Want to know how effective your website is on different browsers?

The features of various web browsers would differ quite significantly from each other, and your surfing experiences will be quite different on each of them. The same website appearance might also vary when you check those using different browsers.

A webpage on the internet explorer will read differently than to what the Mozilla Firefox would read but they all are great in their own ways. Every browser has its different but own specifications. If you want to make your site more popular, then the best thing you can do is to make sites according to the requirements, intrinsically. You can use the following mentioned ways to make one.

There are a few websites that will show the results on how well your website is being read by different internet site. Browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera are quite popular among the computer users around the world. Google Chrome and Safari browsers are also far as catching up with the leaders, as they constantly working on improving the browsing features for their users.

  • WEBXACT: if you want to check out the load time, or your site’s broken links, or the total space used by your website, then you really need to opt for WEBXACT. The only problem is that is it takes a bit more time for scanning. The better option would be to opt for Pingdom.
  • CleanCSS: It is a good application meant for scanning the CSS of your website. It also helps in converting the long codes to short ones.
  • W3C CSS Validator: To check for the CSS errors in your website, it is the best CSS validator.
  • Ready.Mobi: Now, in this advanced technology you also need to check your websites on the mobile phones such as Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc. You also need to review the loading time while connecting through GPRS, #G or Wi-Fi and the time of loading involved in it.

Here’s a simple trick for viewing a webpage in various browsers, which gives you an idea how browsers see your website / blog.



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