outlook Connector (x64) for MS Office 2010

Method 2 – MSN Explorer

MSN explorer is a web browser that integrates Windows Live and MSN Live features such as Windows live mail and Windows live messenger with web browser. Once Windows live mail id is opened, MSN explorer will show the maximum folder size, which symbolizes total storage space left on Hotmail.

By applying one of these two effective techniques you can easily explore or find out the available storage space on your Hotmail account.

Recently, Hotmail has increased the limit of the storage space up to 500 GB, which means more freedom to send and receive mail on or from your account without worrying about space. However, do remember that if your usage crosses the limit of 500 GB storage space, it will be the subject to termination of services to receive or send mails.


It means the moment when your Hotmail storage space has reached the limit or crossed it, you will be suspended from the services. In order to activate again your account you have to delete unnecessary emails from your inbox. You need to keep deleting unwanted mails until your account storage space usage comes under the prescribed limitation level 500GB. Once you are done with this process, you will be able to recover you account again, activate it, and start receiving and sending mails via your account.


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