Check Out Panopreter – A Text-To-Speech Converter

Ministers and Company CEOs normally present several lengthy speeches which are important but quite boring.  Sometimes you might feel too tired to sit in front of the PC and read these speeches line by line. Instead of straining your eyes to read these speeches, you may simply convert these reading materials to audio files and listen to them while lying on your sofa and having your favorite espresso coffee. 

Panopreter is an excellent tool that efficiently converts these boring yet important reading materials to audio files.  Panopreter has ability to convert word documents, text files and .htm format web pages to audio files. It supports various different languages including English, Spanish, French, Germen, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

Panopreter consumes just 3.57MB of your hard disk space and can be downloaded from the Panopreter website. It is available for download in three different user interface languages like English, Spanish and Chinese. It is compatible only with Windows Operating Systems like Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Panopreter comes with an easy-to-use interface where in all the features are offered within a single interface. You need to simply click the button “Add” in order to add a document for conversion. It allows you to adjust reading speed and audio volume as per your preference. You may read out the words that you have typed in a document by going to its instant speak mode.

After conversion, Panopreter allows you to save the audio files into MP3 and wave formats. This tiny tool works with Microsoft text-to-speech voices (SAPI 5.x). You are also allowed to add various other voices to Panopreter. Apart from converting text to audio files, you can also use Panopreter as a language learning utility in order to enhance your listening ability.


  1. I am satisfied with Microsoft Anna’s speech, her voice is clear, however this voice is only available on Windows Vista and 7. Another cool feature is Panopreter saves the speech to mp3 file. The best is all is free.


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